The FAME awards were held during the Erotica LA convention. The full story on the winners and the event can be found here

Here is a sampling of the photos from the awards show itself. Congratulations to all the nominees and winners and to the FAME awards for another year at the Erotica. The crowd seemed to enjoy the show. See you all next year.

fame-awards08glenn-scott-weiner-stargaze-media-emmagency593.JPG fame-awards08glenn-scott-weiner-stargaze-media-emmagency660.JPG fame-awards08glenn-scott-weiner-stargaze-media-emmagency641.JPG fame-awards08glenn-scott-weiner-stargaze-media-emmagency587.JPG fame-awards08glenn-scott-weiner-stargaze-media-emmagency4.JPG

fame-awards08glenn-scott-weiner-stargaze-media-emmagency507.JPG fame-awards08glenn-scott-weiner-stargaze-media-emmagency131.JPG fame-awards08glenn-scott-weiner-stargaze-media-emmagency1379_resize.JPG fame-awards08glenn-scott-weiner-stargaze-media-emmagency1361_resize.JPG fame-awards08glenn-scott-weiner-stargaze-media-emmagency1269_resize.JPG

fame-awards08glenn-scott-weiner-stargaze-media-emmagency1106_resize.JPG fame-awards08glenn-scott-weiner-stargaze-media-emmagency1239_resize.JPG fame-awards08glenn-scott-weiner-stargaze-media-emmagency1116_resize.JPG fame-awards08glenn-scott-weiner-stargaze-media-emmagency1086_resize.JPG fame-awards08glenn-scott-weiner-stargaze-media-emmagency1099_resize.JPG

fame-awards08glenn-scott-weiner-stargaze-media-emmagency1047_resize.JPG fame-awards08glenn-scott-weiner-stargaze-media-emmagency962_resize.JPG fame-awards08glenn-scott-weiner-stargaze-media-emmagency978_resize.JPG fame-awards08glenn-scott-weiner-stargaze-media-emmagency931_resize.JPG fame-awards08glenn-scott-weiner-stargaze-media-emmagency896_resize.JPG

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