sex-group.jpg(Los Angeles, CA)- Day two came upon us quickly after a long Friday night and an 11am "call time" for the show on Saturday, it almost seemed as if we did not go home at all.
The HellHouse Media ( booth was where we called home base, with Moxxie Maddron and Jenny Hendrix looking hotter than the flames on the HellHouse Media logo, its was good the check into home as much as we could.

Our first stop was over at the FAME awards booth where we gathered to make the game plan for the day, who should we interview first? What camera guy is going which way? It had the mood of being in a football team huddle with each player on the team getting their play and assignment.

After the break, we headed to the Creeps selling Garbage ( ) booth, Lou does the A! Entertainment T-Shirts you see everywhere and the new skateboard, yea we got our own board too. We picked up a big box of the new shirts which are gray with dark green lettering, (sort of a joke since we are handing them out at the Los Angeles convention center which it attached to the Staples center where the Lakers are in the NBA finals against the green clad Celtics). The shirts were to be carried in the box to the main stage where we were holding the Screaming O contest later in the day and we were going to throw some of them out to the crowd. The problem with that plan was getting them there, as we walked, we were stopped every few feet and asked for a shirt. There were 5 left once we got back img_0513.jpgstage. Oh well enjoy right?

The Screaming O has a booth in their booth, oh my, where they are doing something called the Big O face. Apparently there is a new screaming o vibrater called the Big O and in this little photo booth, liken to those strip photo booths, a woman would sit in the seat with the screaming o toy, they closed the curtain, and she would please herself, out loud over the air for the crowd, it's a funny sight watching peoples faces as they walk by and hear the moaning coming out of the booth.

We decided to spend the morning talking to a lot of the adult stars and the evening talking to the product booths, and this year there were a lot of product booths. You could buy just about any type of adult toy, sex pill, plastic whip, life sized personal sex doll, you wanted they were all there. We even talked to some "Natural" company who told us they were going green and taking out all the harmful chemicals from their products, I don't know, I think rubbing one out is pretty natural, but I am happy someone is looking out for my sexual health. (Funny aside you should see some of the chemicals that go into those soft rubber dildos, ewww)

The Tera Patrick booth had a pretty long line all day, I believe our friend Sasha Gray was pumping out the autographs when we walked by. The iPorn booth was surrounded by masses of people and when we went by Teagan was going her best to keep the fans from rushing the table, Cassidy was also rocking the iPorn booth where no one knows exactly what they do. Hey that iPorn logo and name is everywhere, what do they do? Sorry after two days of Erotica LA and one gala porn party, I still can't tell you because they still have not told me. I am sure in time it will leak out.

Around 2pm we get a call from Vanessa Carter who is the newest A! Crew Girl and she has arrived from her small hometown in Maryland. Carter spends her first few hours in Los Angeles getting an AIM test, dropping off her luggage at an A List Talent house, and then meeting us at the 2008 Erotica LA convention on its busiest day. "Welcome the adult industry young lady!" Vanessa is 18 years old and has not experienced a lot of, oh you all get the point here, it can seem

We have to give props to young Miss Carter for walking into the lions den and handling herself very respectable for her first day. We believe she is going to be alright after she took the crazy schedule and was still able to smile until she passed out around 4am eastern time.

We will have to make this report one of Two due to the time restraints and the fact that it is time to go to day three right now.

But we will tell you about the FAME awards, the fiasco they had back stage before and during. We will also tell you all about the Penthouse and Sexopolis parties and who did what there. (a porn party closed at 12:45am) Tell you why in the next post.

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