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Kagney Linn Karter Interview

Kagney Linn Karter

There are only a few newcomers each year that become breakout stars during their first twelve months in the industry. Kagney Linn Karter is currently one of them. Not only has she starred in high profile films such as Not Married With Children XXX, Swing Time, and The AJ Bailey Experiment, this starlet is also known for her outstanding feature dance performances all around the country. Kagney's hard work ethic and drive to do her best will give this talented actress much good will throughout the industry and among her ever-increasing legion of fans.

Hi Kagney, how long have you been in the industry, what have been your most pleasurable moments so far? What has been your least pleasurable?

October 10 th was my one year anniversary in the adult industry. My most pleasurable moments were my penthouse pet cover and centerfold, feature dancing, and being the 1st girl to grace the cover of AVNs FRESH issue alone since 2001(brianna banks) it was truly an honor. I really haven't had a least pleasurable moment I love my job and since the moment I started, I've never looked back. I guess I just sort of have this "I've arrived" attitude. :-)

How did you get into the adult industry?

I got into the adult industry by meeting a recruiter from ladirectmodels. I'm somewhat of an opportunist, studying the industry for a few weeks before making a full force decision, I realized that the industry would be a great path for me. The last generation of huge stars it seemed had sort of moved on if you will. And me being as driven ans motivated as I am, realized that I could thrive in ths industry.

2009 has been an incredible year for your career. Currently, you are receiving much acclaim and praise for your performance in Not Married With Children XXX. What does all of this recognition on your acting abilities mean for your career?

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The Married With Children parody was a great catapult for me in this industry. It gave me a great chance to show my abilities and versatility as a performer. I got the chance to work with wonderful directors and a great cast, naturally I would hope this will only bring along more great opportunities for me.

You have so much sexual chemsitry with your sexual partners on screen. What traits of a woman do you admire most? What makes a woman sexy? What traits of a man do you admire most? What makes a man sexy?

I have always been very open and proud of my sexual free spirited outlook on life. I admire women who are confident and humble. I love a woman who truly just appreciates others, bc those are the qualities that I try to keep, so seeing that in others will always attract me.
Traits that I like in a man include confidence but not cockiness. I like a man who's so confident he's kind of laid back, he's so comfortable with hisself he doesn't have to be so "in your face" about how great he is. I love men who make me laugh, and laugh at my jokes as well, even if there not that funny. It let's me know that it makes them feel good when I feel good.

What has been the biggest surprise for you about the adult industry?

The biggest surprise for me about the adult industry is the professionalism, I mean from the outside looking in it seems like you're just having dirty sex. Really you having the most controlled and sometimes uncomfortable sex of your life! but you know it looks great when there's 3 camera men in your face, you have one leg in the air, about ten steaming hot lights around you and a makeup artist powdering your face every 3mins and pulling on your hair every 5, not to mention the director cutting about a million times during the scene bc he wants to create "magic!" Haha and he/she truly does!

How were you as a kid growing up?

Growing up, I was a wild child! It was destined for me to be in this industry, I was probably the most promiscuous girl not only in my highschool, but even in my younger years I was doing some pretty hot and heavy stuff! Once I lost my virginity @ 15 I went crazy, my boyfriend at the time broke up with me right afterwards, so after that I was constantly trying to find out a greater way to pleasure myself. Though it's just now that I'm at a place in my life where my deepest pleasures are being fulfilled.

What are your hobbies and interests?

My biggest hobby is pole dancing! I love it. I have a 19ft pole in my apt. And a 9ft spinning pole. Along with a wall full of mirrors so I can see myself and dance in my very own living room as if it were my personal studio. It's one of my favorite things to do, I'm always trying to come up with new things to teach myself and new ways to impress a crowd!

What's your favorite thing about being an adult performer?

My favorite part about being a performer is the fans! I love the attention! I am an attention whore, literally haha. For the first time in my life I feel really comfortable in my skin, like I'm where I'm supposed to be. I feel as if I've finally am able to except that I'm a free spirited sexual being and embrace it through the industry. You know that saying "you'll never work a day in your life if you love what you do..." Well that sums me up in a nutshell perfectly!

Are there any web sites or future projects that you would like to promote? What are you currently working on film wise?

I'd also like to let everyone know that my live network www.kagneylive.com is now up and running we do live shows at least once a month and sometimes they're even FREE! My first live show on october 10th celebrated my one year anniversary in the industry, and we launched with a 7 girl orgy! I had all the girls wear tutus and we played porno pinyada, out of the pinyada came dildos and silly string! We all stringed eachother then had sex with our toys! It was so much fun! My next live show will be Nov 30th. Also www.Kagneylinnkarter.com is going to be completely refurbished and relaunched before the new year! I've built up a bundle of amazing content exclusively for the fans! And please check out my new Zero Tolerance/3rd Degree film coming out Nov 15th called Kagney Linn Karter Superhero Sex Therapist! Its sooo cute!

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