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Dia Zerva Interview

Dia Zerva

One main enjoyment of interviewing these starlets is getting bowled over by their unexpected responses and thus, learn new aspects of their lives. The phrase "looks can be deceiving" can truly be used when describing Dia Zerva. The unsuspecting viewer sees her on-screen image as an attractive, sweet blond with a penchant for good sex. However, who would had known that underneath all of her gorgeous looks is a BDSM, wrestling beauty who has a deep love for animals. Now, if that does not perk up any porn lover's attention, then nothing will. From Bitchcraft 7, Praise The Load 3 to Road Queen 9, her versatility has no boundaries as well as her generous heart as one shall learn in her well-developed and insightful interview. If I was a lost pet, I would love to have an adult actress like Dia care for me.

Hi Dia, how long have you been in the industry, what have been your most pleasurable moments so far? What has been your least pleasurable?

Sounds very odd to me, but I began my journey late. I am 32 now and started my career full time 3 months after I turned 30. I would not have it any other way as I feel that my experiences in my 20s only made me appreciate the encounters I have now personally as well as in the adult industry. I will be celebrating 3 years in the business in November and my first scene was girl/girl shot in November 2007 with AcademyWrestling.com. From wrestling, fetish, BDSM, girl/girl to boy/girl, I slowly evolved into other adult work and I am happy I have been taking my time to savor it.

One of my most pleasurable moments wow, to narrow down all of my experiences to one choice is a little difficult. I have to go by category on this one.

- Most pleasurable girl/girl BDSM scene was with Claire Adams for River Rock Women's Prison from Triangle Films. Claire popped my BDSM cherry one year prior for WiredPussy.com in June 2008. Since then, she has been a wonderful mentor and has given me great guidance. It was such an emotional scene for both of us and Triangle basically said just do what you want to do. And, we did! Claire always finds a way to push my limits in a loving and caring way.

- The most pleasurable kiss ever, has to be Sinn Sage this month as we were shooting content for our projects, spankingsinn.com and powerkissing.com. She makes me melt! The night before shooting was the indicator of what to come. As I was waiting to walk the red carpet gamut at the AVN awards, I saw Sinn and Nica Noelle waiting in the same line. We all exchanged hugs and catching up. Eventually Sinn and I were making fun of bad kisses. Our tongues were touching and a little spark inside of me said that if we were to actually kiss at this moment we would just forgo everything and ravish each other. The next night proved my feelings were correct. Not only was it wonderful it was explosive, yes, like the fireworks kiss from that one Brady Bunch episode. (Ok, I'm gushing again) We haven't shot for any of the great all girl companies out there, but I know if it does happen, this will be dangerous in a good way!

- The best BDSM scene (this is a tie) was with infernalrestraints.com this summer and the 4th day of The Training of O. On the first site, I was a slave on the farm wearing collars and cuffs crawling naked in a lovely grass field. I was stripped of my identity and completely filthy. I was staked in a mud pit where I was submitting yet feeling so peaceful with the situation. That week opened a lot for me in the world of BDSM. For the second site, my last day of training, I was tested on a balance beam wearing a bamboo/yoke contraption. For 55 minutes straight, my trainers tried every tactic to make me lose my balance: whips, canes, wet towels, verbal humiliation, hoses. In the end, they told me I won and the success I felt with being tested so greatly was beautiful. In both scenes, I was not competing, just allowing the situation to unfold. It is hard to condense all the emotions but I have been writing more about these experiences in my blog.

- The best girl/girl scene was with Satine Phoenix for Sweetheart's Lesbian Daydreams. It was one of those moments with sex that was so primal and sweaty. I was smitten for quite a time with Satine after that shoot. It is indescribable and just a pivotal point in lesbian porn for me.

- The best domination scene where I dominated a man was with Jackhammer for DivineBitches.com  Jackhammer and I were both in the United States Marine Corps and I was dominating him on our Marine Corps Birthday, 10 November. It was filled with military tradition with a kinky aspect. We bonded and have become great friends since this shoot. I love when you can walk away from a shoot and feel accomplishment. This was one of those moments. It was a moment of confidence in my training as a Dominatrix.

