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ASSk Joanna Angel: Butt Smacking, Ball Shaving and Photo Cumming!

Over the years, my ass has met a lot of different kinds of people and learned a lot of things. It is knowledgeable on a variety of subjects, ranging from Tommy Pistol, to ketchup bottles, to ASStrophysics. Throughout the years, you've spent hours getting to know my ass...but you've never had the chance to really talk to it. It's about time my ass shared some of its intellect with my beloved fans!

So please: SUBMIT A QUESTION to my ass!It will bestow its worldly knowledge upon you all. As you may know, my ass has a very hectic schedule; so don't be offended if it doesn't answer your question right away.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Joanna Angel (and her Ass)

To submit a question, please write into [email protected].
Questions will be posted WITHOUT names and information. Don't worry - your sexual inquiries are secret safe with us!

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*JOANNA'S ASS IS NOT A PROFESSIONAL. IT'S NOT "DR. ASS" or "PROFESSOR ANGEL ASS" or anything like that, so please keep this in mind when submitting questions and - more importantly - receiving answers!


Does your ass prefer to be spanked lightly first, building up to hard, or does it prefer a firm SMACK! to get things started?

I like a hard smack at the beginning. It's better that way. Then the light smacks feel more like tickles...or something. Light smacks are for pussies...and I very obviously am not a pussy. I am an ass!!!

Dear Joanna's Ass,

Thanks for your always informative and entertaining column! I hope you won't be offended, but the question I have isn't actually for you...but maybe you could pass it on to James Deen's Balls or one of your other co-stars? I am a man who likes to keep his pubic hair groomed. I have some hair/beard clippers that I use to keep everything short and neat, including the hair on my balls. Really, though, I would like my balls to be completely smooth, but I'm terrified of using a razor blade on my sack! Can you offer any advice or suggestions?

Funny that you asked that! James Deen's balls and I hang out all the time. We are very close friends. I would like us to be friends with benefits, but there is only so much an ass and a pair of balls can do together. In any case, I know that James uses an electric razor for that stuff. I don't know what kind, but it is a fancy kind. A good electric razor should be able to keep you all neat and clean down there. If anything funky is left over and your hair is being stubborn, use a lot of shaving gel and one of those Mach 3 razors. Those razors are the shit!

Hi Joanna,

There are women on the net who like to see men cum on their pics. What do you think about this? -Tim

Cumming on pics? Like on the computer screen? Or after the pictures are printed out? This is kind of odd. Do people print out pictures anymore? :/

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