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Adrenalynn's Ramblings and other Happenings

birthdays kinda bum me out

im not sure why? maybe its cause ive been so back and forth
 and busy right now ive lost touch with my friends its seems.
 but i must say i have made some really great new ones :] and
 i cant say im super close with my family, damn being black
 sheep. . .
 more of Adrenalynn before the color

so another year older, but have i grown wiser. FUCK YES, more in the

 past year or so about myself and others than ever!)
 i must say this is my favorite time of year. and im so
 excited to be in texas for my birthday! ( july 8th ,
 yup im a bookcase cancer, off the fucking wall) so
 im just gonna keep workin my buns off till its over.
 perhaps ill get a nice pair of designer heels and i can
 masterbate in em. that would be a great bday
  just the newest ApathyInternational.net shot from a shoot for my site
 ( FYI: my favorite to die for masterbate
 for are:

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN, Manolo Blahnik, Yves St Lauren,

and others those one just move me!) that's not something
you can just ask anyone for, right? (yes im obssesed with

shoes, designer shoes...no Italian shoes *drools*, pumps,super high stilettos you can barley walk in even if you've had ballet training like myself. . . mmmmm high insteps. . . stockings. . .) *pehaps ill put up one of those wish lists * apathy got me the radest early bday present ever!!! yup, a brand new imac. well what can i say its the best friggen thing you could give a geeky girl like myself. ( yup geeky not nerdy, and def NOT a dork! :] )

adrenalynn power up tattoo 1

 The image

so i had plans to blog for sometime now, but ive been tattooing my ass off. did a portrait the other day. also got a few more to do this week cant wait to show ya'll. as soon as apathy gets some time im gonna have him get me some images. he took all kinds of rad photos of me tattooin and some of the stuff i've been doing the past few weeks. so its been just lil ole me workin on the site , but now ive got a few more bodies helpin me. so ill get those up soon and some newer stuff for ya and an easier layout for your eyes so you can view photos i'll put up for free for the time being :] im gonna work on keeping you more up to date on me day to day from tattooin' to masterbating, to fucking strangers, and getting punched in the ribs. . . mmmm.Adrenalynn\'s view of her before tattooAdrenalynn getting tattooed 1Adrenalynn not liking getting tattooed so yeah i promised pics of all the new COLORFUL tattoos. i got lots new work on my sleeve hope you like it as much as i do. ( yup thats a power up button in the works there) i think i have some video but i did a super clean up and organization on my hardrive digging through content i have from before i had bid ole bewbies! for the site overhaul. but if i find it found it!!!! you betcha it'll be put up for you soon. there will be more photos soon of this and an update page on mysite in the next few day

if you aint got one you aint .... well you know the rest

thinking of going light again. . . gotta do something to the hair friday is the day



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