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On Fire by Penny Flame

Penny Flame Blog

Penny Flame

And on the seventh day, they rested.

And on the seventh day, they rested.

But if you were in Boulder, you got high. In fact, on Sunday April 20th, 2008, everyone in Boulder got high. Even everyone's mom got high. Dogs, cats, mountain lions, foxes, deer, everything that was living and breathing in Boulder Colorado on 4/20 got high.

So did we.

I awoke next to Carmen McCarthy's sexy naked ass lying in bed, and figured what better way to start a worldwide holiday than next to a sexified 19-year-old naked ass biatch. Oh, and with a blunt. No better way to start the day than naked in bed with a bitch and a blunt. Especially if you are the one awake, with the blunt, and the breezy is sleeping so you can perve out and take naughty compromising pictures. Kind of like this.

After snapping this lewd and delicious picture of my sleeping beauty, I woke her up, didn't tell her shit about her sleepy time photo shoot, and we made our way down to the festival of food Holiday Inn Express lovingly refers to as a "continental breakfast." And what a feast my friends. They had every kind of cereal a stoned freckle faced porn star could want. And I didn't even get cereal. I got a bagel toasted with some cheese, and two eggos (count em, two) and then a banana and a thingy of yogurt. A cup of coffee and some nasty ass watered down OJ. That's cool, fuck the OJ, lets hit the room to chow down and get ready for the day. It is only 8am after all.

I put the cream cheese on the eggo waffles and then dipped it all in syrup, and then I dipped my banana in syrup, and then I even put a little syrup in the yogurt. Strawberry yogurt syrup sounds good to me. And it was wonderful. The throw away part of my meal (1/4 of every meal should stay on the plate, portions are way too big) was demolished like the last supper. Green mile style, like never will there be another meal so savor every last bite and lick your fucking plate clean.

Cabaret Productions, and Carmen and myself all made our way out to the forest. A little place Coloradoans like to call "the Rocky Mountains." This is what they look like from a plane.

There was not a single snake on this plane. But there was a really drunk kid who just loved Carmen. We thanked our lucky stars that he was so drunk he immediately passed out on the plane, right after yelling at the top of his lungs "This is gonna be the best plane ride ever!!!" (add a couple fist pumps into the air and you've got the entire picture, on our 30 person mini plane...).

After our hike, and some sweet girl girl action, we head down to the Boulder 420 rally, which I guess is just a bunch of fucking stoners who all gather in the quad at Boulder for the ultimate smoke out. I got tons of video, which you will be able to watch at PennyFlame.com, but true to stoner form, I forgot to take a single picture of this crowd.

This fucking crowd. You have never seen anything like it. Unless you have been to Woodstock, or some other hippie pot smoking festival. In that case, you have. But if you haven't, you haven't. The funniest part was at the end of the smoke session, when the entire crowd of 20,000 people decided it was hungry, and like one big living organism, the party shifted from the lawn to local eateries. We went to a place called the Sink.

 I used to get in trouble for writing on my ceilings. But not here. In fact, writing on the ceiling is embraced here. My mother and her OCD would have a nervous break down. I thought it was dope.

After smoke fest 2008, me and my new buddy Dex 

checked out a couple buddies playing at this jive little restaurant with a surprisingly divey bar on top of it. The stairs were a little intense. If you drank too much, the stairs in this joint will be the last test of your sobriety. If you can make it down these fuckers, you can probably make it through anything.

Then I went home and ate. I ate everything I could find. I ran out of blunts halfway through my munching spree,

 which is good because my tummy had already started to ache. In fact, my stomach hurt so much that I spent half of the morning throwing up candy coated chocolate goodness. Melt in my mouth my ass.

Just a quick recap over the day, as far as munching goes:

8am: waffle bagel banana syrup yogurt parade down the hatch.

11am: French dip sandwich with a pickle. The waitress and owner wished us happy 420.

3pm: little snack bar, those tasty sweet and salty goodness bars. Yum yum.

5pm: yaki yaki chicken teriyaki sandwich, with a couple red stripes, a shot of tequila and some apple cobbler, a la mode. 

8pm: everything you see in my bed. Ghir squares of milk chocolaty caramel goodness, and m&ms from the lobby quarter vending machine.

Note to all those stoners out there. If you want to get high, and I mean really high, on 4/20, with an entire town, go to Boulder. Open your front door. And start smoking. 





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