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Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers 3, Jack's Big Ass Show 9, Jana Cova Belle, and a great deal more...

Intelligent Talk About Adult DVDs

Spotlight Title: Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers 3

Chris Streams and Jules Jordan Video are no strangers when it comes to providing a lot of fuck for the buck sexual action, their double disc sets considered among the best value in terms of brand new material you will currently find coming out of the industry. Chris' latest epic in that regard is Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers 3: Special Edition, the sequel to Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers 2, the series earning my comments that: "The movie was over four hours long and focused on the MILF phenomenon; popularized in mainstream movies starting about ten years ago, though the origin of the term goes back substantially further. MILF is generally accepted to mean "mother I'd like to fuck" or some variation thereof, with the porn term typically meaning a gal with some miles on her to give her experience, a curvy body, and a particular attitude more than simply referring to having popped out a puppy or two. Fans will be the first to tell you, loudly tell you at that, how often the porn industry fudges the details as a result of ladies flaking, how most producers don't care about truth in advertising, and the general approach to be lacking more often than not so when I come across a genre flick that shows exactly what it is supposed to, I sit up and take notice. It's not just that older women tend to be far better in bed, a universal truth that is as much related to biology as anything, but the fantasies most of us have when younger about wanting to nail someone a bit older that is just out of reach. Streams addresses this with a host of scenarios in the six scenes and as a result, the movie is a very welcome addition to his porn resume and a classic title to continue his newfound career as an independent producer." The lineup of aging porn performer pussy wasn't quite as high end this time but did manage to include Shayla LeVeaux, Debi Diamond, Sienna West, and Tabitha Stevens, among others so I figured it should be pretty smoking hot.  The movie merited a rating of Highly Recommended for the breadth and depth of depravity it honestly advertised and presented. The amounts of fuck for the buck, strokability, and replay value were also very high for any fan of MILFs, the series becoming as much about getting classic performers to make comebacks as anything else.

Sneak Peeks:  Jack's Big Ass Show #9 and Jana Cova Belle

Robby D. is one of my favorite directors and Digital Playground on my short list of preferred companies in porn these days, both surpassing their peers on a regular basis. While some try to increase sales by using circus act sex tricks, and others rely on sheer quantity of material using double disc sets, Robby and his employer see fit to try and provide an alternative form of entertainment, one fraught with humor and a lot of fun with serious consideration given to who gets to fuck whom. The latest in a long line of such movies will be coming out next month with Jack's Big Ass Show 9, a tribute to ladies with large derrieres. One look at the front cover where ladies like Alexis Texas, Phoenix Marie, and Shyla Stylez were featured in all their ass-licious glory will tell you what the central theme will be. I've found a whole lot of heated sex in some of the previous volumes so I looked forward to checking this one out in this early sneak peek.  It was a winner in terms of strokability, replay value, and levels of fuck for the buck thanks in large part to the excellent casting that centered on ladies with well rounded rumps so I rated it as Highly Recommended. Robby has long proven to have a knack for nookie and shows like Jack's Big Ass Show 9 have proven to be the best of the bunch as often as not. The mixture of seasoned veterans and new talent also helped provide some extra value this time, my only concern being the limited extras included (the problem mitigated by the lengthy movie itself).

Jana Cova was one of my favorite performers that only did other women, the Czech Republic babe presenting herself differently than the stripper-turned performers I'm used to in the industry but also with a freshness able to handle her raw sexuality. Despite my occasionalmisgivings for the work of director Celeste at Digital Playground, the movies credited to her often seemed best at capturing Jana's inner beauty as well as her smoldering sensuality in such a way that I could rarely pass them up. Well, next month will see the release of another Jana Cova spotlight in Jana Cova: Belle, the beauty queen getting three scenes of lesbian action along with two more by other gals with men. I'm terrible at guessing what specific niche the company shoots for these days, the Celeste titled flicks almost always invoking an erotic feel rather than the pounding gonzo action Robby provides when he shoots under his own name, but aside from some small scale projects by Jana for her personal website (Club Jana Cova) by Playtime Promotions, there have been few scenes of Jana at her best released anywhere else so I sat back to enjoy the movie, knowing it would end all too soon (rumors about this being Jana's last title for the company hopefully proving wrong).  I would again remind folks that if they are fans of Jana Cova, it should definitely be on your short list for movies coming out in May. For the majority of you however, I would suggest you check it out as a Rent It first given that my own devotion to Jana is not universal and I refuse to let my biases interfere with my duties to inform the public. In short, Jana Cova: Belle  had three lesbian scenes starring Jana Cova and the lighthearted manner in which Robby shot the action for his gal pal will certainly appeal to a niche of people out there that find Jana as hot as ever.

