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Savanna on Sex

How to Seduce A Woman, Clean Tips for Anal Sex and Having Sex with A Porn Star

Welcome to our sex
 advice column, Savanna on Sex, from one of the industry's most accomplished performers.    

In addition to her award-winning movies for Vivid Entertainment, Savanna Samson  is an experienced columnist, having given sex advice for both Men's Fitness magazine and AdultFriendFinder.  She is also the co-author of "How to Have a XXX Sex Life." She now appears on XCritic for a monthly sex advice column where she answers your questions about sex and sexuality.   

Here's the latest installment:

I was wondering what was the best way to prepare one's ass for anal sex to be perfectly clean? How do girls in porn do it so they don't have any hesitations to suck on a cock that has just come out of their ass? My girl and I would like some professional advice. - John

Ok John, I'm going to tell you everything I know and everything other experts, such as Audrey Hollander, Shay Sites and Brianna Banks have told me, for I too was full of wonder and questions and fear when I started. I remember asking Audrey what she does to take it so deep in the ass and always be clean and she in front of her husband, told me, and I can't exactly quote word for word, but for affect, I'll use quotations, "I eat a huge juicy hamburger the night before, wake up, take a nice dump eat an Imodium and then don't eat again until my scene is over." Ok, first of all, I don't eat "huge, juicy hamburgers" and even if I did, I certainly wouldn't have a normal "nice big dump " the morning after! And! I'd like to think of Audrey as a friend but if I were her, taking it like she does and winning Female Performer of the Year, I may want to keep my title to myself and not give away my secrets to the likes of me! I mean, please, be my guest and try the hamburger thing, I just don't know because for me, anal sex is the last thing I want to have after any kind of meat eating dinner what so ever but, hey if you have a digestive system like Audrey Hollander's than by all means! eat the damn burger. I do love the Imodium thing though and the not eating until after the scene thing, well except for the fact that your breath is just gnarly on an empty stomach and that hungry, stomach acid smell is a real turn off during sex. So, please, eat a little something! I told Audrey that I eat light, like a salad the night before an anal scene and my colleague said, "Well, be careful with that, because then you can have all those little salad pieces that get caught in the walls of the colon come out".

I learned something beautiful from Shay Sites. But first let me tell you what Brianna Banks taught me and all too late mind you! Brianna told me never to do one of those Fleet enemas with the liquid inside. Dump out the contents because it has a laxative effect and will make the um, poo, continue to come down after using it throughout the day/evening. Instead, dump the contents and use only warm water. Now let me back track and tell you what Shay taught me. She uses a douche bag Before the scene. She uses only warm water and does it about three times, until the water coming out is clean. And I tell you; there is such a physical great, cleansing feeling after the enema.

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Ok, that being said, let me give you my routine and keep in mind, I never do this routine in my personal life. If I am really turned on, I want that cock in my ass! (But, not after a steak dinner.) Once you start doing it more and tuning into your body, you'll know when it feels it's the right time and when it's not and you're not going to want to stop in the middle of sex to go clean yourself out! But I do understand the fear and thinking, "What if it's dirty?!", so this is what I do to be sure I can take that cock out of my ass and stick it in my mouth without worry. I use a Fleet or generic brand suppository; they work really fast, (for me within minutes) then I fill one of those water bottle, douche bags, that you can get at the drug store, with warm water. I do it, as Shay suggests, until it is totally clean. Which is generally no more than 3 times. If I'm doing a scene I will take the Imodium for extra safety and mental comfort, but really, you don't need it! Relax, you do these things and you're clean, really, clean enough. No worries and if a little something gets on the cock wipe it off, no big deal! Seriously, relax and don't worry! But still, you don't want to put the cock back and forth from your ass to your pussy, trust me she will get a urinary track infection and that sucks so bad, probably not the best to put it in your mouth from ass either but fuck it, that's hot. Listen to me! I'm the one, that asks, still to this day, "Is it clean? Is it clean?" And it always is, even without all the preparation. Ladies and guys too who take it that way too, listen to your body. If you feel you are gaseous or feel bloated or constipated, then, sorry honey, aint happening tonight! But most of the time, when you're really turned on and tune into your body you will be fine. So, eat light, suppository and enema with warm water and it's Ass to Mouth baby!!!! 

