nauticapsk-batman-n-nautica-thornweb.jpg(Burbank,CA) With the star power that was expected at the party, the anticipation level was already in the red on the meter. And there was no disappointment at all.

Last Tuesday nights Porn Star Karaoke at Sardos Bar and Grill in Burbank, California was guest hosted by Hustler, LFP, Nautica Thorn Productions, and the goddess Nautica Thorn herself.

The night was dedicated to the release of Thorns new movie "Straight Fucking" which is being distributed by LFP. There were plenty of chances throughout the evening to win a copy of the movie and get it autographed by the stars in it.

The Beverly Hills Hustler building must have been almost empty that night because what seemed like the entire staff from the company was at Sardos showing their support for the night of Straight Fucking.   The Hustler crew overflowed the VIP area and that's not all they did, they actually got on stage and sang a bunch of pretty good tunes. We are predicting that it was one of the craziest nights in recent history at Porn Star Karaoke, and why not. 

The fee gift bags Hustler brought were filled with thousands of dollars of Hustler gear, and these were prizes everybody wanted. At one point during the night, PSK host Angie asked the capacity crowd to scream if they wanted a gift bag and the decibel level had to reach piercing rock concert status.

It almost seemed like a concert in the room most of the night as Nautica was cheered when she walked through the room, a couple of women from the crowd even asked her to sign their breasts. During one of the Karaoke breaks the crowd started chanting Straight Fucking, Straight Fucking, Straight Fucking in true arena rock color.

We also met some great new people during the night as well as catching up with old friends we had not seen in a while. The beautiful Aline made her way in the room and had some fun, she has the best personality but we haven't seen her in a few months. Jaylynn Rose was there hanging out with the ten friends she brought with her, next time get a bigger table we told her. It was all in jest because everyone was having fun.

A! Crew girl Winter Sky stopped by and had a drink or two before getting scooped up by the Hustler table. I think she was loving the attention; her little yellow outfit looked so sexy and she has been seen everywhere lately.

Big Mike The Comic and a few of the comedians from our Casting Couch Comedy Night came in and were amazed at the size of the crowd, the comedy night has only been going on for three weeks now and it still in its infancy.  Were working on it, the comedians are all top talents so we are just waiting for the crowds to catch up with us.

Ex Porn worker turned Christian Shelly Lubben was there with the beautiful Daphne Khoury who was celebrating her birthday. Daphne went on stage to sing a song and got surprised with a cake and roses while the room sang happy birthday to her.

Precious who owns Precious Entertainment was there and is quickly becoming a mainstay on Tuesday nights. The hosts call out her name as she walks in now.  You have to love when she comes to the party: One- Because she looks beautiful and gives great hugs, Two- Because she is the kind of girl every man would want, business minded, sexy, and big hearted.  We better just stop there so we don't say too much and get in trouble.

Thank you once again to Nautica Thorn, Robert and The entire Hustler Crew for making the night such a great one, we can't wait to do it again.




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