- The best boy/girl scene was with David Perry for Nica Noelle's SweetSinner films. I do not know the title, but that day was the first time I ever squirted on camera, twice! The day before my 12 year old cat passed away and I was feeling very upset, but wanted to do a great performance. David was so caring that day. With his charming French accent, he asked if I squirt. I said I didn't and with a snap of his fingers he said he would change that. I was skeptical, but the man was right! Sometimes when your emotions are drained, sex is the best remedy. I tasted the starchy water when it happened to double check I didn't pee. I didn''t. I was a sweaty sex girl. That day, was wonderful and I really hope to work with David again.

The least pleasurable moment, well we all have them and it is difficult to be open with them. I have to say it was losing to buddy Ariel X last summer on Ultimate Surrender's Summer Vengeance tournament. Every performer has a bad day and I believe this is the one that comes to mind and hurts the most. I feel that sex and wrestling together can be even more challenging as you are an athlete and a performer. The athlete was not in me that day (I gave up on myself before even trying) and losing I felt like I shorted my friend Ariel too. We wrestle each other a lot and can read each other's emotions well. As I always wish to give a 100%, I felt like my mindset was not there and to this day, I use it as a barometer to do the best I can on the mat, on the mattress, and with day to day. This moment in the business was when I realize you can't be perfect performing all the time. I also realized how supportive my friends like Ariel X are. She is a gem!

How did you get into the adult industry?

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As cliché as it sounds, I remember times when, as a young girl, there were a few times when I would happen across magazines and calendars from Playboy or Penthouse. I would secretly look at the photos, admiring and appreciating how beautiful the women were. They were so confident to be able to pose naked, relaxed and looking so gorgeous and I knew, even at that age, that I wanted to become a nude model. This fantasy was one I kept to myself until I reached a point in my life where I knew it was time to make it real. Oddly enough, although I was a bit apprehensive beginning my first shoot completely naked in a room with the photographer and his assistant, I felt calm, and soon the few bits of clothing I was wearing were tossed aside. As I recall, the rest of that day was exhilarating, fun, sexy and an absolute thrill for me. From then on, I shot as much as I could to gain more experience, work on new poses and to relish every opportunity that I could take to be naked in front of the camera. Since that time, I have worked with a number of great photographers, talented make-up artists, many fantastic models and some very high-profile websites. I have posed in everything from glamour nude styles all the way to hardcore bondage. That work led me into video where I began with sploshing and foot fetish. Whatever the venue or genre, I love the sensation performing every bit as much as still photography. Oddly enough, what opened the door to new themes, as I mentioned in the first questions was girl/girl wrestling for Academy Productions in San Jose, California which I began in 2007. This led to my steady and valued relationship with Kink.com, other BDSM/Fetish sites, and production companies in LA. Earlier last year, I added another facet to my career: stripping. Aside from being one hell of a workout, I have taken to it quickly. Like modeling and performing, it has not only become something that I thoroughly enjoy, but I also have met some excellent people along the way. Each door that opens provides a new approach to nude modeling, stripping and adult performing, and it gets more exciting and interesting every day. So the next phase of my work in conjunction to working with other folks in the adult industry is working and promoting group of my own websites. I live by this single mantra which is to enjoy as much time in front of cameras as possible and to work with the sexiest happiest people in the business.

You have been working more as the seductress of younger talent or a MILF as the industry would label it. How do you enjoy getting those types of roles and being called a Cougar?

Cougar... I love that I am 32 years old and have a title like that or MILF. I love that this month I was cast as a sorority chick and have been in roles for companies such as Naughty America as a college student.then, the next day a mom. In my eyes, I feel a Cougar is a gorgeous woman in the mid to late 40s. MILF is another misused term and as you can see, I do not have children and I do not want to have children. I feel the terms loosely label women. I'm not in my early 20s and not in my late 30s. It makes me laugh, but as a performer, I will act the part and have absolute fun with it! MILFHunter.com is a good example of my MILFy-Ness (is that a word?) They put my age to 36. The next week, I was a college student again. I realize that the adult industry sells a fantasy, but I wish these terms were not overly used. Why can't we title someone as an "attractive woman" or a "sophisticated lady?" Alas, this is a continuous debate. As far as the roles themselves, when I am in this situation, I just want to give the best experiences to the less experienced ladies. My goal is to make them feel comfortable, beautiful, adored and relaxed. The innocence of their performance is so beautiful and I hope if they continue to perform in the years ahead, they will give that opportunity to another newcomer at whatever age.

