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Not the Bradys XXX: Marcia Marcia Marcia, Sticky Sweet, Stoya, Gabriella Fox Nude, and much, much more...

Intelligent Talk About Adult DVDs

Spotlight Title: Not the Bradys XXX: Marcia Marcia Marcia

 Will Ryder is one of my favorite people in the porn industry these days, frequently outgunning his competition using creativity instead of throwing money at his projects, the best of which have been comedic parodies of contemporary pop musicians or sitcoms I enjoyed decades ago. While the economic picture is grim for many of us these days, Will's work at X-Play eschews negativity in favor of light, happy messages that people can identify with, complete with award winning casts guaranteed to boost sales of his projects distributed by Hustler Video. The latest such project is the long awaited Not the Bradys XXX: Marcia Marcia Marcia, the sequel to last year's Not the Bradys XXX that still outsells many high end releases. With a few casting changes, most notably replacing Hillary Scott with lovely Teagan Presley and Leah Luv with Kacey Jordan, the creative team led by Ryder made another classy homage to the original television show, this time focusing on Marcia's (Teagan) devotion to her pop music idol Danny Jones (Evan Stone). The spoof was technically better than the first volume and had a lot to like despite some minor rough edges, the sex focusing more on the youthful antics of the "kids" than the adults this time (though Gina Lynn and Sienna West smoked the screen with their fiery performances).  It was a lot of fun and should sell like crazy given the popularity of the concept. The casting, the writing, and the technical values all provided ample reasons to impress newcomers to porn that this was not just another splooge-fest offering in the gonzo realm that dominates the market but a title you can share with that someone special and not feel nearly as embarrassed as you might otherwise. The levels of fuck for the buck, solid extras, and sweet casting all resulted in my rating the show as Highly Recommended. I watched it three times, once with someone that initially proclaimed she "hated porn" yet found the movie a lot better than expected (telling me she would watch "anything" released by the same guys if this was the kind of show it would be), and it grew on me with repeated viewings so I can attest to the replay value as superior even if the sex itself was not the sexual athletic style so often displayed by the gonzo companies. In short, Not the Bradys XXX: Marcia Marcia Marcia might not have been as much of a hit as Not the Bradys XXX for me (sequels rarely offer a viewer the surprise factor of the original even when done this well) but I suspect the director and his partner will be laughing all the way to the bank given the way this one shined compared to other parody efforts.

Sneak Peeks:  Sticky Sweet, Stoya Atomic Tease, and Gabriella Fox Nude

 Celeste is the softening edge over at Digital Playground from what I have seen over the years; Joone directing the blockbuster titles, Robby doing all the gonzo and majority of specialty projects, and Celeste providing thematic outlines for her boy toy to translate into sellable erotica. A few days before Christmas, her next release will come out in the form of Stoya Atomic Tease, a showcase effort where three of the six scenes star the cute brunette with freckles and milky white skin. The driving theme this time was based on the pin up queens of decades past, using older hair styles and lingerie to give a distinctive look to the scenes even if the relative lack of pubic hair and sexual aggressiveness on the part of the women seemed to be anachronistic by comparison. Stoya, having won a major award at the Berlin Venus show, is a contender for the more important Best New Starlet award from AVN next month so if movies like this can influence some of the judges that her range is better than previously thought, all the better to give her that final push. It was a nice balance between her older style where the vocals were discarded and the newer material where the vocals dominated, the theme of the tunes fitting the visual elements even if played too loudly much of the time. I thought the levels of couple oriented fuck for the buck and replay value, combined with a tremendous amount of beautiful Stoya in action, merited a minimum of a Recommended or better, Stoya herself worth checking this one out when it comes out later this year. In short, Stoya Atomic Tease will appeal to those with a developed sense of aesthetics and in tune with beauty over raw sexuality but there was enough of that to satisfy a general audience as well so check it out.

 Robby D. has long been the leading director/cameraman at Digital Playground, his position there mimicked by others in the field as the "go to" person so as part of a means to keep him happy, the company allowed him to form an offshoot project with Handheld Pictures; a place where he wasn't quite as bound by the established rules and could chase the kind of porn he wanted to make with more freedom. Just before Christmas this year, he will offer his latest tribute to hotty women that show an aptitude for oral loving in the form of  Sticky Sweet, with six scenes of sexual action bound to please even the most jaded fans out there. The clever cover quips: "Melts in your mouth AND on your cock" so this "Robbie D. treat" proved he could successfully navigate a production without an abundance of contract performers, a few of them looking fit to be groomed as such an aside.  It managed to show more oral sex than usual without getting bogged down in the oral only action similar releases do all too often and the ladies were all attractive so I rated the movie as Recommended. The mixture of so many types of attractive ladies with oral inclinations was a pleasant surprise but surprises are why fans have been checking out Handheld Pictures with increasing frequency; the company a place where they have learned to expect the unexpected. In short,  Sticky Sweet was true to form as the sweet looking ladies got all sticky in their efforts to get off, the technical values making them look all the better at the hands of the talented director.

 Gabriella Fox is the busty brunette contract performer for Digital Playground hired earlier this year. Her looks, attitude, and all-round appeal have already started people asking about where she will fit in at the award winning company as well as what type of projects will she be shooting for the infamous Robby D.. Well, 2008 was just a warm-up for the young lady and early next year she will continue her ascent to fame with Gabriella Fox Nude, a vignette driven release starring the lady. Using equal amounts of artistic style and heated sexuality, the director presented six diverse young ladies, sadly only using Gabriella one time but rather than take a gonzo approach, it used what Robby called "moments" (as in moments of time) where the couples connected with one another while exploring some encapsulated fragments of pure heat, a running thread of domination employed most of the time.  It could have had more scenes showcasing lovely Gabriella Fox but she led the impressive cast of under appreciated beauties in a series of strokable scenes with significant replay value, the levels of fuck for the buck enough to merit a rating of at least a Recommended from me. Gabriella has yet to emerge as a starlet fully displaying her potential but one look at her and fans seem stricken by her beauty so 2009 will likely be her breakout year. In short, the technical values and aesthetics of Gabriella Fox Nude will make this title a delightful little strokefest for connoisseurs to appreciate next year when it is released, my belief being that the Blu-ray version will be even better thanks to the manner in which the visuals are enhanced under the format so give this one a look and have some fun.