What's the best way to seduce a woman? I have a woman who I'm a friend with that I want to become more than friends but she doesn't seem to be getting my hints. - Jason
Oohh Jason! A challenge! How fun...and exciting! Ok, first of all, we women never seem to get hints, but we do respond in different ways. Now, remember, I can only give you advice as to how I respond but since you've already stated, "She doesn't seem to be getting my hints." You have nothing to loose! Let me start by telling you straight up that I tend to fall for that naughty, living on the edge kind of guy. Now, don't worry, that may not be you at all but that doesn't mean you cant take a little of what I tell you and make it work for you. I for one am attracted to bad boys. Now, regardless if you fit that bill or not, you can still make her notice you by, well, let's say, sparking her senses a little bit. I wasn't sure, when I first met my current boyfriend if he was interested in me or not or if he was dating this gorgeous friend of his or not or if he was even gay or not until one night when he told this story of a girl he was in love with or just plain addicted to. He went on to tell about this girl he was dating for 10 years and how she left her phone opened one day while driving in the car with some other guy. My bf listened to this whole conversation between this girl and other guy about how amazing his cock looked with her pussy wrapped around it. Now, the story alone meant nothing to me, but what got me was him telling me that while listening to this conversation he was, "nauseous and hard" at the same time. Foe some reason, that totally turned me on! I wanted to make him nauseous and hard! Maybe it was the challenge of getting him to like me like he liked her or maybe it was my seeing him as a sexual being for the first time. Now I'm not telling you to lie but I highly recommend telling this girl some story that has absolutely nothing to do with her but one that will show her what kind of "hard" sexual being you actually are.

Now, I hate playing games but at this point in my life, I am just not receptive to any mans advances and I hate when a guy is blatantly into me. In fact, I always go for the guy who does NOT pay attention to me. The same may be for this girl you are interested in. I am however, a sucker for a compliment. So this is what I suggest to you. As you approach her in the most nonchalant way, take her arm and pull her to you as if you're telling her a secret and say in her ear, "You're so beautiful" or "You're so damn sexy" or "Do you know how beautiful you are?" and without waiting for a response, walk away. And then do not look at her or be weird or act guilty or anything for a few days; in fact, don't even pay her much mind at all except maybe a brief smile or strictly business. Women love a challenge and mystery. Even if she is like, "Oh, my! You know what Jason said to me?" if you don't pay her much mind after those sexy words, she'll be like, "WTF?" and long for a follow up. Now after a few days have passed and you find yourself in her presence, say, "Hey there you, so would you like to go grab a bite (or a drink, or a movie etc...) I'm free tomorrow night, how about I pick you up at 8?" And then, if she persists, "Come on, it'll be fun, I wont bite!" With a nudge and a wink. Winking is one of those lost flirting art forms that have been lost. I love a passing wink; it puts an unexpected smile on my face all day! Try that too! Listen, you can get the attention of any woman with these simple words, "You're so beautiful" or "You're so sexy, or interesting or classy" Be careful of, "You're so hot" because women tend to take that as you just want to bed them. Men will fall for it every time but a woman will feel cheap. Instead tap into her style or her elegance. Hints don't work with me and they clearly don't work with this girl you're interested in. Be confiident, be boarder line bad and do not come across as needy or desperate, in fact be the complete opposite and she will be pudding in your hands!
My wife really gets turned on by the idea of giving another man oral sex. While I consider myself pretty vanilla when it comes to sex, I'm willing to do something like this to turn her on but I am at a loss how to make this happen and do it safely. Do you have any advice? -   Noland
Noland, I wouldn't think it would be too difficult to find a man for your wife to give oral sex too because what man wouldn't want oral sex?!....,ok so maybe that's easier said than done. Have you thought about going to AdultFriendFinder.com? There you can find real people, real couples and singles who share the same kind of fantasies as you both do, believe it or not. And hello! There is a whole swinger community in your very back yard! You can attend these parties, strictly as voyeurs if you want or you can choose to participate! I wish I knew where you live because it would be much easier to guide you. I'll tell you though, when you do find an exclusive swinger club, be prepared to be escorted to an office to be interrogated. I brought my ex-husband to a club in La called Imaginarium and when we got there, he was brought into this office and asked a zillion questions. I had no idea that would happen, as the whole thing was a Halloween surprise for him. Needless to say, he passed, if you will, and we had the time of our lives! He really didn't participate but found great pleasure watching me with woman and with strange men. It was probably one of the most erotic times of both our life. Of course we used male and female condoms to be safe and the place was equipped with everything you would need to be as clean and safe as possible.