Highlights of The Week 
 Interracial sex has long been a taboo in society though from a purely scientific viewpoint, it makes a lot of sense (check out the term "hybrid vigor"). Aside from the end results introducing new traits that improve our genetic pool, the mystery of the unknown and the lure of the folk tales about sexual practices (some real and some not, just as black men are not always "bigger", they are not always adverse to going down on a woman either) gives some of us a little extra interest in seeing such pairings take place. Well, director Chris Streams and Jules Jordan Video have combined a couple of genres to appeal more to both with The Brother Load: Special Edition, the interracial action punctuated by the white women taking huge quantities of genetic juice to their faces, all in the name of entertainment. While the men were a distinctly varied bunch that tended to lean heavily into mope territory, some of them were quite gifted in delivering the goods to hotties like Lisa Ann, Jenna Haze, Kylee Reese, and others. Lisa and Jenna were in their second interracial anal scenes and Kylee finally showed a love for the brothers on camera, the movie more than just a list of sex acts in terms of how well the performers showed what they had to offer.  This was one of the best interracial shows of the year to date, the ladies all getting off by working with the brothers and showing they adored taking many loads to their respective faces. If the enthusiasm and passion were not enough, the sheer amount of interracial fuck for the buck, replay value, and strokability were sufficient to combine with the technical values and wealth of extras to merit a rating of Highly Recommended. In short, if you want to see some of the finest women in porn take care of a variety of black men as though they were deep in lust, you probably won't find a better opportunity than with The Brother Load: Special Edition so give it a look if you're into interracial action.

 LT Turner is the likable black director at Elegant Angel who handles most of their interracial titles, the man jumping in to provide some large black cock as needed. His latest release to come my way is White Mommas, a movie catering to two distinctive genres, that of the MILF ("mother I'd Like to Fuck") and Interracial. While each genre has saturated the market with many offerings of late, combining the two narrows down the field substantially, especially when talking about quality productions such as LT offers. I was especially stoked to see Lisa Ann, Ginger Lynn, and Darryl Hanah headlining the movie, the trio of top MILF tarts known far and wide for their performances (Lisa and Ginger actually sharing their first anal interracial efforts too!). The company website said it like this: "All star adult industry legends, Lisa Ann and Ginger Lynn, feature in their 1st interracial anal scenes in White Mommas, a MILF vignette release from director L.T. The five scenes all feature lots of pounding anal action, as well as creative scenarios and pristine camerawork. The movie is an all anal spin off from the highly successful 2008 release, Black Mommas. It also stars Darryl Hannah, Vannah Sterling, Sheila Marie, and Shorty Mac."  This was a very appealing movie for both the interracial aspects as well as the MILF casting, the ladies each providing a different type of appeal to me so I rated it as Recommended. The fuck for the buck and replay value was solid and but for some minor technical glitches and lack of unique extras, it would have merited an even higher rating from me. In short,  White Mommas was as much of a showcase for the qualities of LT as the cast but their chemistry together helped enhance the overall product quite a bit so check it out.

