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Top Ten Porn DVDs of 2009

2009 was the year of the Sitcum porn parody, several major companies jumping on the proverbial bandwagon when the sales figures came in for some of the previous titles put forth by industry leader X-Play. It's no secret that the level of detail this two-man team offers borders on insane at times but rather than take an assembly line approach, they go out of their way to cast the right people, write a suitable script, and shoot as if paying homage rather than goof on the target productions we all want to see "pornified". Gonzo also seemed to undergo some changes, the genre leaders shying away from focusing on circus act sex in favor of better chemistry with upgraded pairings of favorite performers. Some contract performers fell off the map in meteoric fashion and other performers quietly slipped away to a life of escorting to beat the tough times but there were still thousands of releases to pick from and here are some of the very best the industry had to offer:

Not The Cosby's XXX

1) Not The Cosbys XXX: What can be said that hasn't already been talked about regarding this homage to the Bill Cosby smash hit series from the 1980's? Thomas Ward so closely mimicked the famous comedian that he was placed in other titles to assume the role and the casting of others proved you could have it all for the sex scenes too. The technical aspects were similar to the original and the sets helped make this one a winner but when it came time for the sexual exploits of the cast, even the great comedic performances by Ward, Tee Reel, and Tyler Knight paled by comparison to the sexy ladies like Misty Stone, Monica Foster, and Melody Nakai.


2) 2040: Futuristic Science Fiction stories have done well in recent years when it came to award time, the Brad Armstrong thriller "2040" clearly the best release by features leader Wicked Pictures this year. The four disc set provided more than just a quick "rub and tug" experience for those willing to appreciate that porn doesn't have to be reduced to short clips of pixilated blurriness as some would lead you to believe. 2040 is about a dystopian future where sexually transmitted diseases have ravaged the landscape, forcing the population to resort to robots for sexual stimulation. Brad assumes a major role this time as he tries to capture a revolutionary new android from his competitor, Alektra Blue giving what many have claimed to be her best performance to date (both in and out of bed).

Raw 2

3) Raw 2: Manuel Ferrara is often considered the top tier of all male talent given the way he provides superior scenes with nearly everyone he works with but Raw 2 took it to a whole different level. Rather than chasing technical perfection, Manuel sought out a variety of ladies and had lengthy sexual encounters with them, the camerawork left unhampered by keeping things between Manuel and his ladies alone. The degree of chemistry and levels of passion provided in these scenes was extraordinary and the amount of material around six hours with the raw energy so solid that none of it was worth paring down. The top of the line here was the tryst with Kristina Rose but again, Manuel seemed to connect so thoroughly with all of the ladies here that any random scene would work for someone getting off or as proof that not all modern porn shows fake female orgasms.

Oil Overload 2

4) Oil Overload 2: Director Chris Streams has been providing some of the best gonzo on the market for years, working at various companies until setting out on his own under the Jules Jordan Video umbrella awhile back. Since that time, Chris has continued to impress our team of sexperts with a combination of quantity and quality you just won't find from the generic four-scene producers populating the lower tiers of the industry. In Oil Overload #2, he provided more oil for the ladies than ever before, the casting another fine example of why Chris seems destined to make these lists every year, Phoenix Marie, Kristina Rose, Lisa Ann, Julia Ann, Kelly Divine and many others joining up to populate the five and a half hour double disc set. With great chemistry and a lot of what we call "fun factor", the cast engaged in all sorts of decadent behavior to surpass several other oil-based series we love so much.

The 8th Day

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5) The 8th Day: Director Ren Savant, taking a page from mentor Eli Cross, also clocked in with an award winning science fiction fuck flick by the name of The 8th Day. The movie was set in a future where Earth was embroiled in a second dark ages thanks to the reliance on technology to solve current power needs. The special effects and set design helped make the show stand out from the pack but it was performances by ladies such as Amber Rayne and Tyler Knight, as well as the eye candy provided by gals like Kayden Kross, that cranked up the heat this time. The production faced all sorts of behind the scenes dramas too but the end result was a movie that proved to be entertaining dramatically as well as sexually.

