bball-hailey-young.jpgThe Gloves came off for this Bondage Ball, At least We Thought So !

If we could start with a little background on our history with the Bondage and Fetish world, we would remind you of all of our past experiences with the world of kink, this all adds up to a grand total of attending the West coast Fetish Ball, being astounded by the spectacle of it all and getting the two main stars names mixed up, Madori and Kumi are in the same show but play very different parts in their show.

The bondage ball was held at the Henry Fonda Theater on Hollywood boulevard last Saturday night. We arrived at the venue around 9:30pm and noticed a long, long line going down the side of the building. A female reporter from some mainstream news outlet was outside with her camera crew, and they were talking to people in line, some of the patrons did not want to reveal their identities to the camera, and some of the people in line were dressed so deep in their fetish gear that there could be no way anyone would recognize their daytime alter egos.

This night promised to be very entertaining to us spectators since there must have been over a dozen, national bondage and fetish shows scheduled for the evening. We took in as many of them as we could, from burlesque dancing, to milk and whip crème covered latex dressed women, they seemed to have it all covered, or uncovered as you will read later on.

Being a new bee and being vanilla to bondage and fetish  (This is only our second event, ever) It was exciting to see some of the side shows that took place at this event, we can't tell you if the shock and awe ever wears off but we do believe you can get normalized to almost anything.

As you walked into the big ballroom, you could catch some wooden crosses with young beautiful women chained to them being flogged by masters dressed in leather and chrome. A group of very sexy ladies had a booth off to the side and offered to spank you if you could throw a ball in a bowl, only inches from your hand; the gist is they really just wanted to spank you! On the opposite side of the ballroom we ran into a group that had this girl in what looked like a huge body bag, wondering what was going on we asked the people next to us and were informed that this is a type of fetish called mummification and the girl in the bag, which had the air sucked out of it so it was skin tight with only a tube to breath from, was helpless to move and when the girl doing the mummifying started touching the bagged girl with a big vibrator  the mummy moved in ecstasy but could not squirm away. It actually was very erotic looking from where we stood.

The main stage had some big shows and we had to watch just about all of them. We were treated to Chaos Productions; Vena's Evil Dolls which had a lot of body painted sex kittens doing a production on stage.

Madame Sunset and her troupe of burlesque dancers took the stage and made the crowd stop and stare; stripping hot girls will do that to a crowd. We talked with Madame Sunset herself after the show and found out she performs many shows all over the west coast and would be at the Bordello lounge next week. She is a very interesting woman, we wanted to get to know her better but she was whisked away during the conversation never to bee see again throughout the night, Maybe next time we will get more one on one time with her.

The Gwen Media Girl Brigade performed a wet and exciting show on the stage and they did not disappoint the mass of followers they had at the front of the stage as the show spewed its way into the crowd, alright maybe splattered would be a better word. Sexy was the theme and they played the role very well.

There were so many thing going on that we are sure we missed at least one third of it all, The famed Jewell Manceau was in the building and we did not even get a chance to talk to her in the short time we had at the human carnival of a night, speaking of that Parish and his Carnival of Kink was in full force and Machina Cando had the latex and clown niche covered.

We made our way into a VIP bungalow on the roof of the building and met up with Brendt who is the owner of and from what we hear one of the best pinup model artists in the business, he had a new girl he was going to be drawing next and invited us to hand with them for a while, His work is very interesting to us and we asked if we could do something together in the future, and got a resounding Hell Yes, so look for that soon.

There was not a shortage of porn stars in the room as we ran in to Jake Malone who was not shy about doing what felt good to him during the show, we can't tell you anymore, next time just be there.
We also hung out with Mysterious Jack the Zipper who was there with Digital Playground contract star Stoya; you have to read Stoya's blog on the night, hilarious I tell you.

Hailey Young was there dressed in her fetish wear, we stopped and hung out with her for a while, she looked very very fuckable, but we won't get into that kiss and tell thing here in this story.

We have to give a huge thank you to the guys running the Bondage Ball for a great time and to Jay from Black and Blue Media for having the media part organized and being accommodating. Our only soft complaint would be the drink prices, when they start in double digits, it's hard to be happy about your buzz, but everything else was awesome and we hope to be at the next event so we can learn even more about your world.



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