Highlights of The Week 

Jules Jordan Videohas set the standard these days in terms of providing fans with copious amounts of fuck for the buck on their double disc releases. Unlike most in the porn world that seek to give consumers less and charge more for it, the directors distributed under the label provide quality footage on top of the aforementioned quantity, increasing the amounts of fuckfor the buck, strokability, and replay value beyond that provided by just about all of their competitors. One of their very best director/performers is studly Erik Everhard, the man a fucking machine when it comes to giving his partners what they want while eliciting the chemistry and passion they are capable of, his latest title coming out being A Sperm-Load A Day 2: Special Edition, the sequel to the fantastic A Sperm-Load A Day 1. The concept behind the 4+ hour long double disc set is simple enough, showing a number of hotties engage in swallowing loads of semen as well as bouncing on cock with their pussies and asses, leaving no man undrained of their genetic juice. If you like movies containing swallowing action, you would be hard pressed to find a better movie to appreciate this year.  It was exactly what it was advertised as, a movie with a lot of oral action and swallowing, and the ladies all seemed to embrace their inner whores like they were on top of the world. The technical values, replayability and strokability were all sufficiently high to merit a great rating too, my call that it earned a Highly Recommended. In short, A Sperm-Load A Day 2: Special Edition was a quality production just like A Sperm-Load A Day 1was when it came out nearly two years ago, the quality of ladies and amounts of footage with solid extras providing some heated inspirational material for your respective spank banks.

 Jake Malone is an original kind of guy as seen by his rough sex porn releases distributed by world class Evil Angel. I know not all of you are into his nasty kind of hardcore smut but those who have come to appreciate it tend to leave many others behind as unsatisfying or watered down purveyors of adult material. His latest release is called  Fuck Slaves 4, the thematic sequel to Fuck Slaves 3, several scenes of decadent nastiness provided with a domination theme driving the hardcore action.  It had four main scenes where the advertised action was provided in spades, always pushing the limits of the ladies with the kind of action you just don't see much of these days. The levels of fuck for the buck and replay value equated to a rating of Highly Recommended for anyone into this kind of rough, nasty sex whereas those of you that aren't into it will likely find it repulsive. In short, Fuck Slaves 4  was not consistently awesome in terms of technical values and the extras were decent but not the best I've seen, but like Fuck Slaves 3 before it, fans of the hardcore material provided will find this one a treat! That said, keep in mind that seeing ladies pushed to their limits, even at their own insistence, is not what everyone likes to weatch so if you can't handle it, shy away from this one and no one will think the worst of you. 

Thanks to previous efforts that helped spawn a cottage industry of retro-parodies, X-Play and director Will Ryder proving they are still the top of the food chain with  Not Bewitched XXX Blu-ray. The movie is like a pornified episode of the beloved Bewitched, a television series I watched for years when it aired between 1964 and 1972. Distilling the basic elements to make for an entertaining porno, Jenna Haze stepped in for the Samantha Stevens role originally played by Elizabeth Montgomery, Mike Horner filled the shoes of two Dicks (York & Sargent) to play Darren, Nina Hartley played Agnes Moorehead's Endora, James Bartholet showed his acting chops as Larry Tate, Michelle Avanti was delightful as Gladys Kravitz, and even Ron Jeremy joined in to play the bombastic Dr. Bombay. In this version, baby Tabitha was played by Teagan Presley too, the plot revolving around her being magically altered by scatterbrained Aunt Clara (hotty Eva Angelina). More than any parody release of the year, the show worked thanks to the level of detail that the production team provided, relying less on the name of the show as others have to include props, lines, and situations indicative of episodes so many of us know by heart.  It was a great deal of fun and proved that a feature, even a comedic parody, need not sacrifice heated sex scenes to work for a wide audience. The technical aspects were better than ever and the extras supplied some additional value but the main selling point for me was the great sex scenes that you simply won't find in most features these days. I rated it the upgrade as Highly Recommended due to the levels of fuck for the buck, the replayability, and the devotion to detail no one else in porn seems capable of providing, the movie being a far better tribute to the series than the super expensive Nora Ephron remake a few years back in both spirit as well as humor. While I found the standard definition a better value (less than half the price and capable of being played by far more people), if you have the extra money, the modest upgrade in video resolution and detail might warrant paying more though my SD version looked good upconverted so your mileage may vary.

 Erik Everhard is probably the strongest performer in porn these days, bar none, and his directing work distributed by Jules Jordan Videogenerally offers up the best levels of fuck for the buck in my experience. The combination of quality with quantity adds to the replay and stroke value of his movies, making almost all of them winners in terms of delivering the goods. His latest title is a compilation of nine lengthy scenes in the double disc package of Blonde Ambition: Special Edition, showcasing some of the fairer sex in their best scenes. With names like Alexis Texas, Annette Schwarz, Lauren Phoenix, and several others that have proven to be extremely popular over the years, I had little doubt that the massive amounts of hardcore sex would leave me or any other fan unsatisfied.  It reminded me of all the older titles of his that I never had the chance to see and even the light watermark on the full frame offerings of the first disc was not that big a deal for me so with all this awesome footage, I felt a rating of Highly Recommended was warranted. The technical values showed Erik and his crew getting better with time and I can safely say that  Blonde Ambition: Special Edition will inspire most of you for a very long time even if you aren't into blondes (but they were nicely assembled!). Compilations are all the rage these days as a means to cut costs but unlike many of his peers, Erik shows it can be done the right way by consumers so give this one a look.

