dsc_2523.JPG(Las Vegas, NV)- The festivities started off with the heat of the Las Vegas sun beating down on us as we made our way to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. The business end of this deal was being held in cabanas around the famed Hard Rock Pool area. Most of the top adult companies were there with their models and wares.

I am talking mostly internet companies and I still mean some of the biggest in the industry, every adult billing company in the world seemed to be there. My sponsors were all here, HellHouse and their Slutty Cash affiliate program, SugarDVD had people in the mix for their SugarCash program and iPorn was there as well, which is an AdultVest company.

Evil Angel had a nice cabana as did what seemed like hundreds of companies. It was day one and it was almost a bit overwhelming, I am not just talking the heat outside (115 degrees for Wednesday) but I am talking about the amount of companies that were here.

I was a bit fearful that there might not be as many hot girls here, as other conventions, it was mostly business to business work going on, but to my elated surprise there were plenty of hot girls to make your eyes drift during the show and since it was so hot and it was by the pool, there was not much clothing to be found on these girls.

There was a free lunch during the day, a free happy hour at the circle bar; it was actually two free hours. And then a nice nighttime pool party where free drinks and whore-dervs were served.

We then went to a party in the hot bowling alley penthouse suite atop the Hard Rock Hotel, the room was amazing, every room was filled with decadence and beautiful women, even the Jacuzzi had a hot girl in it handing out glasses of champagne. There were go go dancers on tables and there were plenty of guys to look at them as well, I don't know how many people the suite held but I do know there was a line out the door to get in most of the night. Once again free drinks and pastries.

If you have never been to an internet company dominated convention or Expo or Forum, then you really are missing out. Notice that almost every event had the bar sponsored by someone, there was always food to keep you going to the next drinking station, and you could tell there was a lot of good business going on, I know I fell into a bunch of good deals just by being there.

So far so good, Xbiz really has come up with a really fun show to go to and it seems very beneficial. Here is a sample of the pictures we took during the day on Wednesday, a lot more to come.... A bunch more, I am off to the Players Ball tonight and I still have to tell you the real stories about the two pageant beauty contests from today... Check back in the morning for the next episode live from the Hard Rock.

dsc_2315.JPG dsc_2289.JPG dsc_2307.JPG dsc_2312.JPG dsc_2282.JPG

dsc_2359.JPG dsc_2354.JPG dsc_2336.JPG dsc_2331.JPG dsc_2327.JPG dsc_2379.JPG

dsc_2386.JPG dsc_2390.JPG dsc_2410.JPG dsc_2418.JPG dsc_2429.JPG

dsc_2488.JPG dsc_2432.JPG dsc_2443.JPG dsc_2444.JPG dsc_2492.JPG

dsc_2512.JPG dsc_2515.JPG dsc_2491.jpg dsc_2503.JPG dsc_2515.JPG

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