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Alexandra Taylor interview

Alexandra Taylor

If one was trying to reinvent a once great studio to its glory days, then who would you call? As in the case of Metro, it's Alexandra Taylor. With her vast experience in mainstream and adult arenas, she is the correct person to take control of this unique situation. Her dedicated vision, philosophical managerial style, and her knowledge of the consumers' tastes give her a distinct business advantage. Moreover, she is a force to be reckon with when it comes to writing scripts, selecting talent for roles, and directing films. Because Metro has selected the right person for it's comeback, the fans win too. The new reinvented forms of classic titles such as No Man's Land, Taboo, and Babes Illustrated will gain a new audience. I wish Metro the best of luck. Alexandra is a wonder woman who can juggle several tasks at once and come up smelling like a rose. I would not count her nor this studio out.

Hi Ms. Taylor, you recently were selected to rebuild the once great company Metro. Why did you decide to take on this incredible opportunity to resurrect this studio to its glory days?

Metro was one of the top three adult film companies in the business for many years. The brands speak for themselves. No one can deny that Cal Vista is top tier and it deserves a grand awakening. I've always been drawn to challenging career situations, because when well executed, the enormous undertaking of reestablishing a once-great company is abundantly rewarding. Metro has the legs to lead again. I'm focusing on the core brands and dedicating myself to the success of the content we produce.

Your current title is 'Manager of Special Projects." What exactly are your duties and expectations as you reinvent this one-time classic studio?

The question should really be what isn't my duty? I'm working directly under the owner of Metro to oversee the restructuring and manage the brands while creating new concepts to reboot our established and award winning lines. However, I'm also involved in the day to day operations, especially rebuilding our internet presence. On the content side, I hire the directors and assign them to one of our four brands, Cal Vista, Video Team, Loaded Digital and the new gonzo line, Hipnotic.

As you mentioned in your previous response, a major plan is to reinvent the studio's classic titles such as Taboo and No Man's Land. With your previous stint with Girlfriends Films, how will you incorporate that experience to Metro's line of lesbian titles?

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Working with Girlfriends Films allowed me to peek inside the lesbian film fan base/consumer. It's clear that the style of girl/girl movies has changed dramatically from what has been produced over the past decade and it is important to listen and understand what these dedicated fans want. The lesbian film connoisseur has truly spoken out about what appeals to them now. Metro's "No Man's Land" was a very successful girl/girl line that is being completely reinvented to compete in this niche market. We are also bringing "Babes Illustrated" back to greatness with a facelift and strong yet playfully sexy storylines. However, those two lines are only a sample of what we have on our 2010 production slate for Lesbian themed films.

Could you discuss your background in the mainstream entertainment industry so that the readers will get a better understanding of your very good qualifications?

I started working in the mainstream biz back when I was 17. I was a part-time $5 an hour script reader for several indie companies, which lead to greater opportunities. I fell in love with the Los Angeles Theatre culture, which was really thriving then, and opened my own theatre company. I wrote, directed and produced dozens of productions, while also supporting the careers of the talented members in my company. I've developed product for major film companies, and lead both creative and financial businesses in the film biz and outside of it. I've also spent years as a retail manager, which truly gave me a solid foundation for taking on this wonderful challenge with Metro.

What were some of the biggest surprises for you about the adult industry when you started?

There were no surprises. The adult biz is actually more humane than the mainstream industry. There is far less drama here than what I witnessed as a mainstream producer. I'm not saying that our industry is pristine, but the integrity of most of the people I've worked with, especially the performers, is quite refreshing.

Since you have written and directed adult films, what are some of the essential ingredients in order to create an entertaining and effective product both on-screen and behind the scenes?

Dedication to quality! The years of 'everything gonzo and cheaply done' are over in my eyes. Never has there been a time when the adult biz has leveled so closely with mainstream as it is now. I see the next decade as an opportunity to return to strong storytelling with performers who can actually act and study scripts and create characters, like what was more common 15-20 years ago. This does add an extra element of complexity to the movie-making process, but I believe it is worth it to go the extra mile and up the integrity of the overall products created.

In order to be successful as the head of a studio, a leader must have good people and managerial skills as well as good foresight while planning for the future. You have all of these qualities in abundance. How do these essential traits prepare you for your very hard work with Metro especially in dealing with talent and the still struggling porn industry? What is your personal view of where the state of porn is right now? Is it on the rebound?

I think the most important skill I have in rebuilding Metro is my unswerving belief that great porn will always survive and find the right audience. Poor quality products eventually fail or lose their consumer base. Yes, the state of the porn biz is in flux, undergoing a serious transitional phase, but strength and perseverance can never be taken down. What the current business climate dictates is that we become innovators and not followers. We can't expect that what worked before will continue to support our business. The sooner we step up to the future evolution of our business and embrace the changes, the better.

Are there any industry people (actors, actresses, directors, etc.) who you have not had the opportunity to work with yet and want to very badly and why? What would be your dream scene?

There are plenty of talented industry names I have not worked with and would love to. But I am very careful at this point to keep my talent pool tight and contained. I can't waste time trying to sync up my vision with others working with well established companies just so I can say I've worked with them. I can only work with those I truly trust to create great products with as little drama as possible. My focus must remain on the goal at hand, which is to rebuild a brand and make a powerhouse company.

How were you as a kid growing up?

Precocious. I was a lonely 'only child' with a vast imagination. I wrote my first book when I was 4 years old. I was making my own movies when I was 8. I was a manager at 16. I was dedicated to the arts as a ballerina and an ice skater before I was 10. I was always searching for ways to be great and shine, which was incredibly difficult, as it takes years of skill building to achieve tangible goals. Nothing is achieved overnight.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I'm a fitness instructor and teach weekly kickboxing, cycle and mind-body classes. Teaching is a wonderful outlet for stress. I'm a studier of human nature, so I love to travel and study different cultures.

I wish you great success in your exciting endeavor. Are there any web sites or future projects that you would like to promote?

Metro is creating a new internet hub that will allow our customers the opportunity to access all of the brands and off-shoots under our company umbrella. For the time being, you can check out Cal Vista's site, as well as Loadeddigital.com, Video Team, Redhottv.com and our webcam site metrobabes.com . Keep your eyes open for when our new internet hub is up and running which should be by April.

Interview by Apache Warrior

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