 B. Skow has been the driving force at Vivid Entertainmentin terms of providing good looking porn in recent years; typically bringing something unique to the mix as he enhanced the performances of the ladies he shot for the company under so many sets of circumstances. His latest release is a bit different in that it was a series of lengthy scenes called  Brand New Faces 14; a movie dedicated to showcasing four lovely young ladies in their first scenes for porn and the sequel to the popular Brand New Faces 13I saw recently. The porn industry is replete with gals claiming to be in their first scenes ever but the catch this time was the coverpromising a "100% Money-Back Guarantee" that these were the first times the ladies were on film. Be that as it may, the cover also promised that the scenes were candid and given my experience with newcomers, I was hoping Skow could pull a rabbit out of a hat and also make them award winning performances. Also of interest to me was the fact that Skow's name appeared nowhere on the cover either front or back, strange considering the award winning director is a major selling point thanks to his skill with the camera as well as the ladies.  It was worth a rating of Recommended to me for all the action, the new faces, and the technical handling of the scenes but fans of brand new gals will think it was a "must have" since the ladies looked and performed their roles so well. I can't definitively state that none of them have shot a professional scene before but unlike so many titles that Vivid sits on for years as part of their marketing approach, Brand New Faces 14 was rushed right to the pressing plant to jump on the newness factor (something other companies seem to have embraced in the past as many of you like to see "firsts", real or imagined). Whatever the reality of the marketing claim though, all four of the ladies were breaths of fresh air and deserve some accolades for providing enough fuck for the buck, strokability, and replay value to make this a keeper for your collection. Skow does it again with his attentive nature to make these four ladies shine better than his peers could hope to, the series website probably the best thing the company has provided in a long time in terms of consistent quality.

 Robby D. is one of the busiest guys directing in the porn industry, carrying the vast majority of titles released by Digital Playgroundon his proverbial shoulders in one way or another. One of his best series in the past has been the Teen America titles that provided a fictional beauty contest involving a variety of ladies all trying to get a boost in their quest to win via having sex with the sound engineer's, the latest volume coming out next week with  Jack's Teen America #22 Blu-ray. Given this one will come out before Christmas, it seemed quite appropriate that it starred some of the best ladies in the business at this writing, from performer of the year Sasha Grey, to former contract hotty (and current Xcritic blogger) Adrianna Lynn (Adrenalynn), to booty queen Jenny Hendrix and German anal queen Annette Schwarz, to the ever popular Teagan Presley. It's been six months since Teen America 21came out and all the fun was still intact, this star studded escapade surely designed to be a heavy hitter for the holiday season.  It had a great cast and some decent sexual decadence on parade, offering enough replay value and strokability to merit a rating of Recommended. The amount of fuck for the buck was such that fans of the cast will definitely want to check out their favorite hotties and while there were some quirks on display, I was pleased to see some of my favorite ladies having such a heated good time. In short, Jack's Teen America #22 Blu-ray, like Teen America 21, was the kind of porn that a lot of people should appreciate for the technical values, the sexual athleticism, and the elements that made it a winner like the rest of the series has so often proven to be.

 Stoyahas been a force of nature in porn for about a year now, her early reviews here at Xcritic helping launch the beautiful young performer into the limelight so it makes sense that we would keep an eye out for any new projects of hers, such as her works with Celeste. Coming next week will be the next such project, a movie titled Stoya Sexy Hot Blu-ray where herfans will get the latest dose of their "fix" the cutie has become. In keeping with the series premise, the assorted erotic vignettes provided a variety of different styles, all shot by the usual suspects to the specifications of the visionary director. Stoya herself is something of an enigma, her blogs of the past suggesting she is still evolving into an even better performer, more in tune with her diverse sexuality, and someone fans simply want to learn more about. This time, Stoya provided three full scenes and a short solo tease, easily enough to satiate fans until her next title comes out early next year. It was certainly a lot more hardcore than most of her works to date, Stoya's kinky nature catered to really well as she provided more fuel to the fire for fans wanting to see her in all sorts of depraved situations. Stoya certainly made the movie as the "sex android force of nature from the future" served up a lot of strokable footage, the replay value making it easy to rate as Recommended. My initial impression that this was a Christmas present for Stoya's fans was largely proven by the end of the movie, giving me the impression that the little lady will become an even bigger name in 2009. Fans of Stoya will definitely want the upgraded high definition version of this one regardless of price, the crisp details enhancing her already appealing looks.

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 Mike Quasar is one of the most prolific directors in porn, his works for Third Degreeand Zero Tolerance often showcasing some of the hottest ladies in porn very nicely indeed. Mike apparently gives the ladies a general overview of what he expects from them, the gals improvising to enhance their scenes in virtually everything he shoots (though some females are decidedly better than others at this aspect of his flicks). His latest title to make it my way was a double disc show called  All Alone 4. The movie had twenty scenes of ladies masturbating while using toys from Evolved Novelties such as the Waterproof Silky G or Waterproof Desire, each gal giving at least the fleeting notion that she was getting off. For those of you that aren't into watching other guys (especially the same 5 or 6 that appear to populate almost all porn these days), you might find this a hot alternative to generic gonzo porn if you get past the use of music over vocals. The lack of genetic juice (or population pudding if you prefer) would then be considered a "good" thing, several of the ladies only doing other women so you wouldn't be missing anything in that sense anyway.  It wisely started with beautiful Jana Cova and Julia Ann, both favorites of mine, and ended with blond babe Diana Doll with a great many attractive women provided their moment under the spotlight to appreciate. The technical values and amount of solo fuck for the buck translated into a rating of Recommended to me but only because the extras were so limited and I wanted more than I have seen from the series in the past. In short, All Alone 4 is a classic type of porn to enjoy while you yourself are "all alone" and ready to apply some hand to gland action to your own, albeit with some inspiration from these twenty diverse ladies.

