gen-tilly-tony-batman-psk-5thweb.jpg(Burbank, CA)-If there had to be a big climax for the fifth year anniversary, you could imagine several different scenarios that could put the nightcap if you will on the first five years of Porn Star Karaoke,

Would all the original stars come back for the one big night? Would there be a bevy of celebrities in the room to toast a cheer as the 260th week in a row took place and acted as a measuring point?

The Sardo's advertisement read as always "The longest running weekly event in the industry" We are pretty positive that this is a correct claim by the local Burbank bar which opened only a few months before the first crude episode of the now famous karaoke celebrity fest.

According to the speeches given throughout the night by host Wankus and Aria (or the performer formally know as, and former performer as well). According the fork lore one Tuesday night after a KSEX radio show the crew decided that they wanted Karaoke, Aria and Connie formally of DVSX explained that this Sardo's place had some good Karaoke and seemed to be a fun place. They all went and it was a fun place and they just never stopped coming back, every Tuesday for five years now.

Plenty of things have changed in the past five years. That's a divorce and a half for me, four different cities to call home for short periods of time. I worked at the Déjà vu strip club in Tampa Florida. They had beds in the VIP rooms for a special bed dance; Chris Rock sang that there was no sex in the champagne room.

I guess the point we are trying to get across here is that so many things can change in a 5 year period, and yet there are a few things that will stay the same, not just for 5 years, but possibly forever.  This can be a good thing and it can also be a bad thing.

Are you trying to keep something going because it is just too good to let it die, Or are you still doing the same thing you were all this time with no change or strive for the future of your projects?  Either way 5 years is a long time for anything, just try to remember what you were doing 5 years ago, I can't even remember what state I lived in.

Sardo's PSK has evolved with the times, it has molded into what it needs to be to keep a weekly event going each and every week, but last Tuesday night for one moment right before the midnight toast and all the speeches, if you closed your eyes and tried to pretend you were there a long, long time ago. It had that feel. There was even a scuffle and an ejection for authenticity.

We are not going to go name dropping to tell you everyone that was there, let's just say that it was lined up out the door until way past midnight. As as example as too how busy it was; The North Hollywood Deja Vu came by with 5 of it's hottest girls and had to wait outside because there was just too many bodies there all night long. It can't be bad to be that popular.

Happy 5th Anniversary, the wonder of the next 5 years will keep us coming back to see what will happen.

Here are some pictures from the evening for your viewing pleasure, Click on the Photo for a full size version:

seymour-psk-5th.jpg stephanie-swift-psk-5th.jpg sunny-lane-psk-5th.jpg sexy-cloorodo-psk-5th.jpg serena-marcus-psk-5th.jpg satine-phoenix-psk-5th.jpg

satine-phoenix-james-bartholet-psk-5th.jpg psk-5th-black-shirt.jpg psk-5th.jpg paola-rey-psk-5th.jpg nicki-hunter-psk-5th.jpg nakita-denise-stephanie-swift-psk-5th.jpg

nakita-denise-psk-5th.jpg nicki-hunter-and-connie-psk-5th.jpg monstar-audri-bitoni-psk-5th.jpg monroe-valentino-psk-5th.jpg monica-mayhem-wankus-psk-5th.jpg 

monica-mayhem-psk-5th.jpg heidi-mayne-cynthia-damage-psk-5th.jpg group-shot-psk-5th.jpg gen-tilly-tony-batman-psk-5th.jpg emma-cummings-psk-5th.jpg

gen-tilly-psk-5th.jpg donnie-long-and-crew-psk-5th.jpgangie-psk-5th.jpg heidi-mayne-psk-5th.jpg

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