img_2051.jpg(Los Angeles, CA)- We had been so good the first two days of the 2008 Erotica LA convention but day three started off different, we slept a few hours too long and arrived after the girls in the booths, bad A! Crew! 

We arrived at the Los Angeles convention center around 2pm and I get a call as we are walking in the room from the Screaming O people. "We might start the big ho down, throw down, blow down at 2:15 today instead of the scheduled 4:45" Oh no I say, the one day I am not at he door for the opening and I now have a show in 15 minuets.  Thank goodness they called back a moment later and said never mind we are going on schedule. Good thing because I needed to meet up with the BLOW people and get some energy, there is something about that BLOW energy powder that's almost addicting.

 If you haven't read the earlier posts we had a porn star blow job challenge going on with the screaming o contest, sort of taking the BJ contest up a notch or two. (Amber Rayne won by the way, but Kayden Kross was so good in her guest star appearance). I have to predict that this may have been the most star studded screaming o show of the year. Spokes model and my co host Nikki Benz rocked the show every time over the weekend and it was definitely the most fun show we have done. We gave out some HellHouse Media ( ) movies that were donated by my booth and the fans went wild for them, it was stadium loud in there a few times.

At one point during the day brand new girl Vanessa Carter ( ) gathered armloads of T shirts from our guys at and began handing them out, the girls shirts went fast, and then we sought out people who we thought should change their shirts. Melrose Larry Green was walking by wearing his Howard Stern shirt; we changed him into an A! Entertainment shirt, he did not complain. We are there converting people sort of like Shelly Lubben was, but in a much different way.  Ron Jeremy was signing autographs wearing his shirt, this was a Vanessa Carter job, she went to Ron and before you know it;
He had an A! Entertainment shirt, I don't know exactly how she got him to change over, but I am sure the story will come out eventually.

img_2046.jpgThe show ended at 6pm and it was time for us to go, we had a pretty successful weekend. Some said the traffic was not what it was in past years, some said they did very well, we don't know either way but we do know we made a bunch of new contacts, did some fun shows on stage, and seen some friends we have not seen in a while like Gia Nova from Atlanta, Ricky Rich from Wisconsin and Little Lord Blu from Florida. But now it was time to go, the Erotica LA was over, now it was time to go home and rest right? Well not exactly.

Sunday night after we left the convention we were to go and cover the Foxxe show over at the Whisky and the Urban Spice Awards in Studio City. We made one for just a bit and A! Crew photographer Big Mike said he was ready to go get something to eat and some liquids since we had not eaten all day nor drank much water.

We left the Urban Spice red carpet and drove to a Sushi restaurant and began to eat the raw fish like it was just invented, dam it was good and hit the spot right away. Big Mike said he was full and that he needed to go outside to get some air and walk around. I ordered another plate of salmon and kept eating. A few moments later a couple ran into the restaurant and said there was a man laying in the parking lot, it seemed odd but I continued to eat my dead fish as the staff from the place went out to check the lot. What seemed like five seconds later the waitress ran up screaming to me, hey that's your friend on the ground.

I ran out to the parking lot to find Big mike laying face first on the pavement in a big pool of his own blood, he was out cold and would not answer my questions, what the hell happened, who did this ? There was no time to care about how; we needed to worry about next, and what to do. I asked for some towels from inside like in the "Goodfellas" movie if you remember that. The cook brings me a roll of paper towels, I guess he seen Goodfellas too, don't waste the good white towels on the blood, that never comes out you know.

I made a big paper towel cushion, and luckily Mike slightly regained conciseness and slightly lifted his head so I could shove the towels between his face and the pavement, a moment later he was able to hold the towels and apply pressure to slow the bleeding, and a few moments after that the ambulance and one fire truck arrived to help.img_0511.jpg

The EMT crew got mike on the stretcher and whisked him into the back of the ambulance, Mike said " Come with me man" I take a step toward the truck and the guys says hold on, we need a few minutes in here. I step back and wait as they close the doors and then simply drive off in the night. What the &$^$ just happened here?

Take a second and picture this, Your standing in a parking lot in the dark, the sushi place has closed, the car you rode there in belongs to the guy that just got taken away in a ambulance to an unknown destination in unknown condition. Now look down and see the puddle of blood on the ground next to you, what do you do?

Well I called my room mate Sledge Hammer to come pick me up, what a long day and night and weekend. Good thing I went to the Erotica LA convention and met the guys at or I would have been stressed and tired.

What about Big Mike you ask? I'll have to finish this story tomorrow, I was at the hospital all night and morning, but I will tell you I suspect a fish monger.

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