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XCritic Interview with AVN Hall Of Famer Lisa Ann


Lisa Ann keeps very busy throughout her day. As  an  earlier  riser, she  carries the huge  responsibility of  wearing many  hats and  juggles  each one  equal without  so much of a hitch or a  blink of  an  eye. Each hat she dons early morning is of a talent agent, performer, and spokesperson for Real Touch and as a Director pairing up with CJ Wright.  When asked  what is a normal  work day  for her she  replied saying "  There is no  such  thing as a normal day for  her and she is looking forward  to when s he  can just go to her office and spend the  whole  day there. Wearing all these hats has her always in constant touch with her clients at the Lisa Ann Talent Agency.

On Dec 4th , I had  the  opportunity to  speak to her  during lunch with  the  folks  from Real Touch at the  New York Hilton. After lunch Lisa Ann took time out to pose with a few of the employees from the New York Market Place  inside the NY  Hilton.

Lisa Ann and one of her Fans Antonio Lajara

Lisa Ann's  long history in   the  adult  industry  stems  back to her  early  days of  dancing back in the  90's and leaving  during the  AIDS scare back in '93  and most  recently  all over TMZ about her ongoing  sexual  relationship  with   Rob Kardashian to  which he  denies but Lisa Ann  tells Xcritic otherwise. Called a C.I.T (Cougar In Training) by one of her closest confidantes, she does not  see  age as a factor in bed ,enjoying  both  the young pups as well as the  more  experienced older man.

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With yet another Paylin adventure under her  belt, Hollywood Is  Nailin Paylin  due out later this month, and  her  second title  due out Jan 5th 2010 as a Director paired up with CJ Wright, her popularity as a  performer and AVN Hall Of  Famer continues to  grow, she has even  made a  cameo appearance in  Eminem 's  music  video " We Made You" .

It was a pleasure meeting and chatting it up Lisa Ann and I hope you enjoy   reading the interview below.

Q:You started in porn in July of '93 left in '97, what prompted you to change your mind to return to working in porn? 

The AIDS scare is what  made me leave, my return was  based on many things, I misses dong  scenes and   returned as  an agent and with the  changes in AIM for the  better helped in my decision.

Q: Do you think AIM should have stricter guidelines when it comes to overall testing including for STD's  ?

AIM right now is dong a wonderful job with the testing. The fact that now you can get the results online is a plus. One can now get tested more often including for STD's. The responsibility should and always fall on the talent when it comes to following through and getting proper testing.

Q: What do you do in your free time?

If and when  I do have  any  free time at  all, I  enjoy  working  out and I am  very  sports oriented.

Q: Which male performer do you enjoy working with that you have a good amount of chemistry with?

CJ Wright.. We have an amazing chemistry on and off camera.

Q: Which of all your movies out there right now is your favorite?

Zero Tolerance Interactive with Lisa Ann

Q: Do you feel that the men are treated equally in porn?

No they don't. They  don't get  enough  media  coverage or  acknowledgement  as the  women  do, It is  getting  better now money  wise for  them  but not  enough media coverage out there  on  them.

Q: If there is one thing you can change within the adult industry what would that be?

 Educating the newcomers about the industry itself and its demands on a person. As  well as  telling them that  it's ok to say " No"  when  feeling  uncomfortable with doing  certain things .

Q: Do you feel that good chemistry between performers is very important in porn?

Chemistry is  very important.. that  connection with the person you are working with that day has to  come across  the  screen to  sell the  fantasy which is very Hot!

Q: What are your own personal views on condom use?

In my personal life, Yes I do use them but harder to use on a shoot.

Q: MILF or Cougar which do you rather be known for and  referred to?

A  Cougar.. or  C.I.T Cougar in Training

Q: Is there any truth to the rumors about you and Rob Kardashian having sex?

Yes but Rob will deny it for the sake of his  sisters, he  doesn't want to upset them and I have the text messages proving it.

Q: Does age really matter in bed?

No! I love having sex with the young ones and the older more experienced man.

Q: To your knowledge are there any more movies for Sarah Paylin or is she done?

On Jan 5, 2010 Hustler will be releasing "Hollywood is Nailin Paylin".

Q: What do you think about men who work both sides of the track in the industry?

As long as they are tested I have no judgment against working with them.

Q: Do you regularly have an orgasm on set and how many throughout the day?

Yes I do and  I make  sure  that I do  in front of  the  camera. There are times they have  shot  enough content and I'm ready  for another  one.

Q: What goes on in your head while you are in the middle of a hot sex  scene? Do you lose yourself n the moment or  do you  drift off  somewhere?

I love the  guys that I work with and  have  great  chemistry with them. So  we  both are into the other on camera.

Q: Why  do you think so many  people speak out against porn?

Like  anything else everyone has  their  own  choice  of what to watch and  respects everyone  opinions.

I want to thank Lisa Ann for her time and sitting down with me. Lisa did add one last thing to the interview. She wants to thank all her fans and for the opportunity for this interview with Xcritic. For more of Lisa Ann and her work please visit her website: http://www.lisaann.com/


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