My favorite roles as "the thing that must not be named" (clears throat,COUGAR MILF), has been in the Girlfriends Films series, Mother Daughter Exchange Club and Lesbian Psychodramas. I performed with the taboos of older/younger scenarios as well as incest scenarios such as step-mom sleeping with step-daughters. Certainly there is this unique edge or taboo to play from and I pushed it as convincingly as I could. Mother Daughter Exchange Club: Part 1 with Hayden Knight is one my favorite scenes performing the seductress part.

With your solid performances in Praise The Load 3, Lesbian Bridal Stories 3, and Mother-Daughter Exchange Club Part 7, you have received much praise. What does all of this recognition and respect mean for your career?

It's interesting to see these titles incorporated in one question. As I am a diverse person in a lot of different types of video, the reaction from the fan base is diverse. It is unique to keep in touch with folks that saw my girl/girl scenes then became a fan of wrestling. Or the fetish fans who
mainly enjoy the foot work, balloon popping, or sploshing explore something new and pick up a blow bang movie. That is so rewarding to share new genres to folks that never even considered something else to be arousing. At the same time, no matter my work load, I make every effort to educate those that email me so they can at least get an idea of why someone enjoys a particular video or fetish. I want people to know why I do what I do. I find the fan base I have been attracting appreciate the intellect as well as the performance. Overall, they have been supportive in any project I get involved. I also find the reaction is genuine as they realize I do things I want to do out of desire and spirit.

You are breathtaking in Boy/Girl and Girl/Girl scenes. What traits of a woman do you admire most? What makes a woman sexy? What traits of a man do you admire most? What makes a man sexy?

I will have to list these! I feel traits and what makes a woman & man sexy goes hand in hand: eye contact, enthusiasm, honesty, loves to kiss, tenderness, kinky when it is right, sensuality, adaptability, intelligence, humor, and the eagerness to please and receive pleasure. It depends on the type of scene and the energy. My attractions are to the energy and that is the most important to me. When I meet a new performer and they smile and light the room with their enthusiasm, it turns me on automatically. I never have a type physically. It's their intentions and respect too that really turn me on.

What has been the biggest surprise for you about the adult industry?

This sounds very silly & odd, but the biggest surprise is how many people in the industry are unassuming off camera and animal lovers. I have 6 rescue cats and no, my house doesn't smell like cat. Kylie Ireland has a huge farm of pets as well Amber Rayne and Sarah Blake. Our critters are a part of our conversations we have when we see each other and a part of the porn family. Even my agent Mark Spiegler www.spieglergirls.com adores his little kitty. Unassuming just comes to mind and I have to say I never thought that I would have a wonderful extended porn family in LA and a kinky family in SF. There is a façade of superficiality that I feel is more prevalent in other industries I have been in, but the adult business has a genuine support system and I am thankful for being adopted by some wonderful people.

Are there any industry people (actors, actresses, directors, etc.) who you have not had the opportunity to work with yet and want to very badly and why? What would be your dream scene?

Female talent, I would love to work with Aiden Starr. We have been friends for some time and I have had a scene with her for Girlfriends where the focus was to dominate Prinzzess. I want her to myself. She is naturally dominant and I know if we were in any scene, I would be a goopy submissive mess after. She loves women. She is safe. She plays with her toys well and is unique as well as makes me smile. My dream scene would be in a room full of our favorite toys and implements without a time constraint. I recently met a fellow Greek, Ashley Fires. She and I have the same sense of humor which I can't really describe unless you are in the same room. We giggle at the subtleties. I have a feeling when we have the opportunity to shoot together, it will be full of all those giggles and eighth grade humor. She is another one of my new crushes. Lastly, my girlfriend Paris Kennedy. Like Ashley, this scene will either turn someone on or make them laugh along with us. I remembered our first kiss? I asked her if we could kiss in my Meatwad voice, a character from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Did I mention we want to do a scene in Snuggies?