Ceazar Capone.com is a series of websites that sprang forth from the vision of its leader, each delivering some of the finest smut you will find on the internet coming out of Miami these days. I've had some experience browsing their websites and time flew as a result, so I was particularly interested when they began releasing scenes shot for the web but placed on disc for those of us that prefer all the little quirks of streaming video be banished. The latest movie of theirs that came in for review was Ass Delivery, a look at five well rounded rumps in need of some attention, the five scenes providing over three hours of strokable content that included a set up, some tease, and then the usual boning one would expect from the company.  It did have plenty of fuck for the buck in the Cezar Capone style so I rated it as Recommended. The technical values were at times spotty and not all the ladies seemed at home with their roles but even having them jump the bones of the two mopes of the cast did not weaken their acts much at all so I could not help but like the show. In short, Ass Delivery is the kind of web-to-DVD type of show that it set out to be with each gal possessing the kind of healthy ass you should expect so give this one a look if you get the chance.

While some directors in porn like to self promote endlessly, there are many others that keep a low profile while serving up solid titles, Ray Bones at Diabolic Digital coming to mind as one of them. Last week, his newest title, Oil Spills, came out and if you are as much a fan of the abundant use of oil to make a hotty look even hotter as I am, you will know why the title struck a nerve in me. Sporting names like Alexis Texas, Kristina Rose, and even the comeback of Trina Michaels, I figured this might be one of the better titles of the week as I looked at the back box cover to see exactly the kind of hardcore fucking and shiny babes I adore in porn these days. The company website said it like this: "If you like your women to be oiled and slick - as they're sucking your balls and rock-hard dick, then Diabolic's deviant Oil Spills will give you plenty of Slippery Erotic Thrills! Our collection of sexy young ho's are ready and shiny...they're spreading and begging you to bang their hiney! You can't miss, as Tori Black, Alexis Texas, Kristina Rose, Andi Anderson, Jenna Presley and Trina Michaels get greasy and sleazy!"  It might not have had the sexual impact of the various "Big Wet..." series from another company but it showed that some attempt on developing a style all his own was included here, held back largely by a few pairings lacking in chemistry more than anything else. Still, it was solid enough to merit a rating of Recommended from me, nearly moving up an additional step to boot. In short, Oil Spills was the kind of series I would like to see pushed a little further by Ray in the future, his attention to technical detail not as absolute as a few of his peers but still well within reason for the guy as he shows the kind of casting designed to provide fuck for the buck value, in this case, all slickened up with oil.

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 One of the things that seems to stand out about director Danny "Pat Myne" Case at Zero Tolerance is how much he adores the ladies, his almost boyish charm getting many of them to provide better performances. This kind of dynamic is extremely important is shows like the recently released Apple Bottoms 6, the sequel to Apple Bottomz 5 I reviewed last year. As expected, the central theme here is that the movie provides a showcase for ladies with well rounded rumps, in this case half of them actually doing anal too. The back cover described the movie like this: "You'll love the bushel full of juicy and sweet-tasting apple bottoms that we've gathered for your consumption. Just the sight of these all-natural, plump and delectable asses, as they take a pounding will have you acting like Johnny...spreading your "apple seeds" everywhere! Take a bite out of the tastiest Ass series in XXX."  It was a solid effort to showcase curvy women and capture some of their inherent sexuality, the second half of the show proving to up the ante significantly in terms of pacing, heat, and chemistry to make this worth being Recommended. The cast of ladies was indeed full of gals with ample samples of ass and that alone made it worthy of your time, energy, and seed, but keep in mind that not all the ladies did anal as some have suggested the series should include. In short, Apple Bottoms 6 provided exactly what the advertising said it would, in copious quantity, and with a bit of flair, my only issues with the DVD being the lack of a listed extra (the strip tease) and the amount of talk the director included when he could have remained silent.

