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Seeing Your Fave Porn Stars Feature

Summer is here, and many of your favorite porn stars will be hitting the road to feature. Many of our clients, including Nikki Delano, Brooklyn Chase, Sarah Vandella, Marica Hase, and Della Dane, will be headlining across the country. When you meet them, you want to have a great time, and if you follow these 10 Golden Rules, you will! If haven’t checked out our previous blog on Strip Club Etiquette, check it out at https://www.xcritic.com/blogs/blog.php?blogID=4860

Rule 1: Girls Are There to Make Money
As much as they love meeting their fans, the girls are there to make money. From being paid by the club to dance to tips to selling their merchandise to VIP lap dances. If you meet them at a meet and greet, hanging out around the club, or interact with them on stage, keep the conversation to a minimum and be respectful.

Rule 2: Tips Will Get You to Heaven
Well, in the world of strip clubs, they can. Show the girls how much you loved their stage show with $5, $10 or $20 bill. You can even get the bill changed into ones to make it rain. It doesn’t take much to show your appreciation. Throw it on the stage unless you’re specifically invited to put it elsewhere like inside her g-string or between her tits.

Rule #3: Don’t Ask the Girls If They Escort
This goes back to respect. Enough Said.

Rule #4 Don’t Film the Girls on Stage
Video cameras aren’t allowed in gentlemen’s clubs. People do try to film on their phones and that’s not cool either. Same goes for taking photos while the girls are dancing. This is an excellent way to get thrown out of the club. And while we’re on cell phones, if you receive a call or need to make one and a girl is on stage, take it outside.

Rule #5: If You Want a Pic, Ask First
The girls like to look their best, so giving notice before you take a pic is always a good idea. If you ask them nicely, many of them will even take a selfie with you for free. But, feel free to give them a tip for that if you like.

Rule #6: Support the Girls & Buy Their Merch
This goes back to the first rule of girls being there to make money. Photos are generally $5 or $10 and they sign them. DVDs are $20 signed. Either make a great souvenir and a great way to support your fave porn star.

Rule #7: Support the Establishment
The clubs are paying the girls to headline so they can make money too. If they don’t make money, they will curtail the features. If there’s a 2-drink minimum, buy 2 drinks, even if they’re just soda or seltzer water. If you’re hungry, grab a snack, if the club has food. Some NYC gentlemen’s clubs do charge upwards of $30 to get in, if a porn star is headlining. So be prepared and bring a little extra cash.

Rule #8: Keep Your Hands to Yourself
Whether you’re invited on stage to be part of the act or you get a lap dance, you need to keep your hands to yourself. In most clubs, this is the rule.

Rule #9: Dress the Part
Don’t show up in sweats and a wife beater. Dress like you’re going to a club or any special night out and put on a nice shirt and some slacks or even some nice jeans. The ladies like a man who smells and looks good—just keep that in mind.

Rule #10: Leave Your Chick at Home
Most women are not cool with their men going to strip clubs. When I date a guy, I love to go, but I’m not most women. If your girl isn’t cool with it, leave her at home and avoid a lot of unneeded drama.

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