erla08-big-mike-emmagency1197.JPG(Los Angeles,CA)- Now that enough time has passed since the Erotica LA convention, we are going back through all of the great companies and people we met and made deals with over that weekend.

We will have to say that this was the best Screaming O ( ) contest we have ever done on stage. We have done this show in Las Vegas, Toronto, Canada, Los Angeles and a few other places. This one was my favorite. This might have something to do with me being the official stunt cock for the show on Sunday. It was good and we all had a great time. Nikki Benz, Kayden Kross, Amber Rayne, Vanessa Carter, and thousands of fans.

This was also the first time we have done anything with the people from , but we can tell you a blow deal has been struck and this is only the beginning of our long relationship, we are hooked on each other.

My new friends for the clothing line "Pornothug" ( ) treated us great and we are setting up a sexy wet T shirt video with them in the near future, they are based out of New York but maybe we can bring east coast and west coast together again. We will see if can be done (insert rappers here)

Here are some live action pictures from the new A! Crew friends and family, hope you enjoy. This should be the final posting from the Erotica LA 2008 show, and we will be on to the next episode tomorrow.

erla08-big-mike-emmagency745.JPG erla08-big-mike-emmagency816.JPG erla08-big-mike-emmagency914.JPG erla08-big-mike-emmagency878.JPG erla08-big-mike-emmagency963.jpg

erla08-big-mike-emmagency1285.JPG erla08-big-mike-emmagency1223.JPG erla08-big-mike-emmagency1147.JPG erla08-big-mike-emmagency1006.JPG erla08-big-mike-emmagency1197.JPG

img_2965.JPG erla08-big-mike-emmagency1367.JPG img_2949.JPG erla08-big-mike-emmagency1351.JPG

i-love-blow-pic-ela-day-3.jpg tony-batman-blow-booth-day-1.jpg erla08-big-mike-emmagency1364.JPG

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