Robby D's latest high definition release is in a similar vein regarding narrow fetishes with Jack's Leg Show Blu-ray, where Jack finally gets around to catering to the foot fetish fanatics with his unique brand of perversion. I'll be the first to admit that I'm acquainted with some people into this kind of thing but never really worked out a load to it myself, so your mileage may vary from mine but there was a lot to offer in this flick so you might want to grab a copy when your favorite outlet stocks it. Each gal in the five scenes teases the camera with a lot of foot and leg play, almost surprising me that the title didn't reflect the foot aspect over the legs. Still, considering how technically inept most foot related titles are made these days, it should broaden the appeal of the other series as well.  This will certainly appeal to fans of foot fetish but I also thought that there was enough quality action going on for the rest of us as well. Teagan, Maya, and Audrey were all in great form and the other two will probably provide some strokable material for the less discriminating too. For me then, the rating seemed fair at Recommended, though some of you will be ranting about how great the foot work was and demand a lot higher as a result so your mileage may vary from my more general opinion. The technical values and editing were very well handled, the strokability and replay factors high enough, and the casting seemed to provide something for everyone. In short, Jack's Leg Show Blu-ray was a foot fetish fan's dream come true and fans of lovely Teagan will rejoice that she had a new scene without a condom; marking it as an occasion I'm sure many fans will appreciate. The Blu-ray version did add some visual detail worthy of making it look better than ever too so you might want to check this one out given the casting line up.

William H. Nutsack is the lead director over at Elegant Angel these days, the man helping turn the company around a few years ago when things were not going so well. In terms of the visual upgrade he offered over some of their "B Team" directors, I would say that he made some major inroads but for me at least, it was more than the technical expertise he provided the company, it was the addition of more (and better) tease footage at the beginning of most scenes. In his latest title to make it my way, Curvy Girls 3 Blu-ray, William once more brings home the bacon with a cast of all stars that included covergal Sunny Lane, curvy Phoenix Marie, sexy Riley Evans, skillful Nikki Benz, talented Claire Dames, and relative newcomer Diamond Kitty. Each of the ladies had their own appeal to them and none of them were disposable, the MTV style editing by Bruce Carter and clear footage provided by Nutsack himself adding some replay value to the package. The company website described the movie like this: "Elegant Angel proudly presents Curvy Girls 3, the latest production from the award winning director William H. Featuring a collection of the most voluptuous superstars in pornography: Sunny Lane, Nikki Benz, Phoenix Marie, Riley Evans, Diamond Kitty, and Claire Dames. Do not miss these voluptuous starlets seduce the camera lens in epic, mouth watering teases, followed by passionate sex scenes. If you like your girls curvy, then this movie is for you."  It had four really well done scenes and one that was still stroke worthy in my book so I rated the movie as Highly Recommended. I was initially upset at the lack of a BTS feature but the bonus BJ-only scene largely made up for it as did the amount of fuck for the buck the movie itself provided. All the ladies had some extra appeal here and while the technical matters were not always perfect, they still showed me that the director was on top of his game. In short,  Curvy Girls 3 was one of the best titles reviewed this week for all the right reasons, the strokability and replay value substantially higher than Curvy Girls 2 that I reviewed last year.For those so equipped, the high definition version of the movie was considerably sharper, provided more detail, and enhanced the experience for me enough to merit the upgrade, especially if you find it for a decent price.  In terms of the high definition version, this was not as crystal clear as some of the other works by the director but I could see the fine hairs on the legs, texture on the walls, and a wide assortment of other aspects that added to the fun on my high definition equipment, translating into it looking substantially better (and enough to merit considering the Blu-ray version).

