anita-blue-victoria-norton-gen-tilly-bj-reinactmentweb.jpg(Hollywood, CA)- The weekend that made Monday a welcome sight, Lets begin with Saturday nights "Porn Star Ball" Held at the Henry Fonda Theatre in Hollywood California.

We arrived early at the famed venue because the event we were covering before that did not excite us enough to hold us there the amount of time we allotted for it, but more about the Eye Candy Convention in another article.

When we arrived at the Porn Star Ball, there were a few people outside already, and we met up with Photographer Rick Garcia and his crew and caught up since we have not seen them for a while. Pamela Peaks was outside waiting to come in with her co host for her TV show, Kat Kleavage, apparently she was not informed that no video cameras were allowed inside the venue without prior approval. No big deal, there is a party inside and we are going to enjoy ourselves she said.

We waited outside for a bit so the women we invited to hang with us could catch up since we were there a little earlier than we expected. Victoria Norton, Gen Tilly, Anita Blue and the Vaughn family all arrived in a short period of time and we went upstairs to the VIP area which was located on the roof patio of the building.

While we were walking upstairs we noticed that the main ballroom area of the place was pretty sparse but this did not faze us since we were there way before the strict code of Hollywood party arrival time. No big deal, we headed upstairs and made our way to the bar to gab our first drink of the night. We crowded the bar and I order "A tall stiff overpriced vodka and cranberry" and that's exactly what I got, $10 worth of plastic cup regular vodka and cranberry juice. I don't think drinks should be 10 bucks for a bar brand shot, but hey that's just me, gee I could almost buy two gallons of gasoline for that price.

The VIP area was comfortable, everyone milling up stairs seemed to be enjoying themselves. The major sponsor for the night was Rodney Moore and he was walking around talking to everyone, Rodney seems to have become a lot more social as of late, which is good because he has some great stories from the past and his company is still shooting like crazy.

Ron Jeremy and Tommy Gunn who were also hosts of the party were there as well talking to people and having a good time. Alex Monstar arrived with a few of his girls and as I looked up from my couch I was sitting on with a crew of hot girls I noticed for the first time that the VIP area was getting packed.

We made our way back downstairs to see what was happening there, it was close to midnight and the place should be full by now. To my surprise the downstairs was not as full as the VIP area, the music was still playing and the lights were going but no one was dancing and partying like I had seen in the past at the same venue. I did notice that there were magazines all over the place, the new Lost Anarchy magazine to be exact. The same Lost Anarchy Magazine that yours truly has a monthly column in. Pick up a copy just about anyplace in Hollywood and see for yourself.

When we got back upstairs Kat Kleavage was talking to the writer form Variety Magazine, she introduces me and the guy says "Oh I know Batman already", we had a good laugh at the fact that he may have been reading my columns and did not call me a certifiable hack with a keyboard. You have to have fun with this business or it would not be worth it at all (OK, The Daily BJs are a nice perk)

We will leave you with this last thought. The party was fun for us, there were stars there, we got exactly what we expected in the VIP area and still I can not call the Porn Star Ball a success. I have not spoken to the promoters since the weekend but I will venture to say they were not happy with the turn out and will most likely be making some changes before their next event. Ill be there too, because I need to see and experience everything and they usually throw parties and events that leave a lasting impression on your "Experience"

Here are some great picturs from the Porn Star Ball, Scroll over the picture for the Names:

heidi-mayne.jpg first-article-printed-in-lost-anarchy-magazine.jpg britney-whitney-stevens.jpg anita-blue.jpg anita-blue-victoria-norton-gen-tilly-bj-reinactment.jpg

lexxi-tyler.jpg kat-kleavage.jpg jessica-james-rock-crew.jpg kat-cleavage-tony-batman.jpg jessica-james.jpg

shanna.jpg rude-tv-show.jpg marlina-tatiana.jpg rarin-lane.jpg sarah-jesse.jpg taylor-wane.jpg

the-henry-fonda-theatre.jpg tony-batman-gen-tilly.jpg tony-batman-big-mike.jpg tony-batman-kat-kleavage.jpg

victoria-norton-tony-batman-anita-blue.jpg tony-batman-porno-dan-vip-passes.jpg tony-batman-tatiana-porno-dan.jpg tony-batman-new-girl.jpg victoria-norton-tony-batman.jpg

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