As far as male talent, I would love to work with Evan Stone and James Dean. My girlfriends in the business have said nothing but wonderful things about them all and I have had the opportunity to meet them. In either case, I would want to do whatever comes to mind and just have a wonderful time. Although I have worked with Sean Michaels, he is someone I always wish to work with anytime.

For Directors, I hope to have the opportunity to work with Belladonna. I met her during AEE and just amazed at how down to earth she is, another example of a surprise in the business, unassuming and real!

How were you as a kid growing up?

Growing up in a relatively conservative Midwestern family, things were always made from scratch and there was not a lot of money to travel. I was left alone to my own devices and these formative years really made me who I am. I believe in my late teens that the scars on my knees began fade. I have always been a tomboy, but love to be a lady. I was always friends with everyone yet I always felt different. I was the band fag and the grunge girl. I was the bookworm and the rebel. From sneaking to the basement to watch late night b-grade movies, to dirt bikes and kitchen time with my grandmothers, it was always different. My dad called me Elly Mae and my nickname was "Pig Pen." I grew up happy with a lot of scrapes and bumps from my adventures in sports and outdoor fun.

I have always been an imaginative person and I recall my attraction to both sexes was at a very young age. As stereotypical as it may sound, I thought it cool as a 4 year old that my mom's softball team consisted of a lot of masculine women. My mom is a tomboy by nature too and I was surrounded by women that acted in both roles.

Although there were moments of close sexual experiments, it was only until I was in the Marine Corps that I lost my virginity. Prior to that, I experimented only with boys as I was raised in an area where liking women would be unheard of and scandalous. But I always had the feeling that another lesbian or bisexual woman knew what I was thinking?

What are your hobbies and interests?

I have always been in sports and creative arts. I played soccer for years and would love to get back into it again. It is such a wonderful workout. I enjoy grappling, kickboxing, playing my guitars, reading anything from trashy vampire books to BDSM educational books. I love the occasional downtime of watching B-grade horror movies and Adult Swim cartoons. If I had a superpower, it would be endless energy as there are so many things I want to do but so little time in a day to devote!

What's your favorite thing about being an adult performer?

My favorite thing about being an adult performer is self-exploration. I can't quantify it in writing, but my time in this business has made me a better person and more content. It is an endless journey and learning about yourself and this aspect of my life, performing, well, I couldn't see not being in the business now.

Are there any web sites or future projects that you would like to promote? What are you currently working on film wise?

Absolutely! 2nd question first. Triangle Films' River Rock Women's Prison. This was shot last year and just released. This was one of my first major roles and I really believe in this movie. Kathy put a lot of years of planning into it and I am so proud to be part of such a project. I was able to have a prison breakout running out of a sewer drain onto the LA river and prison yard fight with my buddy Syd Blakovich. As I mentioned earlier in the interview, I had an amazing BDSM scene with my dear friend Claire Adams. All the sex scenes are unique and simply raw.

January 29th I will be supporting Zoe Britton's fundraiser for the Haiti. The fundraiser will be held at Jane's House, 6541 Hollywood Boulevard Los Angeles, CA Hollywood, CA 90028-6256 starting at 10:30pm. There will be a $5 industry/$10 non-industry minimum donation at the door. 100% of the door is being donated directly to the relief efforts in Haiti. Zoe is currently looking for sponsors, so if you know of any companies/sites that may be interested please forward the info, [email protected] . There will be auctions, including something very very special treats and games. (In the process of putting together a make out booth!) If you cannot attend, donations are being accepted thru Zoe Britton via Paypal, [email protected] 

For the first question: I have three clips4sale stores: My Imagine Salon www.clips4sale.com/23755 www.hairworshipping.com , andwww.merrypoppings.com . I am launching my all girl pay site www.diazerva.com this spring and the forums and blog are open so please come by and say hello!

See Dia Zerva perform at The Training of O, Wired Pussy and Divine Bitches.

Interview by Apache Warrior

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