bondage-scene-hollywood.jpgIf you have been reading the sex news lately you may have noticed a bit of press popping up about the Bondage Awards, an internet based contest for the followers and participants of the bondage and fetish world. This could not be further out of my realm of day to day activities so we decided to ask a few questions and become more knowledgeable about the awards.

The man running the awards and website solely for their purpose is know to us by only what we are assuming is his fetish /Bondage /Stage name; Gaggedutopia

John as we will call him for this piece told us that the Bondage Awards are in their inaugural year and it all started as a way to show the best of the best in the Bondage community. The voting on the site began on March 3rd of this year and after a couple stages of elimination rounds the final day of internet voting will be April 13th at midnight.

The winners will be announced on the site and most likely in every industry media outlet the following Sunday. The prizes for the winners, which are broken down in Gold, Silver, and Bronze positions are graphic trophies that will be licensed for use on their websites as sort of a title of accomplishment.

The Bondage Awards have no sponsors, no advertisers and thus can easily be won by the person or the company that has the most fans or who markets the now very familiar internet post "VOTE FOR ME"
This is an awards event where if you get the most votes , you win !

In the beginning of the process any bondage or fetish person and company could be nominated as long as they received at least 10 different nods for nomination from different internet fans. So there is a big "melting pot" mix of familiar stars in the adult world that practice the bondage lifestyle and also fetish stars that are huge draws in the bondage world. There will be names you instantly recognize and names that with a little google-ing you will notice are very recognizable in the bondage world.

The site itself was built and is maintained by John in the unlikely area of Southern New Hampshire, who knew they were a bondage hot spot of the USA.

We are curious about the ending of the first ever Bondage Awards, will the star factor of the adult industry sway the voters, will the pure bondage lifestyles vote in favor of the people who garner fame in the bondage world?  It should be an interesting tally for us all to see, come the Sunday after April 13th when all votes are counted and the winners are announced.

We here at A! Entertainment and will be waiting with our nine tales of a cat, while flogging over the sensory deprivation until the answers come.

How can you not love awards where Rigging is given a prize?

You can still go vote at