When Sporty Girls 1 came out last year, a lot of fans adored it beyond all reason, perhaps motivated by their personal love of various sporting activities coloring their perspective more than it did for me, an avid couch potato but I rated it fairly and took my bruises by some folks that thought I was too harsh, director William H. Nutsack and production company Elegant Angel merely thanking me for giving it such a detailed review. Well, as predicted, Sporty Girls 2 Blu-rayis now out and given the cast of cuties including ladies such as Kristina Rose, Alexis Texas, and Sasha Grey, I have no doubt that it will be at least as good if not better. The company website described the sports flavored vignettes like this: "Elegant Angel proudlypresents Sporty Girls 2. Do you ever get hot and bothered watching those pretty sports stars on TV? Do you find yourself slack jawed gazing at those sweaty athletic girls? If so, this series is for you. Featuring an all star cast list including AVN Performer Of The Year - 2008, Sasha Grey, alongside Tori Black, Nicole Ray, Alexis Texas, and Kristina Rose. The movie is directed by award winning lensman, William H. and shot in 16:9 HD."  It was a lot better for me than the original volume in the series, Sporty Girls 1. The casting was largely helpful in elevating the heat of the scenes and the technical matters certainly kept things working tightly, the tease adding some valued replay value and strokability too so I rated it as Recommended. In short, Sporty Girls 2 was much like most of the movies by the director for those who have come to appreciate his efforts, the application of substantial lighting making the scenes look good even on my large screen television designed for high definition. Check this one out if you like the cast, I can assure you that there are many that attempt to soar this high but ultimately fail by comparison, none of the scenes worthy of the term "filler". For me, the standard definition version of this one largely captured any of the detail a higher resolution effort might involve so the marginal video enhancement just did not justify the doubled cost though I would suggest it if you have the right gear to appreciate the high definition version and find a sale. The Blu-ray version added some nice detail but the bitrate being what it was, I suspect there was only so much room to use for the wealth of material found on the disc (maybe two discs would have helped it look better/justify the cost?)

 Jay Sin is one of the more creative directors at Evil Angel, the man provided a very different manner of looking at extreme circus act sex than his peers. If you like toys, anal, and food fetish (to mention but a few things he shows a lot of), his work will prove most stimulating from my experience. Unlike some of his peers, he is not dedicated to abusing women so much as giving them the freedom to explore the myriad of sexual experiences that turn them on, some of which have proven to be well outside my personal experience but no less powerful. Jay's latest title is a double disc homage to his zany likes too with  Pretty Sloppy: Special 2 Disc Set. This time, there was more slobbering, spitting, and salivating over gapes, assholes, and other bodily orifices that the lengthy scenes will either work for you completely or fall flat, depending on what you are into but I would suggest you definitely stick around for all the nasty antics included here since they tended to get better with time.  It was exactly what was advertised in how it showed all the ladies giving sloppy head, rimming large gaping assholes, and otherwise swapping spit in such a way that anyone reading the description of the movie will know just what they are getting into. I'm not a devoted fan of sloppy action myself but Pretty Sloppy: Special 2 Disc Set has sure made significant inroads into converting me over so I rated it as Recommended even though fans of saliva play and the other circus act sex should consider it an absolute "must have" for their collections. The technical aspects were solid and the amount of nasty fuck for the buck was superior, the replay value depending on how much an individual is into this kind of thing. For a few steps off the beaten path, try this one out.

The other day, a friend of mine pointed out that what he finds unappealing about most modern porn is the trend towards sexual athleticism over beauty and chemistry. I couldn't disagree with him given how many box covers are plastered with phrases like "1st anal", "100% anal", and a myriad of other comments that focus on pushing societal and physical limits to the extreme over something that sex can be for those of us lucky enough to be in steady relationships. The romantic in me pointed out a half dozen titles he might find to his (and his wife's) liking but the point was a truism I could not deny. Coming to the rescue this week though was director William H. Nutsack and Elegant Angel with their Glamour Girls DVD, a series of five scenes using ladies all dolled up and made to look especially hot in a classy way, reviving the glamorous look of days gone by without sacrificing the technical values to arty filters or the strength of the sex scenes to the kind of women that look good but act stuck up.  It was a solid selection of porn ladies well suited to getting the glamour treatment and using it to enhance their physical appeal. The sexual antics were relatively tame by company standards but it largely worked for me and showed enough fuck for the buck, replay value, and strokability to merit a rating of Recommended. In short, Glamour Girls was a blending of beauty and sexual prowess that should appeal to a wider audience than usual, no shortage of sexual heat displayed and in such a way that I am sure it will be a fan favorite if you like any of the ladies so check it out.