 Otto Baueris a director that I have not seen working too often since his departure from Mach 2, his limited stint at Ninn Worx producing only a few titles and now the man trying his hand at Hustler Video. For those who don't know, Otto caters to a select group of hardcore followers known as "raincoaters", the small but dedicated group always on the lookout for the rough stuff to fulfill their stroking needs. The first such title by Otto is Hustler XXX 30 (Blu-ray), a high definition outings where the gals all showed how much cock they could take inside their precious puckers, the cast hand selected for their devotion to hardcore smut. For the most part, Otto kept quiet in the scenes, the minimal set ups providing the structure for the performers to get nasty in a way that few other directors at Hustler manage to do these days. The five scenes were light on tease but this was an attempt to have the cast get right down to business, Otto even using award winning (and like-minded) Jim Powers to provide the best possible technical values along with the depraved antics one would expect of any collaboration between them. It might not have been his most filthy, hardcore outing but it was definitely the type of direction Hustler needs to go to win back fans. The high definition version of the movie looked much better and the visual upgrade made it all look more realistic than any of Otto's past works in SD, meriting a rating of Recommended or better depending on how much of a fan you are for this set of ladies. In short, Hustler XXX 30 (Blu-ray) might not have had an extensive set of bonus materials and the rough stuff was not as edgy as I've seen in one of Otto's movies, but it showed him evolving with time, evolving in a manner that should please many who want something just a touch less nasty than his most decadent work but still maintaining his core vision.

 Jaxis one of the most popular directors of urban material, his love of black ladies undeniable regardless of their physical attributes. Most of his work that I've seen is released by Metro Interactive/Video Team these days, his award winning series the subject of today's review of My Baby Got Back! 44 (Blu-ray). I know that some claim there is no market for high definition porn at all, never mind the narrow niche of black on black but considering how few titles like this are out on the high definition market, it is conceivable that fans with the right equipment will find it all the more appealing, despite the use of an MPEG-2 mastering process and 1080i resolution. The idea of the series is simple enough with the five scenes showcasing black ladies with large asses getting ripped up by studly black men. In my limited experience with the series, the performers generally have a lot of fun so it made sense for Metro to try something new to boost sales in these harsh economic times, those that want lily white gals with boyish bodies need not apply.  It had a lot of strong points to it including the ladies all showing wonderful oral skills, active vaginal riding in various positions, solid technical values enhanced in high definition, and plenty of anal for those into backdoor boning so I rated it as Recommended. There were some areas in need of polishing up such as the use of better Blu-ray mastering, better extras, and gals with a bit more lean mass to their ass but this was definitely a case of truth in advertising so it earned some praise. In short, My Baby Got Back! 44 (Blu-ray) was the latest in high definition urban genre porn coming my way, proving that the added detail and resolution were good enough to enhance this offering sufficiently to merit some additional praise so check it out.

 Donnie Cabo is one of the creative team over at Vouyer Mediathat proves his worth in every production he assists with. I prefer his work as a director for them but even when he is working the camera, his eye for the ladies makes the show look better from what I have seen. His latest release is  Teens in Tight Jeans 3 (Blu-ray), a high definition title focusing on youthful performers that aren't shot out yet, primarily very lean gals that show some serious moves. I have found previous efforts in the series to be exceptionally appealing and I'm not one of those critics caught up in the "younger is better" dynamic, the company going out of its way to ensure the best casting possible makes their titles sought after. This high definition Blu-ray release of the movie added to the fun as well, the increased detail and resolution a nice step forward though far from the best it could be (when they move to 1080p resolution and increase the video bitrate much higher, I'll sing their praises for it), still a solid attempt to catch the wave of the future in this second company outing on the format.  It was not based on any star power so much as a series of heated scenes by youthful ladies having fun for money. The stand out scenes this time were Eve Nicholson but especially the great action of the last scene starring Leona Dulce and Mimi Allen, the sum total of the movies attributes earning it a minimum of a Recommended or better, probably better if you're fixated on teens. In short, Teens in Tight Jeans 3 (Blu-ray) might not have been quite as good as Teens in Tight Jeans 2in terms of talent, the high definition upgrade was enough to merit additional attention from fans that are equipped with a decent home theater. My only advice regarding the technical aspects of the production would be to shoot for 1080p and improve the bitrates in the future so the best possible picture can be displayed compared to the competition, but the youth theme was solidly presented as expected from Vouyer Media.

 Robby D. is the versatile lead director at Digital Playgroundthat shoots gonzo, erotica, and the occasional feature these days with the kind of skill few of his peers have proven able to keep up with. With an increasing workload at the company in the last few years, he has taken to experimenting with new styles, tricks, and ways of doing things in order to satisfy a number of fans that often don't like one form or another. For me, his gonzo and features are the best but I've gone out with several women that think his erotica is among the best they've seen (sometimes telling me that he must be gay to know what women want so well- he's not). His latest release is another of the sidestep showcases of the contract gals for the company called  Shay Jordan: Sexual Freak 3 Blu-ray; a series of vignettes that started and ended with lovely contract hotty Shay Jordan as she learns the ropes of stardom from the incredible pool of talent assembled by the company.  It was one of those titles on the margin for me. Music in porn is one of the areas that fans and critics alike can argue about more then the specific qualities of performers and Kurt's score here was droning in most ways for me, with the sexual skill of Shay not up to the level of the other ladies in the movie. Still, the visual elements had a lot to offer and each gal addressed a different dynamic so you might find it to be worth more or less then the rating of Recommended that I gave  Shay Jordan: Sexual Freak 3 Blu-ray. Tory, Naomi, and Sasha were the sexual highlights for me this time but I'll be the first to admit that Shay was as fine as people suggest and I look forward to seeing her live up to her potential.  Given her work in Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge, I suspect there might be a renewed interest in seeing more of this lovely lady so check this earlier effort out.