I actually hosted a swinger/ charity event party in Albany once that was amazing fun. You too can find such parties near you but will have to apply online to be invited. It's quite a simple questionnaire but they want true couples and not just perverted bystanders. Keep in mind, you can attend and simply watch until you feel ready as a couple to participate. This is quite normal for first timers as it is not always easy to dive in and share your lover with another. His name is George, and his site is: DoYouKnowGeorge.com He has amazing trips and parties and fund raisers for extraordinary people who want to experience all that love has to offer. Go to his site and contact him. Tell him I sent you! Now Noland, once you're there and your wife is performing oral sex on another man besides you, you've got to take a deep breath and enjoy watching her. Let your cock be hard and have that knot in your stomach at the same time and please, don't torture her afterwards. Ask her in a loving way how it felt in her mouth and how turned on she got. Remember, you are the most important to her and this is your gift to her. If you get angry and feel like hitting her saying things like, "Oh yeah, you liked him better than me?" then that would just ruin the whole experience. Let her love you even more afterwards and just maybe she'll allow you the same gift, with another woman. It's not easy sharing but I believe you are man enough to let her have this fantasy and enjoy watching her as much as she enjoys fulfilling it!

Do average guys ever have a shot with porn stars?  I'm going to a porn show in a few months and I want to know if I have even a remote shot at having sex with a porn star. What's your advice on how the best way would be to approach it if I do. - Dennis
So funny you should ask. My boyfriend now, stalked me for three years before he found me...and got me! He knew I lived in Manhattan and found himself looking for me everywhere he went! He read a tidbit in Page Six about my being topless on the roof deck of New York Sports Club and decided I lived around there somewhere.  He talked about me enough to the point where someone finally said, "Wait a second, I'm her sister's husband's hairdresser!" Needless to say he face booked me with some line of bullshit and I didn't pay him much mind but I did invite him to one of my Vivid parties. I thought he was really cute but it wasn't until another Vivid party in Vegas where I really paid attention. After the party he brought me to the blackjack tables and whipped out 5 grand. He started playing for me too and I thought that was so sexy. I guess you can say I go for the naughty, degenerate gambling type! Seriously though he was exciting and I agreed to go on a date with him. The rest was history. What I wouldn't do, as it's really a turn off, once you meet the girl of your dreams is to tell her you're a huge fan. It's just that visual of you jerking off time and again to her that we don't want to think about. But do tell her how beautiful or sexy you always thought she was and how much better she looks in person; we love that shit! Now if you just want to have sex with a porn star there are some in the industry who are also "working girls" Go to sites like Eros.com and you may just find the one you're looking for. Beware though, it's gonna cost ya and by the hour too; but will probably be the best lay of your life!
In her book Tera Patrick said she selected you for her first girl-girl hardcore scene. What was it like? - Amy
 Oh my goodness! I was so thrilled when I heard that Tera choose me, to be her first to costar with her in a Girl on Girl scene and then even more excited when I realized that she choose me to be her first girl/girl experience ever! Then my thrill turned to fear! I wanted to make sure her first was amazing and one she'd never forget and she is so exotic and stunningly beautiful and I was afraid I'd forget how to love in front of a woman like that. I'm sure some of you guys can relate to that! If I had a cock, I would have been afraid it wouldn't have gotten hard and would definitely had taken a half a Viagra just to be sure the fucker worked! But once I saw her and we got on set, she was so excited and told me how nervous SHE was and I just thought about how amazing it would be to be with her, not only for me but everyone watching and I relaxed. Once Chi Chi LA Rue started rolling camera, Tera took over and made love to me! I often tease her saying, "Yea right I'm your first!" We were both so turned on and it's one of those memorable scenes for me when I actually have an orgasm! She's so hot!

Then I had a scene with her husband, at the time, Spider. Now this is one of those examples of how threesomes with rules never work out. At that time, when they were married, he was not allowed to penetrate another woman. Can I just tell you that he and I wanted to fuck so badly! He never got over that! If he could have just stuck it in, that would have been the end of it. And that scene could have been so much hotter  It's not easy sharing your man and this scene is an example of that. We managed to make the scene great but Tera had some jealousy because it was her first time sharing him and that's never easy. The movie over all is beautifully shot and super hot. It's called Tera, Tera, Tera and it's a must see!

Email your questions to be considered for the column to [email protected], we will protect the identities of people who submit questions and hope to have as many answered as possible. 

To See more of Savanna visit Vivd.com or SavannaSamson.com

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