Harry Johnson brought us a trio of titles worth checking out. The 1 on 1 series may still be relatively new for Diabolic, but each installment has proven to be a winner. Thankfully the third is no exception and this time around Holly West, Penny Flame, Tori Black, Lexi Belle, and Harmony all get together to provide some awesome moments in sex. If you're a fan of any of the girls listed above, or you just want to watch some hot fucking, then 1 on 1 #3 is definitely the way to go.  1 on 1 #3 is a very fine show with a lot of great sex. Each of the five girls here does an incredible job and they really put forth a lot of effort to give you more bang for your buck. There isn't a single bad banana in this bunch and because of that I'm going to highly recommend this release. The sex all follows a similar pattern set by the director, but the action is pretty intense at times and the overall production quality is quite good; Digital Playground's latest release is quite the stunner, I assure you. With Stoya, Shay Jordan, and Gabriella Fox gracing the cover you just know that Bad Girls is going to be so, so good. As it stands three of these scenes are fantastic while the other two are basically average. Add to that some boring extra features, but a decent presentation, and you have an all around strong release that deserves to be check out.  Bad Girls has a lot going for it. Shay Jordan, Stoya, and Kelly Summer all bring their A game to this release and there's some damn fine content that awaits you here. As much as I love Gabriella Fox I was disappointed by her lackluster scene, and Serena's offering was fun, but ultimately forgettable. Still, three out of five on this release are absolutely stellar; and Fornicasian is an appropriately titled entry by Diabolic. Directed by Sid Knox this Asian title features some of the hottest girls in the business such as Asa Akira, Jessica Bangkok, Keeani Lei, Mya Luanna and Jade Hsu. There's plenty to love here and thankfully the fucking is pretty damned good as well. The girls are hot, the presentation is relatively solid, and all around Asian lovers will find something to appreciate.  Diabolic's new franchise has a hit for its opening number since each of these five scenes maintains a high level of quality. If you like Asian girls, or are simply a fan of any of these stars, you owe it to yourself to check this one out. It's rare that a genre specific release is this good all around.

Industry pundit "Spooky" may well hail from the covert operations teams of super secret agencies protecting the country from super villains but we were glad to offer him a home to continue reviewing at, especially given his "tell it like it is" style honed over many years. His first major thumbs up was for a title a number of you will love so check out his review. There are a lot of adult titles devoted to the "cougar" (i.e. older women) fetish, but very few offer the cast you'll see in 3rd Degree's The Cougar Club 2.  The five veteran performers featured in this release were truly the industry's superstars in the 80's and 90's, so this release has the advantage of drawing in the many fans of each of the legends that appear on this DVD.  Only adding to the appeal is the fact that each segment is well-shot and a great reminder of why these women came to be adult stars in the first place...because they know how to perform on camera.  Whether you're a fan of older women, adult legends or just plain well-shot porn, I can't imagine any serious adult collector who wouldn't want The Cougar Club 2 in his or her collection.  Let's throw a few kudos in the direction of Miles Long, who is rarely mentioned among adult connoisseurs when talking about the best directors currently working in adult, but has been churning out some pretty impressive titles as of late (not the least of which was the original, AVN award winning Cougar Club).  This one comes highly recommended.

Reviewer The Horny Housewife then went on a spree to determine if the Vouyer Media team was up to snuff, starting with her look at: Souled Out # 3 from Director Van Styles and Vouyer Media was very strong and solid release. The quality of the girls from beginning to end was phenomenal with my personal favorites being Stevie Hart, Charlotte Vale, and Melanie Jayne. In all honesty though the newbie Stevie Hart stole the show and really solidified the release with her presence. Vouyer Media once again came through with some solid extras to pair up with their award winning  videos and I for one am a happy camper. I recommend you check this flick out and be warned that you will find a new favorite chick to follow in Miss Hart; Who's That Girl #8  from Vouyer Media and Director Vince Vouyer left me saying "WHO'S THAT GIRL!" The girls here were all great looking, ALL. I truly enjoyed this from start to finish and just love what Vouyer Media has been putting out for fans to enjoy. Every last gal here delivered something I really enjoyed watching and no question this will be a disc that gets some serious replay. I know you love hot looking girls doing naughty things so check this flick out and get lots of tissue, your gonna need it. I highly recommend this title; and Breakin Em in #12 from Vouyer Media was a hardcore fuck fest which delivered from start to end. Vince takes his well loved series to another level here with the addition of teen beauty Tanner Mays. I really enjoyed what the girls brought to the table with this release and really believe that this is one of the best series in porn hands down. Breakin Em In 12 is a winner and I highly recommend you check this flick out.

