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Why Are Men So Afraid of Sex Toys?

Sex Dolls

Sex toys have always been a big part of many women’s sexual experience and how they get to know their bodies and get themselves off when they’re not getting enough or any sex. Some couples are using women’s toys together in bed, once men can get past worrying about if they will be replaced by one. Yes, this myth still exists.

Male sex toys have been in existence for quite a while now, but they’re gradually becoming more popular. Every sex toy/adult store online or brick and mortar shops carry a wide variety of toys for men. So, why is there still a stamina about using them? Let’s discuss that.

Some guys think sex toys for men are only for gay guys or just are gay. But, they’re not.

You get off on some by using some sex toys on your prostate or taint areas. Others, like the Fleshlight that mimic the feel and physicality of a vagina, you just stick your dick into. Plus, they're love dolls that look and feel like a real woman. There’s nothing gay about it. It’s just another way to get off alone or with a partner.


My hand works just fine.

Wow, really? You’ve been doing that your whole life, and that’s boring! Don’t you want to find a new way to get off and/or even have bigger orgasms? Yes, it is possible.

My sex life is boring—male sex toys won’t help that.

Yes, they will! If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, fun in the bedroom becomes less fun and just familiar, routine, even mechanical. There’s nothing exciting and new like when you first got together. So, bring on those toys, do some role-playing, or even try a new position. And how do you know something won’t work until you try it?

Prostate Toy

If I go to a sex shop, the clerk will laugh at me or people will stare while I shop.

Nope. They’re just as freaky or sexual as you—that’s why they’re in there. Clerks are there to help you and can figure out where you should start.

Maybe my local store won’t have toys for men.

Wrong again! There are tons of companies making toys for men and there’s a huge variety from companies like Fleshlight, Tenga, Sir Richards, Perfect Stroker, We Vibe, and many more. And, they have a wide range of toys that will fit anyone's price range/budget.


I don’t want to go out in public and buy this stuff.

Ok, we’ve got you covered. The Hand Pilot has a store open 24/7 that you can shop discreetly https://thehandpilot.com/shop/ or better yet, you can subscribe to one of their boxes and get them monthly or quarterly—they have plans for solo guys and couples https://thehandpilot.com/product-category/subscription/. If you go the subscription box route, you won’t have to choose a toy or toys—each box is hand-picked and has the best stuff. Plus, you get a lot of bang for your buck. The toys, condoms, lube, cockrings, etc. are worth way more than you’re paying.

So now that we’ve debunked the six top myths about sex toys, how about you go get you one and find out what you’ve been missing. Buy from your local adult store or jump online to shop and be even more discreet. Try them alone before you delve into sharing them with your sex partner.

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