If you've ever watched one of the Jack's Playgroundpornos, be it the actual series or any of the multitude of spin off shows, you'll know that the idea behind that has director Robby D. as an aspiring music video director who picks up women for his friends to record as they have sex. He uses lots of humor and situational comedy compared to other gonzo porn, typically providing something unique compared to the cookie cutter formulaic porn most of us are so weary of. His latest release in the series is a one shot title called Jack's Big Tit Show Blu-ray where the cover said: "Jack's at it again! In his playground, Jack is busy casting for music videos. The delicious girls will do anything for stardom. Some suck, some fuck, some masturbate but they all get naked and show big beautiful, bouncing titties for the camera. There's more than a mouthful and more than a handful of big boobies bursting out of their bras. We don't know what band is going to use the footage on T.V. but we guarantee that all the bands are going to use the footage for something. Put it in and pull it out. We dare you. There's a lot of tease and a lot of action and it's all entertaining. Forget professional, this volume is all about big, hot, bouncing boobs. It's hot and kinky and Jack's found a new niche." I'll be the first to admit that some of the volumes in the series have had a bit of forced humor (he's been making them monthly without breaks for a long time) but there tends to be more fun to go with the stroke value than you'll find elsewhere.  It had a lot of fuck for the buck and plenty of breasts on hand to enjoy as well. The sex wasn't the best of the series but the tease footage alone had as much stroke value as shows lasting twice as long with a variety of gals showcased nicely. I figured that a rating of Recommendedwas fair although the lack of extras was balanced out by a running time of over two hours (my most common complaint for the series and it's spin offs is running time and lack of extras). I think that these side projects provide Robby with a chance to mix things up a bit more than he usually does and that helps reinvigorate the other titles too so it gets points for that as well. In short, Jack's Big Tit Show in Blu-ray was bouncy good fun!

 Ray Bones is the latest director for Diabolic Digital and I got a look at his second tribute to women in the form of All About Me 2. The movie was a series of 15 female solo masturbation scenes with some of the biggest names in porn mixed in with some ladies you might not have heard much about. A number of companies have offered similar titles in the past year so my goal is to provide a quick head's up as to what made this one different from the others you might have seen. The ladies in order of appearance were Rebeca Linares, Tory Lane, Shyla Stylez, Alexis Texas, Cassandra Cologera, Caroline Reese, Angelina Ash, Sunny Lane, Julia Ann, Melissa Lauren, Carmen McCarthy, Jessica Steele, Katia, Ann Marie Rios, and Devi Emmerson; some of the ladies providing outstanding performances. There was no population pudding flying around and there was far too little tease in some of them but the simple approach seemed to work more often than not here. There were mostly scenes with toys, a few other scenes lacking toys, and a variety of household settings employed here with a few ladies looking slightly rough.  It did not have all the fancy trimmings some of the competition has had, nor was there a lot of music or special effects, in fact, there were virtually no extras to speak of either but I lost all track of time watching this one. The technical matters needed some additional polishing up and a few of the ladies were in great need of performance lessons but I had to give the nod to Ray here and rate this one as Recommended for all it offered up. In short, All About Me 2 had some sweet scenes well worth checking out.

Jonni Darkkohas long carved his own path in directing gonzo porn, using some artistic touches to brighten up many efforts that would otherwise be like the "generi-porn" I rail about so often (disposable, generic porn without any sense of creativity). Since moving over to Evil Angel, Jonni has had far more hits than misses as far as I was concerned, often assisted in his quest for quality smut by his editor/associate Eddie Powell. The latest title of theirs to make it my way last week was Bet Your Ass 6, the sequel to Bet Your Ass 5, a series where anal penetration of the ladies is a given, as is the quality of the casting. This time, Jenna Haze, Bobbi Starr, Emma Cummings, Adriana DeVille, and Lana Croft were the targets of the men, all of them providing their own unique skills to the mix.  It had some solid levels of fuck for the buck and decent production values, earning a rating of Recommendedor better depending on how much you like the casting choices here. All the ladies did anal and despite the lack of a second disc, the movie looked pretty good to me. In short, Bet Your Ass 6, like Bet Your Ass 5before it, did not really delve into circus act sex nearly as much as give the performers room to explore each other, the results showing Jonni once again earning some accolades for the way he established so much replay value and his "look" working yet again to show that not all gonzo porn is created equally.

 Courtney Cummz has been a contract performer at Zero Tolerance for some time now, her directing efforts pretty pleasing too. Unlike some of her peers, she takes a very active role in making her flicks, generally focusing on niche titles like lesbian outings or handjob flicks, all of which showcase her lovely hide just fine. The latest release to make it my way from the cutie is Pussy Cats 3 , the sequel to Pussy Cats 1 I reviewed a few years ago. The idea of the movie is to provide six scenes of heated lesbian action where the ladies are into each other and showing it, some of the finest pairings in the Zero Tolerance universe having been in this and related series from what I've seen. The back of the box cover said it like this: "Here, Pussy, Pussy! Courtney has gathered another purr-fect litter of Sex Kittens for this all-pink pussy party. These sweet little kittens just want to please you with their sweet and sexy snatches, tight and wanting asses and perfectly perky tits. What more can you ask for then clit-licking, ass-stretching, finger-fucking and salacious-saliva-swapping? Paws Down, Pussy Cats 3 is the finest feline fuck-fest in XXX!" It was a naughty selection of lesbian scenes that did not rely on toys like so many others do these days, preferring the women eat and finger each other silly for best effect. The technical values by Mike Quasar were well handled and assisted in elevating the score to a Recommended, fans of the cast might go even higher. In short, Pussy Cats 3, was almost as good as Pussy Cats 1, the fit bodies and fantastic performances adding to the fun more often than not.

 Brother Love shoots various titles for the affiliates of Shane's World these days, bringing with him a wide assortment of experience that I have praised in the past. One of his personal fetishes is CBT (cock and ball torture) where ladies kick his gonads, manhandle them, slap them, and do a variety of nasty things that always manages to make me wince. As I have often said, the best projects a creative personality can latch onto would be those that most interest them so I braced myself to review First Time Ball Busters 2 , having missed out on the first volume of the series. The object of each scene was clear from the beginning that the ladies would beat the snot out of Brother's balls, each applying some painful techniques that I swear nearly made me cry a few times watching my pal getting pounded in all the wrong places. I know he likes this kind of thing but my empathy was running on overdrive by the time I finished up here, remembering key lines like one of the ladies asking him; "If they pop, is it going to get very messy?" With eight scenes and nearly three hours of ball bashing POV action (each scene ending with a facial or chest pop), this was decidedly a hit or miss effort depending on your personal appreciation for CBT action courtesy of Brother Love, my belief being this labor of love (pun intended) was the best of its kind to date. It is one of those movies that you will either love or hate with little middle ground. If you enjoy CBT movies, you probably won't find anything better and if you like circus act sex, there was plenty of it here but if you find this kind of thing abhorrent, you should shy away from it. For the spectacle of the action alone, it merited a rating of Recommended though again, I caution you that fans of pain should consider this a "must have". In short,  First Time Ball Busters 2 did seem to have a number of attractive women that were not really new to busting balls but given the dedication shown by the director in his quest to get off via pain, you will probably find this a guilty pleasure to say the least so check it out.