Apache Warrior gave some flicks a nod as well such as: Strictly Conversation is a fine movie with a nice bilingual touch. Some of the dialogue is in Spanish, but if you don't know Spanish, then it won't hurt your understanding of the scene especially the passion between Lorena Sanchez and Ramon. They have chemistry that sizzle the screen. Meggan Mallone plays a very likable woman who really wants to learn Spanish, but it's simply the passion between Lorena and Ramon that lingers throughout the movie. They are the true stars who bring the emotional magic to the movie. As for the sex scene between Holly West, Carmen McCarthy, and Voodoo, it is the best action in the film. It's down and dirty and very good; I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It  is a pleasurable find. It's filled with lesbian action and the toys that are used. The action is very entertaining and super hot. Director Jordan Septo needs to be complimented on his pairing selections. Each one has its own chemistry and that really translates onto their fine performances. Sammie Rhodes really shines as well as Charlie Laine. For those who really like lesbian sex with a mixture of toy play, then this movie should be seen; Field of Schemes Part 4  is the seventeenth episode of the Thornhill Diaries. The Thornhill Diaries is one of Girlfriends Films most popular series. It is set in an upscale community called Thornhill and in a soap opera atmosphere. Moreover, the studio has become well known for its lesbianic nature in their movies. A lot of credit goes to how it portrays very realistic sex scenes; Too Hot To Touch is definitely a hot classic. Anytime Angel is on screen, we are seeing the most beautiful woman ever to appear in an adult movie. The storyline fits well and the characters are very likable. The superstars of yesteryear would definitely be stars today. Jamie Gillis is the handsome leading man. Kay Parker and Lili Marlene are the temptresses who can always deliver. VCX is doing an incredible job in bringing back the classics to a new audience as well as to those of us who grew up with this treasure chest of goodies; and  Lesbian Triangles Episode 14 is the recent episode to the Lesbian Triangle series. This series has not been as active as other Girlfriend Films series in recent months. It's nice to see the added attention to it. Girlfriends Films is a relatively new studio as compared to other more well established ones in the adult business. It specializes in lesbian sex. A lot of credit goes to how it portrays very realistic sex scenes. The women are more sensual and gentle. They take their time and do not rush in their sexual desire. There is hot foreplay such as kissing and gently touching.

Epiphora then showed us she could find a title worthy of her talents with On My Dirty Knees:  Eon McKai understands something about porn that many directors don't: male porn stars can be more than disembodied penises. Of course, he understands a lot of other  things, too -- like how to satirize art school and how to cast cute ladies -- but his choice of male talent is one thing that stands out in On My Dirty Knees.  The storyline, if you could call it that, is vague; this is a film about "fucking your way out of your hometown." While one scene is a real-life couple fucking, most of the film is about fucking without love, for reasons ranging from fame to money. But these girls aren't victims; they're powerful, persuasive women who know how to make men bow down to them. In the form of fucking, of course.  Eon McKai's penchant for beautiful and artistic footage and editing is showcased mostly between scenes. His editing during the scenes is more subtle, but definitely adds pace. He also has quite the eye for unique camera angles. The only thing I didn't like was when he cut in the middle of moaning. Unsurprisingly, On My Dirty Kneesis pretty awesome. Eon's deft camerawork makes for interesting and hot shots that simply don't exist in the average porno. The desaturated coloring of the scenes, coupled with the lighting, adds a certain rawness to the action -- there is no airbrushing here. On My Dirty Knees  is at its best during blowjobs, as both Violet Skye and Andy San Dimas are fabulous at sucking cock. I would have appreciated more pussy licking to even things out, as well as more variety in the moans of the ladies (that's kind-of a weird thing to criticize, but for an alt film, I was expecting more dirty talk). Nonetheless, Eon is spot-on with his scenery, dialogue, and choice of attractive dudes, making for a great and hot film -- no matter which nitpicky elements are missing.

