dsc00648.JPG(Roselawn, IN)- Today was the first day of the actual Nudes-A-Poppin Festival, I thing this thing has been going on for almost 30 years. On the first day at 8am the contestant paperwork begins. This is where all the model releases get signed and the ID's get copied and all that legal jazz. This is a big time since there are over 50 girls a day to do this for but no worries, the staff at the Ponderosa Sun club have this down to a science and work like a well oiled machine.

We had Ricky Rich of the A! Crew and our New A! Crew member Charles Barsher. You may have seen Charles stuff in a bunch of magazines before and he usually shoots for the Exotic Dancer Magazine during this event but we borrowed him for a while because we were short handed and he is good at what he does.
It is also just fun to listen to Charles talk since he is from New Orleans Louisiana and his accent is very southern and thick.

We started the day at 8am on the dot, yes we get up that early once in a while, girls could register until 11am and then it was out the  tables and booths with all of the girls in the competition tomorrow and some of the cool strip clubs that brought them.

The clubs bring the girls in RV's and Mobil trailers and set up at the Ponderosa for the weekend, It's basically party time when there is not a show going on.
And what a party it is since every one of the girls walks around naked most of the time. We have porn stars, Feature Entertainers (Showgirls), and your local stripper who wants to prove to the crowd and the world that she is the best at what she does.

The all out photo shoot began at 3pm but it kept raining on us, so we kept moving and waiting and finally got all of the shots in with the 50 naked girls we had running around the camp at the Ponderosa Sun Club.

Tonight is the big Dance and mixer where we all just chill out together and I ask a few of the girls who really wants to be famous.. That's a joke by the way for all of the haters who believe otherwise. Ron Jeremy is here and he is way better at picking up girls than I am. Tomorrow starts the big contest and it is an all day affair. I will bring you anther report once I get back from the nudist camp, it's going to be a fun night so check back soon.

PS- I'm drunk right now, so don't complain about the literary content, I am trying for all of you..LOL

Ads for strips clubs always read better on top of boobs:










Here is Ricky Rich Hard at work filling out paperwork for the A! Crew










Two hot constants and porn stars Shay Lynn and Lauren Kain










Charles the Photographer, and new A! Crew Member













A nice Art shot I took myself from between Shay Lynn's Legs,( A very good place to be)








Back to the Ponderosa for the Dance and Nude Night time stroll.