There was a time when a lot of raincoaters used to fuss at Digital Playground for providing the weakest of porn; suggesting that what the company made was not only practically cable ready but too light even for couples to enjoy. Well, over the last several years, director Robby D. has seemingly set out on a mission to change that perception by offering some of the hardest action available without the need to rely on circus act sex or other silly antics to help you get off. His latest title in this area is the newly released  Ass Addiction Blu-ray, starring some of the finest ladies ever to grace a porno; each of which has a substantial following from what I've seen online. Unlike other releases by a variety of companies that lead you to believe the action will contain one thing and then let you down, each gal in the movie did some hardcore bareback anal, most of them showing the kind of enthusiasm you want to see in your porn.  It was definitely what I needed as my fix for the week in terms of anal sex. The ladies were all well versed in their field, provided ample anal escapades to enjoy, and the technical values were quite well handled. There was no thematic sidetracking going on (none of the "Jack" humor in particular) and fans of straightforward anal sex will find this latest release from Robby's Handheld Pictures company to be the "gold" he always talks about providing. The level of fuck for the buck was well above average and the replay value was matched only by the chemistry most of the cast showed so I rated this one as Recommended. The detractors of the company can rest assured that Ass Addiction Blu-ray was as well handled a piece of work as they're likely to see; something even I would have scoffed at a short time ago. In short, Robby has proven he can do it all, and do it well, proving his chameleon-like ability to offer up all kinds of porn for the masses. One thing to note as well, the enhanced resolution of this BR version really added something to the project and while the audio was not equally enhanced, the added value will appeal to fans of the technology used.

 If you've been living under a rock for the last few years, you might be one of the few people unaware of a stylish new director by the name of Celeste. No, she's not the former contract performer for Vivid Entertainment; in fact, she used to go under the name Bunny Luv (a seriously cute young lady). Nowadays, she teams up with Robby Dallas (in more ways than one) to offer a stylish form of porn designed less for jaded old porn hounds like myself than for couples or those of you who don't like the churn them out process most companies fixate on.Using slow motion, a wide variety of music, and a lack of vocals (many of you tell me this is preferable over the fake moans too often used in porn), Celeste showcases talented females in a manner designed to appeal to a larger audience than the circus act sex porn is known for these days. Her latest title is Hot Rod For Sinners Blu-ray, a recently released set of vignettes starring the fabulously beautiful Jana Cova. There was also a few heated guest appearances by superstar Jesse Jane as well, but Jana dominated the screen in almost every scene she was in.  It served much like Porcelain in terms of promoting the lovely Jana Cova, a Czech Republic gal that I'm admittedly smitten with. I'll be the first to say that I long to see her working with men, preferably me of course, but just like I've long appreciated the lovely Janine (who had recently started doing men again on camera when this came out in SD), I can appreciate the lesbian action Jana offers up for the camera a lot. The technical matters are the same general style Celeste movies are known for but the movie was worth a rating of Recommended by me, and nearly came in a notch higher, for the amount of fuck for the buck this DVD package offered up. If you like seeing Jana Cova in action though, this was the best you'll find given the sheer quantity of her work in the production (she was in nine of the ten scenes). In short, Hot Rod For Sinners Blu-ray was a delightfully enriching experience that provided great replay value, superior technical factors, and more Jana Cova than you could've hoped for. I might've preferred fewer but longer scenes but each of them served as potential starting points for real life action with a porn-shy partner, a factor not lost on this reviewer (and fan of Jana).

 Sid Knox is the capable director over at Diabolic that fills whatever niche is needed when he shoots his titles, always willing to earn his keep by capturing sex scenes for the rest of us topleasure ourselves with. The latest work of his making it my way came in the form of Girls Will Be Girls 4  with both the standard definition version as well as the Blu-ray high definition version sent to allow me to compare the two against one another. For those unfamiliar with the series, it pairs off two ladies together to have heated lesbian sex, some toy use and lots of oral involved to make sure they get off. There were no storylines and little dialogue outside of the general moans you might expect from such a title, a few of the pairings going beyond the "gay for pay" or "lipstick lesbian" approach so common in the genre.  It might not have been his best work to date but it was certainly worth a rating of Recommended for those of you that like lesbian light play with toys included as a regular event. The technical values of the high definition Blu-ray version impressed me most on my big screen television just as the value of the standard definition was pleasing to me (coming in at under half the price) but if you are properly equipped, try the high definition version to see why so many people are converting. In short, Girls Will Be Girls 4played up the lipstick lesbian angle more than a little but some of the ladies were definitely into gals more than men so give it a look in either version to see why I liked it so much.

 Mike Quasar has been around porn longer than most people reading this review if you hear him talk about it. The award winning director has been something of a fixture in the industry and is currently the leading director/lighting expert/editing guru/cameraman at Zero Tolerance,usually working on all of the productions there to help make them better than they would otherwise be. Well, someone at the company must have gotten wind that Xcritic was really pushing Blu-ray titles and as big fans of Mike's for years, I always like seeing the kind of smut he is up to, so they sent an older title our way called Courtney's Chain Gang (Blu-ray) . The gimmick of this gonzo was that there were three lengthy scenes lasting about 40 minutes each, allowing a single showcase lady to share the limelight with a herd of other cast members, the leads being Alexis Texas, Courtney Cummz, and Eva Angelina. They masturbate, do some lesbian work, and then proceed to do men in various positions before they finish up their exhausting antics.  It was a decent looking high definition title that served as a fair visual upgrade from the original version more of you might have encountered earlier this year so I rated it as Recommended. I came close to rating it even higher but the modest extras and upgrade came at such a high price that even a fan of the three leads here such as myself couldn't do it in good faith in these hard economic times but all three ladies were smoking hot to say the least. In short,  Courtney's Chain Gang (Blu-ray) was a high definition title you might truly enjoy if you like seeing women doing all sorts of action, especially women like Alexis Texas, Eva Angelina, and Courtney Cummz.