Ben Johnson then gave us a quartet of titles starting with Monster Cock Junkies: The sex on the DVD was top notch. The girls are all sexy and energetic, they have great chemistry with their partners, and they look like they're having fun. When you add in the value of the extras you have a DVD that delivers plenty of fuck for your buck. While it might not be the type of movie you want to bring home to the wife, Monster Cock Junkies  should still prove to be worth your time; Sperm Drains: Overall I was very satisfied with this DVD. The one thing it really has going for it is the quality of the girls. Each and every one of them is amazing to look at. Combine that with energetic sex, and good technical quality, and you have a DVD worthy of adding to your collection. If you're a fan of teen DVDs, definitely consider picking this title up; Loca Latina Sluts #3: After watching this release the thing that really stands out is the hotness of the girls. With Celina and Isis topping the list, this is one of the best looking Latina casts I've ever seen. Combine that with plenty of energetic, passionate, enthusiastic sex and you have a quality DVD. This is one of those releases that will satisfy almost every red-blooded male; and My Super Sweet Teen POV: I came away from this DVD with mixed feelings. Sure the scenes were almost always enjoyable, but it still lacked that special "something" that would make me want to go out and buy it. I suppose it would make a good rental or sale purchase, but don't pay full retail for it. The DVD, however, delivers of what it promises - Super Sweet Teens.

We end this week's round up with one of our favorite teammembers, The Mooninite, giving us a look at a few titles: Undulations is a good time at the dirty movies. It's funny (sometimes unintentionally so, but it still counts), sexy, and well made by the standards of the era. VCA's presentation won't really 'wow' you but it's watchable enough, if completely barebones. Fans of classic porno can definitely consider this one recommended; Boobs are great. This is a fact and no one can argue with it. There is substantial scientific evidence that's been compiled over the years to prove this fact, roughly five hours of which have been made available to the public by way of this handy two disc set from Digital Sin, Boobstravaganza #12 - Titties Galore!, one of the more recent in their ongoing line of big tit titles. Starring such big titted beauties as Gianna Michaels, Texas Presley, Carly Parker, and others, it's wall to wall big boob fun just the way you (or at least I) like it; Boobs are great. This is still a fact and no one can argue with it (I know I'm repeating myself, but it's important that you take this away with you from reading this review). There is substantial scientific evidence that's been compiled over the years to prove this fact, roughly four and a half hours of which have been made available to the public by way of this handy two disc set from Digital Sin, Boobstravaganza #13 - Titties Galore!, one of the more recent in their ongoing line of big tit titles. Starring such big titted beauties as Gianna Michaels (thankfully a regular in this line of titles and for good reason), the gorgeous Brandy Talore, Carly Parker (another regular), and others, it's wall to wall big boob fun just the way you (or at least I) like it; and Belladonna and friends are back at it again with Dark Meat 3. Like the first two entries in the series from Evil Angel, this is a two-disc set catering to fans of 'black guy(s) on white girl' loving. There's no plot, no real set up for any of the scenes even (though there is some very basic scene setting here and there), it's simply straight up hardcore gonzo smut - though the subtitle, 'Serving The Black Man' does at least give you an idea of what the recurring theme is this time around.  If aggressive interracial is your thing, this release delivers. You get a nice variety of women here and some creative stunt fucking. The camera work is decent and while Belladonna might want to start finding new places to shoot in (these sets will all be very familiar to her fans) the target audience for this release will definitely be quite pleased with the outcome.

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