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Dangerous Curves-The Sweet Cherry Bardot


By Rob Perez


It’s not often we feature SSBBWs mainly because there aren’t many SSBBWs that have come around lately we feel are worthy to be featured in Dangerous Curves. Most SSBBWs tend to come and go or just stay within the safety of doing feedie or other fetish-related clips. But Cherry Bardot is determined to break the mold and become an SSBBW pornstar. She’s already caught the eye of top notch BBW directors such as Josh Stone, Rodney Moore. Her scenes with Plumper Pass have been praised by fans and her scorching scene in Scale Bustin’ Babes 61 can certainly be called one of the hottest BBW scenes of the year. Not bad for a girl who’s only been around a relatively short time. This big gal will definitely be going big time in BBW porn.

Have you always been a big girl? 

Yes, I have always been a big girl.

Before doing porn did you do anything adult related such as stripping, camming, modeling, escort, etc.?

Yes, I've spent many, many hours on cam before doing porn.


Had you always thought about doing porn or being in the adult industry?

I have not always thought about doing porn. To be quite honest, I didn't really think about it until the bug was put in my ear in 2015.

When did you first become aware of BBW porn and was that when you thought you could do porn?

When I ventured into the adult industry it was in webcamming.  I never in a million years would have ever expected to get into porn.  I started watching webcams and I saw some bigger girls on cam who shoot porn, and so I checked them out and realized what a big market (no  pun intended) BBW porn is.

Were you nervous or excited when you performed in your first scene?

I was so freaking nervous! Fortunately for me my first scene was shot by Josh Stone. He was really patient with me and gave me great directions. After a little bit I loosened up and stopped being so nervous.

How many scenes have you shot?

I have shot 2 professionally but I have shot more for my website.

Who are some of your favorite performers to work with?

I haven't really worked with many different performers yet. Rodney Moore, Diamond Lou, and Tarzan for male talent. And I've shot with Kimmie Kaboom for my website


Who’s on your porn wishlist?

I guess I don't really have  a wishlist. I'm really open to working with a lot of different people.

What would you say was one of the hottest scenes you shot and with who, and can you describe it a little?

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I can tell you about one of my best selling scenes. At BBWcon 2015, Kimmie KaBoom and I filmed our first scenes together in the Bellagio Penthouse suite.  We saw that there was a bidet so we had to goof around with it. We take turns peeing and then using the bidet and while I'm sitting on the toilet and she's on the bidet we kiss.  It has been so popular!

How often do you work?

Well, I'm pretty new to the business but I don't seem to be having a hard time finding work.

What’s the best thing about being a big girl in the business?

My fans are awesome. I feel like the fans of us big girls are very devoted and love us so much.


Because BBWs tend to represent real women, do you have fans especially female fans say you’re an inspiration and how does it make you feel you’re kind of a role model?

I met a lot of female fans at EXXXotica NJ this November. I had a few ask me how I can feel so comfortable with my body and how can they. I love that I can help other women feel good about themselves.

What have been some career highlights?

I am thrilled to have worked with Rodney Moore this early into my career. He's really awesome to work with. I've also really enjoyed attending conventions and meeting my fans.

Your scenes are always hot. Do you arrive to each scene prepared and down to fuck?

Yes, I mentally prepare myself to outdo my last scene. Give 100% every time and I always strive to improve on my last performances.

Do you orgasm in every scene?

Nope, I haven't had an orgasm on professional film yet.

Who are some other BBWs you get along with really well?

I try to get along with everyone. Some of the girls I've gotten to know a little more are Kimmie KaBoom, Lucy Lenore, Becki Butterfly, Lady Lynn, Tish Draven, Reyna Mae and many other girls!

Because you are a big girl, do you ever have self-esteem issues because of your size?

I think that there are times we are all really hard on ourselves.


When it comes time to take your clothes off are you ever self-conscious about it?

Not really. I am making these films for my fans who love and appreciate my size and what I look like.

Are you very comfortable being naked? What’s it like having a job where you can be naked at work?

For the most part I am pretty comfortable being naked. However, I live in northern Wisconsin and it gets pretty cold here in the winter. So I love my job in the summer and when I can go somewhere warm to shoot but in the winter I love my job just a little less! [Laughs]


How do you feel about the word fat?

I used to hate the word fat. I still don't really refer to myself as fat, I tend to use the words thick, chubby, big or something along those lines.

Were you active sexually before porn and can you describe one of your hottest sexual encounters outside of porn? Is your sex life as wild as it is on camera?

I am very sexually active. I enjoy light BDSM. I have under the bed restraints on my bed at all times. I also really enjoy being spanked and tickled.

What kind of guys in general are you into and what do you look for in a girl? Are you with girls in your personal life?

I like smart men. Men who dress nicely and who have muscular arms. I'm not really into women in my personal life. But when I do find myself appreciating another woman sexually she's usually blonde with really big boobs. I like women who wear makeup and dress nicely.

How should a guy approach you if he was interested?

My favorite is a nice hello. Don't try to be suave or cocky, just say hello and ask if I'd like a drink.  Don't be creepy and stare at me for too long.

Have you done feedie videos or any other type of BBW type fetish scenes and are you open to doing them?

Nope, I have not done any feedee videos and I'm not really interested in filming any. I'm not a gainer and I don't want to confuse my fans.  I do make belly fetish videos. I did win Fan Favorite Best Belly 2016 at BBWCon 2016 so I love to show that off to my fans.


What are some sexual fantasies you have yet to fulfill? Are you willing to do gangbangs, anal, DPs; what haven’t you done yet sexually that you really want to do?

I have always been interested in having multiple men in a scene. I'd be willing to do a gangbang or two cocks. I'm not really interested in anal.

Where do you see yourself in the future porn-wise? What do you ultimately want to accomplish?

I want to keep making films as long as my fans want to watch them! I want to continue to show my fans who I am and what kind of things I like on my website and one day I'd love to get into the production/business side of porn.

Any final words you’d like to say to your fans reading this in Xcritic?

I am thrilled to be making  videos for them and I'm appreciative of each and every fan I have!


Follow Cherry Bardot on Twitter @mscherrybardot, and on Instagram at Cherry Bardot.


Find Cherry camming at piercedcherry.cammodels.com or at her website, www.cherrybardot.com



Follow me on Twitter @RobGPerez

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