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Eva Angelina's Blog

Eva Angelina Blog

Eva Angelina

I Can't Even Get a Muppet to Fuck Me!....In My Dreams Of Course

     I have temporarily quit shooting porn scenes for obvious reasons...(i got knocked up for those who don't know) As I have mentioned before, the amount of sex in my life has been limited to...well...3 to 5 times a day to...well...once every week...sometimes two weeks... When it does start getting close to two weeks I start freaking out. Every little comment that is made somehow I can turn into a sexual reference. Masturbation becomes a necessity in everyday life. Unfortunately another side affect are crazy sex dreams. As of right now, I know if I start having crazy sex dreams they will only get crazier through time goes on and the urge increases. My muppet sex dream I confess is my craziest thus far. Here it goes....

     I am in my bedroom and the lack of sex is still my reality in this dream. My husband is gone but soon to return. I am laying on my bed naked with an Ernie looking muppet sitting by my feet. I am telling him to fuck me but he has to hurry before my husband gets home. There's an enormous sense of urgency for him to get naked and get the job done. All flustered he takes off his clothes and there is his deflated sock of a penis. He starts jerking off to get hard but his sock is lifeless. I start boiling inside as seconds roll by. He tries shoving his sock in my pussy without success. I get up enraged because he can't get his dick....I mean...sock up... I start pacing back and forth while talking down on him. He jerks off more vigorously. As I continue to pace around the bedroom waiting for his okay all of a sudden he begins to panic. He pinches the tip of his sock and starts screaming.... "I'M GONNA BLOWWWW!" Long and behold he starts spraying the room with his load. It's not a little spray it's actually like a fire hose flipping out in a small bedroom. The muppet has successfully drenched the whole room with his cum. I am furious because now not only did I not orgasm like I had originally planned but ultimately how the fuck was I going to explain to my husband that somehow I managed to get a muppet to spray our bedroom with his cum. I am yelling and screaming...

     I woke up in a state of panic.... That was a fucked up dream...more like a nightmare. Put it this way after that dream I demanded sex to relieve myself of these fucked up images. I am going crazy I tell ya.

As a conclusion to this blog, I just wanted to let you know....I have not had sex in 10 days...am I due for another fucked up muppet dream?...for my sake...please pray for me...I beg you...

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