 Jonalungus is one of the best guerilla directors in porn from what I've seen of his work, his ability to shoot under the most extreme conditions making him the perfect choice to shoot internet scenes on the fly, outrunning the cops and livening things up more often than not. Jonas' scenes can be seen online at a variety of websites or you can see them compiled by companies such as Hush Hush Entertainment on DVD, most fans of internet porn probably having a good idea of who he is. While I haven't seen nearly enough of his work lately, I found Invasion of the MILFs: High Score to be one of the more interesting double disc MILF sets that I've seen in awhile, the familiar setup of a slacker acting lame so older women would take advantage of him portrayed in every one of the ten scenes here.  It earned a rating of Recommended from me due to the adherence of the concept where the younger men would get some MILF action, ladies like Alana Evans, Devon Lee, TJ Hart, Carolyn Reese, and Aline striking me as the best of the batch in terms of overall performances. In short,Invasion of the MILFs: High Score might not have been the best DVD collection of internet scenes from the talented young director but the value alone should make most of his fans happy he is still plugging away behind the camera to get the footage we all crave.

Apache Warrior stepped up to the plate this week with several titles such as Seasoned Players 7: a part of his successful Seasoned Players series. He enjoys working with mature women and that could be because he is a seasoned player as well. A signature part of this series is the interview at the beginning of each scene. It is shot in front of his pool. Tom Byron is an actress' director which means that he tries to make his ladies look like the star and he listens to what they like and don't like. Some women do not want to perform anal and he is cool with their decision. He realizes that it is important to make his partners feel happy and respected;  Mommy Got Boobs Volume 3: a fantastic dvd that allows the actresses and actors to use their acting chops in the beginning of their scenes. The women are gorgeous and they can get any guy hard anytime. I look forward in checking out other Brazzer's movies in the future. DevonLee, Holly Halston, and Victoria Valentino are the standouts. And, Devon Lee is a superstar.  Brazzers is an internet company which has the tendency to gather hot women with large breasts. They are able to obtain great looking women for their site and their updates. This good company has very entertaining plots that they give their starlets to act in. I like to see the acting abilities of porn stars. Many people underestimate their skills. It's nice to see that some adult honchos will give them that opportunity to show their stuff. Mommy Got Boobs Volume 3 is their newest installment in their popular Mommy Got Boobs series; Cheaters Caught or Not: 3rd Degree studios has come up with an exceptional and interactive adult movie. The viewer actually gets to select the ending of the each scene. As the film's title indicates, we get to decide if the cheater should get caught or not. It is important to mention that if you do not select the cheater to get caught, then the scene is still amazing. During the regular film, the words "Press enter to get caught" are shown on the bottom right hand side of each scene. I would very much suggest that you should see those alternate endings especially the ones with two women in the scene. The alternate endings of those two episodes will have incredible sex with three people. This movie is exceptional. The interactive dimension to this film allows the viewer to be part of the process. Two of these alternate endings are spectacular and they are better endings than the original ones. The alternate ending with Evie Delatosso is quite good too. 3rd Degree studios has a winner on their hands. I hope that they make more of these alternate ending DVDs; and Milf-stravaganza #6: from the successful studio Digital Sin. The twelve scenes in this movie come from other productions. They give a good representation of those movies. I highly encourage the viewer to check them out. I especially like the Cheating Wives Tales series.  Milf-stravaganza 6 is really a good collection of sex scenes from various movies. It gives us a fair glimpse to the movies that these scenes come from. They are worthy representations. The Cheating Wives Tales episodes have become my favorites. I look foward to seeing more of this Stravaganza series.

Then came Frankenlola's words of wisdom on Gape Lovers 3: Jay Sin promises a "Buffet of gapes" in this 4-hour, 2-disc extravaganza.  It features some recognizable names and hole, and a few new one.  This pack delivers if huge open asses are what you are looking for.  Each scene has at least 2 girls prying open each other's hole, and 2 of them have giant dicks drilling the girls as well.  The focus is definitely on the gaping, and the camera zooms in on each one.   There is nothing better than a winking sphincter large enough to drop a quarter in to, without touching the sides.  Gape Lovers 3 is exactly as advertised, with over 4 hours of gaping action, not including the extensive extras.  There is enough action to entertain the most critical viewer.  There are 2-ways, 3-ways, lesbian, men on women, and a veritable buffet of gapes.  The action is intense, and the gapes are extraordinary.  There are giant winking assholes everywhere. As impressed as I am with this movie, I am rating it low on the couples scale.  There is not plot, and nothing "romantic" about it.  If your S.O. is new to porn, or is looking for a plot, this is not for them.  If this person likes anal, and showed an interest in stretched asses, then this movie will be a good addition to your library.  Taking into account the warnings above, this movie garners a "Highly Recommended" rating.

Ravyn then spoke well of Power: Men will never really admit that they enjoy women that are in full control in the bedroom and in the board room. Savanna  shows  the men that  women   can  and  will be in control in every  room and in every  situation need  be showing  their  sexual prowlness and  stamina when it  comes to  sex. Being in control is something all that all women  enjoy and  refuse to  give up that power to anyone.  Savanna Samson Takes Control! Some guys like the girl on top. In this authoritative look at sex and submission, Chuck Lords takes Vivid's Nasty Girl, Savanna Samson, and puts her in charge of the sex and the situation...and the result is rather unbelievable. She's on top in the office, the gym, the home...and she's never been hotter...she's never been wilder...she's never been more in control.  The say that wine ages well with time and in this case Savanna   ages nicely and gets better as time passes on. Savanna like wines knows what the consumer wants to see when it comes to her performing and gives them exactly what they want and them some. Savanna hones in on what makes a man rock hard or a woman wet for the taking by her. Kelly Wells  didn't  stay  far  behind  either with her  assertiveness when  it  comes to training a man to  do her  bidding. Holly and Jen on the other hand are the sweet innocent ones that everyone has to watch out for. The men left little to be desired but then again not many watch porn for the men. Fans of Savanna Samson and Kelly Wells will surely enjoy Power and will want to  add it to their  collection.

