pentpsk-tony-batman-pussycat-dollwebtop.jpg(Burbank, CA)- Every Tuesday night at the long running event seems to have the potential to kick ass in one way or another. Some weeks there are so many people at Sardos Grill and Lounge that the crowd more than fills the room and parking lot.

Some weeks are just as full but the fame factor goes up a few notches unexpectedly. This past Tuesday we planned on having  a handful of porn stars party with us, have a bunch of drinks and sing some good songs badly.

But then it started to happen, the phone was ringing off the hook, the table reservations filled up before the night even started, the text messages of 'Save me a seat" began to billow in.

The wrestling league was in town, they wanted to come in, Ron Jeremy was stopping by, Dave O from Gunn Models was coming with a bunch of his hot girls, Rev Mel and Tony Bones from were on their way, Lynn LeMay and crew were headed down, (My BJ scene with little Kaci Starr is still fresh in my mind), Kaci Starr was in town and coming for a few martinis.

This happens every Tuesday night at Sardos Porn Star Karaoke, there is always something fun to do and someone fun to talk to, always!  Now this week was a bit different because I was honored to meet Shelia Kennedy. Yes that's her, the 1983 Penthouse Pet of the year, the one who has been a bunch of mainstream movies, not to mention a handful of network television shows. The one who is so smoking hot that I felt nervous talking to her...  Sheila's friend Kim, and we will just call her that, because she has something to do with the Pussycat dolls and that's all we are allowed to say about that one. She was incredible, tall blonde and beautiful, she sang very well and was a joy to be around, a really hot nice girl? We now know they do exist.

Let me just wrap up and say it was a great night and we had one hell of a good time, we can only wait till next week to see what happens, you just never really know at Porn Star Karaoke.

pentpsk-ellie-fox-tony-batman.jpg pentpsk-ellie-fox.jpg pentpsk-brooklyn-night-tony-batman-mary-jane.jpg pentpsk-brians.jpg pentpsk-tony-batman-shelia-kennedy.jpg

pentpsk-model.jpg pentpsk-kaci-starr-tony-batman.jpg pentpsk-hot-hot.jpg pentpsk-fun.jpg pentpsk-kaci-starr.jpg  pentpsk-tony-batman-pussycat-doll.jpg

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