mixbz-071008-gordon-emmagency227web.JPG(Las Vegas, NV)- The second day of Xbiz Summer Forum in Las Vegas started off with a huge buzz as the first forum topic and seminar was to tell us all about the obscenity trend that has been going on in the industry as of late, all of the lawyers were there to speak, but the star of the morning was Evil Angel's John Stagliano. Max Hardcore was in the room as well and the passion in that room was thick and intense. I don't know enough of the legal part of this to tell you any more, but you should have been there, it was moving.

Around high noon the stage began to fill with hot porn stars, it was time for the Miss Xbiz Summer Forum contest; there was the bikini round of the contest, then the talent round where the porn stars got to show off their best talent with their clothes on. There was some funny stuff. In the end brand new Vivid contract girl Nikki Jayne took the top honors and crown.

It was not as hot on day two as it was during the first day, only 112 today. The problem is that we have been drinking all that free alcohol for almost two days and night now and the sun seems to be extraction that same alcohol from every pure in my skin. In short I'm sweating balls all over my self.

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mixbz-071008-allenk-emmagency149.JPG mixbz-071008-allenk-emmagency145.JPG mixbz-071008-allenk-emmagency41.JPG mixbz-071008-allenk-emmagency19.JPG mixbz-071008-allenk-emmagency8.JPG

mixbz-071008-allenk-emmagency171.JPG mixbz-071008-allenk-emmagency180.JPG mixbz-071008-allenk-emmagency188.JPG mixbz-071008-allenk-emmagency155.JPG mixbz-071008-allenk-emmagency197.JPG

mixbz-071008-allenk-emmagency212.JPG mixbz-071008-allenk-emmagency250.JPG mixbz-071008-allenk-emmagency224.JPG mixbz-071008-allenk-emmagency227.JPG mixbz-071008-allenk-emmagency205.JPG

mixbz-071008-gordon-emmagency166.JPG mixbz-071008-gordon-emmagency209.JPG mixbz-071008-gordon-emmagency99.JPG mixbz-071008-gordon-emmagency8.JPG mixbz-071008-gordon-emmagency34.JPG

mixbz-071008-gordon-emmagency277.JPG mixbz-071008-gordon-emmagency263.JPG mixbz-071008-gordon-emmagency242.JPG mixbz-071008-gordon-emmagency227.JPG mixbz-071008-gordon-emmagency238.JPG

mixbz-071008-gordon-emmagency340.JPG mixbz-071008-gordon-emmagency328.JPG mixbz-071008-gordon-emmagency305.JPG mixbz-071008-gordon-emmagency291.JPG mixbz-071008-gordon-emmagency284.JPG mixbz-071008-gordon-emmagency465.JPG

We went inside to the free lunch and at the door the Hard Rock Hotel employee is saying that it has been buy as hell all day long and they may have reached the lunch limit that was set during booking. Some one from the Xbiz staff behind me steps up and tells the lady, if that happens, extend it, we are going to make sure everyone has a great time and gets everything they came for. They really did go out of their way to make everyone happy, I'm talking about the Xbiz staff, now the Hard Rock Hotel staff is another story all together, although the female security staff was very personable.

During lunch, the pool was filled for the company against company pool volleyball tournament; there were too many guys in this event so I went up the iPorn cabana to get ready for the www.iPorn.com Hot Body contest I was hosting on the main stage. I picked up the entry sheets and started to go through them noticing that there were over 30 contestants already. More hot chicks on stage with me means a better contest, so it is looking like this is going to be the event of the entire Forum. There were so many hot ladies that we had to have a few rounds and after all the scores were added up our winner of the fist ever iPorn Hot body contest was Adam and Eve contract star Kayden Kross.

We have a few pictures from the Miss Xbiz Summer Forum part of Thursday, we will tell you all about the Big Players Ball held later in the night, we can say that the Pussy Cash Executive suite was the hub of all the activity, it was the place to be for the hot girls.

Thank you to our friends at www.iporn.com , www.xbiz.com , and www.hellhouesmedia.com  for all of your hospitality.

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