bigbro200802120010.jpgBig Brother 8 Winner Evil Dick, The Big Brother 9 Premier, And The Voo Doo Hollywood At The Vine Bar.

A few nights ago we made our way down the the Vine Bar, this had nothing to do with the adult industry but the evening was worthy of a story.

It was our first time at the Vine Bar in Hollywood California and we passed it a couple of times because we were not looking for the old school lighted sign that said "Cocktails".

After a fbigbro200802120022.jpgew U turns we found the New Orleans inspired bar parked on the street (Free parking is hard to find in Hollywood) and made our way to the old wooden door that leads to the entrance to the club.

We had been invited by Julian Douglas better know as his KNAC handle "Mr.80's". Julian was promoting the Big Brother 9 first episode which was being played on the big screen TV's when we walked into the club.

On hand for the big night was one of the biggest characters the Big Brother reality television show has ever seen. Evil Dick the reigning champion of the Big Brother game was there to support the next season since his win in season 8 or the show.

Evil Dick is actually a very cool guy but don't confuse that with weakness or his ability to get the job done when it comes to winning a mind game with almost anyone.

We talked for a while and Evil Dick told us that to win a game like big brotherbigbro200802120019.jpg you have to have a mental strength that can knock all the other contestants out of the game.

The funny thing that he said about winning last years Big Brother was the object of his attacking the other contestants was for the most part to protect his daughter from getting kicked out of the house and off the show. She ended up coming in second place in the contest, the fact that he won and she came in second and them being on the same team and never breaking alliances is amazing in fact it has never happened in the history of the show.

We had a few drinks and hung out for a while in the bar that was decorated in almost an exact replica of the bars on Bourbon Street in New Orleans.

Stacey Blades the guitarist for 80's Rock bands such as the Roxx Gang and LA Guns was on hand hanging out with the people. Blades and Mr. 80's are great friends and do a lot of projects together. He is also very down to earth and a great guy to talk to, if you go the Vine bar feel free to say hello to him, he has so many great stories to tell from his years in the rock game and on tour.bigbro200802120015.jpg

The young lady at the door told us she was the Miss Mardi Gras Montana a couple of years back and has since moved to Los Angles and loves the Vine, "It's a great place to hang out" she tells us as we pass by.

We want to extend a big thank you to Monica who is one of the owners of the club for her hospitality and sweet smile. We will definitely be back from some more fun.

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