We then noticed that The Horny Housewife picked up on four to appreciate with Lesbian Lip Service #2: definitely delivered some amazing looking girls in some great looking Lesbian action.  Directors  Andy Carter & Peter Turner captured some of my favorite European girls fucking each other in some well captured and steaming action. There was great chemistry throughout and it cant be understated just how hot some of the girls were. My personal favorite scenes came from Regina Moon & Cristina as well as Carla Cox & Mia both these scenes really got me turned on and I will definitely be watching them a few times over. The only real downside to this Disc was the somewhat lacking Video quality but overall that was not deal breaker for me due to the quality of girls throughout. For fans of girl on girl pick this up asap I seriously doubt you will be disappointed; Jesse Jane Heat ( Blu-Ray):  from Director Robby D and Digital Playground studios was a very solid release. The blond starlet Jessie laid the foundation for a great disc with her amazing looks and great skills in the bedroom. While Jessie was a cutie no doubt the girls and scenes which really got me going here were from Madison Scott and Paris Mayne. Both these girls really did a great job and will have me looking for more videos of each in the future. Digital playground does a very good job with their Blu-Ray High definition DVD's and this one is no different. While not the most hardcore videos you can find and perhaps in actually some of the more tame videos you can find Digital playground does have its niche and this DVD fits right into that category. All in all I recommend this title for you to check out I think it has some real HEAT and Jessie Jane is not the only one on fire; Black Cock Addiction 5: Director Joey Silvera and Evil Angel studios delivered a very hot oral themed title with this release. The overall disc from beginning to end was bringing heat and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it and will continue to watch it again in the future. From the opening scene to the last each really gave something special and although a few of the girls were not on par with the others each did a good job and each was filthy as could be. The standouts here were Chayse Evans, Melanie Jayne and finally Charley Chase & Samantha Sin. Each one of the scenes with the girls mentioned was top notch and I cant wait to take another peak at them in action. Pick this title up asap while there is no fucking going on here the oral  and the filthiness of the girls speak volumes; and Big Natural Tits #21 from director Christoph Clark and  distributed by Evil Angel studios was quite the big tit lover DVD. I must admit that I am not that fixated on large breasts but the DVD captured my attention with a myriad of hot young ladies who just happen to be big breasted. While the tits were the center of attention here I found lots of great things that were not just centered around that certain part of the female anatomy. This DVD will certainly be a big treat for any guy or gal who is a big tit lover but it also is for those who enjoy great sex with some pretty hot girls. I definitely recommend you check this title out and I seriously doubt you will be disappointed after giving it a peek.

Our own Alt-porn expert, The Mooninite, then found a decent offering in the form of  XOXO Joanna Angel ; the latest two disc set from Brooklyn's finest, throws Joanna into straight up gonzo territory. No plot, no real recurring themes at all, just eight full scenes of hardcore porno action with some 'altish' overtones.  Handled with a good sense of humor and directed, by James Deen, with a fair bit of style, XOXO Joanna Angelis a fun gonzo entry from the Burning Angel crew. The scenarios show some creativity and Joanna fucks like a champ in each and every one of the eight scenes that make up this two-disc set. There's a plenty of stroke-worthy material here to please pretty much everyone and while the focus this time around seems to be on anal and DP, there's enough variety between the different scenes to give this one a fair bit of replay value as well.  XOXO Joanna Angel is a step or two above your average gonzo feature thanks to some decent variety, a good sense of humor and some interesting ideas and scenarios. While Burning Angle's strongest material can be a little more creative, this is still a very solid effort and the sex scenes are plentiful and well executed. Recommended for Joanna's loyal legion of fans.

Chris Knight then saw fit to recommend Sugar: I'd never seen a film with Hannah Hilton before, but when I hear a woman has fantastically huge natural tits, I am intrigued. That, on the cover, she looked kind of like Paris Hilton made it a bit more interesting. Unfortunately, the DVD isn't much of a star vehicle, without the kind of concept that really sets her up to shine. Supposedly, the story is about "lovers catching lovers in compromising positions," but just one of them is even remotely connected to that concept, and there's no type among the women to make it attractive to viewers looking for a specific kind of girl. But then again, there is Hannah twice, and that's something to be happy about.  There's nothing really tying these four scenes together, outside of the obvious (sex) and the fact that Hannah Hilton is in two of them, so it's sort of a question of whether getting two scenes of her is enough to draw you in. (Of course, there are two more in the extras.) There's some hot moments in here, along with a pair of iffy scenes that just paled in comparison to the others. If you're a fan of beautiful women with enormous natural breasts, this is certainly worth a look, but there are probably better options out there.

Wind Tunnel described the wonders of bush with his take on Hairy Movie: As the trend of wearing one's beaver bald has slipped away in some pockets of the porny world, Hairy Movie attempts to alight the stars with a fresher growth down below, easing in the natural look with the sweet looks of some of today's best performers.  In other words: thank goodness for fur (let me show you how)! With all due considerations, I can't say that Hairy Movie is well-suited enought to be recommended on the merits of title alone.  While there is plenty to be offered and partake of here, the element of the theme is minor considering the scope.  Sasha's bush is truly one for the books, and likewise, her performance is equal to her furriness, though a true amount of exposure of it seems lax.  Max's bit of fuzz is just as peachy (as is her time with Mick's penis), as is Kimberly's ever-present amount of coochie set-dressing.  These three scenes are the core of goodness that the others seem to huddle around, conceptually, even as Lexi does her best with who's she's set-up with (Sarah, who needs time to cook more thoroughly), and Mika's brashness and Jocelyn's slightly eye-rolling mannerisms may be too much for some to bear.  However, as it stands, it's all Recommended with reservations; that is, if you're looking for hairy as hairy could be, you may be barking up the wrong set of legs.  There's always next time, people!

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