Ass Worship 11

6) Ass Worship 11: Jules Jordan has long led the fight to provide large quantities of top notch fuck for the buck, his success allowing him to select the finest women porn has to offer for his double disc releases. His best of the year surpassed virtually all others in terms of anal themed action, the title being Ass Worship 11. The extras were light but the movie was so jam packed with solid performances by ladies like Phoenix Marie, Kristina Rose, Alexis Texas, Lisa Ann, and various others that fans simply could not go wrong if they wanted to see backsides plundered enthusiastically. The tease alone amounted to enough stroke material to warrant added attention but the combination of factors present proved that Jules is still a force to be reckoned with, a number of other titles of his nearly as good this year.

Not Married With Children XXX

7) Not Married With Children XXX: If Will Ryder's Cosby sitcum relied heavily on Thomas Ward as the lead, so too did his Not Married With Children XXX parody work in large part due to the manner in which Eric Swiss portrayed the infamous loser father Al Bundy. Eric truly captured the charm and spirit of the character so well that it is reported cast members from the original show gave the sitcum a thumbs up though the male members were probably more interested in Kagney Linn Karter's breakout role as Kelly Bundy, the blond bimbo way sluttier than Christina Applegate ever could be on network television. The parody was so good that it ran neck and neck against Cosbys too, nearly forcing a flip of a coin to decide but the Xcritic team made the tough call; either of the two productions better than anything coming from the competition by a wide margin.

AJ Bailey Experiment

8) The AJ Bailey Experiment: Director B. Skow has seemingly transformed the landscape of Vivid overnight, his gonzo-esque efforts surpassing those who came before him in such a manner that he is sometimes referred to as having a golden touch. In The AJ Bailey Experiment, he showcased the company's newest contract performer so well that she became a breakout starlet of the year, earned a spot on the Xcritic writing team, and is poised to become a force to be reckoned with. The sheer amount of quality fuck for the buck combined with the strokability and replay values ensures that this will be a premium title for her fans for years to come. In short, thanks once again to the talents of B. Skow, The AJ Bailey Experiment has helped propel their newest contract hotty well on her way to getting noticed favorably, something I have come to expect of the series thanks to his efforts.


Popporn Guide To Fuck

9) Popporn: The Guide To Making Fuck: Mike Quasar, Spock Buckton, and Brian Bangs are frequently referred to as some of the funniest men in the porn industry so it made sense that Zero Tolerance would take a chance on the trio to start an ambitious line of comedies less reliant on old television shows as the sitcum parodies are and more on originality such as their premiere title called Popporn: The Guide To Making Fuck. The casting showed Mike's usual keen eye with babes like Courtney Cummz, Gianna, Kimberly Kane, and Faye Reagan but it was how the trio of directors then took the gonzo inspired sex to add some hilarious hijinks that made us early adopters of their future works (which has paid off considering their second outing, TMSleaze, was a prime candidate for this list too).


10) Deviance: Teagan Presley has long been a favorite for the team at Xcritic, the Texan-bred hotty having gone through a lot of trials and tribulations in recent times only to emerge as a company co-owner and contract starlet of Skinworxxx. Securing a distribution deal with Adam & Eve, the company got lucky by calling in B. Skow to become director of photography for their sophomore effort called Deviance, Mr. Teagan/Joshua helming the production after a rough start earlier in the year with their first release. Eva Angelina was the featured star this time but supporting cast members such as Teagan, Alexis Texas, Kagney Linn Karter, and Lexi Belle sure made this one easy to like, the production offering a variety of scenes that were quite heated in what amounted to Eva's triumphant return to the industry.

and with so many good films out in 2009 we couldn't narrow it to just 10, so here's a bonus one!

Sasha Grey Rough Sex

11) Rough Sex: We know, the top porn list is called "top ten" but we felt obligated to open it up for one more flick by an intelligent young lady you may have heard of before called Tristan Taormino, the movie called Rough Sex. Only a slight deviation from previous efforts, the movie is built upon the concept of allowing the ladies of the cast to showcase their own fantasies with rough sex, the result being them giving even more of themselves to the point of getting off repeatedly. The movie took a documentary approach to the theme too, explaining the appeal of the fantasy and how properly channeled rough sex can be a turn on well beyond the vanilla sex some associate with companies like Vivid from their bygone past. In all then, the movie helps dispel myths about what women enjoy, how rough sex can work for all sorts of people, and how the company has expanded its vision to give fans what they want.

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