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Anjanette Astoria interview

anjanette astoria

Some women have an affect on a man just by entering a room. Anjanette Astoria is such a woman. Her exotic beauty and the way she conducts herself grab hold of a man's attention span like a particular coyote who is always after his pesky road runner. Fortunately for her fans, she is more accessible especially through feature dancing. Furthermore, she has created her own production company, Exotica 3000, where this lovely lady gets to act out her sexual cravings on her own terms. Her first studio production, Cougar on the Prowl, is an excellent film that has Anjanette at her best. Her performances will make the viewer want to see them over and over. I can't wait to see more of her creations and to see her tackle some taboo topics.

Hi Anjanette, you are one of the sexiest women in the adult world. For those fans who do not know you, how long have you been in the industry?

Thank you so much for that compliment. I have been in the industry now for about three years. I started first as an exotic dancer at the young age of 34 and had a lot of fun doing that and shortly afterward entered into the adult film industry.

What have been your most pleasurable moments?

Actually I really love meeting people, both fans and people in the industry. I love wrapping my arms around my fans and posing with them in pictures and doing the same with people in the industry, putting smiles on their faces. Sexually I love it when I connect with a guy and start creaming and squirting. I was once fucking Seth Dickens and Jay Lassiter in Screw My Wife Please #64 and Seth made me squirt while fucking me anally. Jay was the master, actually made me squirt for the first time ever on a Hustler title. I've really grown to love anal sex...a lot. I almost prefer it now. Guys that I really connected with in anal sex were L.T. in Black Mommas 2, Sean Michaels in "Cougar on the Prowl", and James Deen. Actually what I liked about James Deen was his eye contact he made with me. Kris Slater gave me the biggest facial I'd ever had in Lisa Ann Milf Trainer. Tony Rocket is great as well and he always makes me cum first.

What has been your least pleasurable?

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It's hard because when you fuck someone you hope to see them again sometime soon and often it ends up that you just don't. Each guy and girl really does fuck differently and I kind of miss them. I think now I work a lot harder to make the most of the moments I have with my partners in film having realized that I might not see them for a while. I also keep in mind that I need to turn myself loose and let my animalistic nature come out on film. I look at some of my early work and wish I could get another shot at it, but all I can do is learn from it. I don't think that the world has even come close to seeing what a sexual freak I am inside and I do think my best days will be ahead of me.

How did you get into the adult industry?

Actually it was a website called xPeeps. It's like an adult myspace. After initially getting thrown off of myspace someone recommended the site. I posted some pics there and Steve Holmes contacted me a few weeks later. About a month after that he shot me and two other girls in a scene. Also, I met Ron Jeremy at the Virgin Mega Store in San Francisco. He kind of pointed me in the right directions and through him I ran into Sean Michaels at a Pipedream toy convention. Eventually, I decided to join Lisa Ann's Talent Management and that is where things really got going.

It's no doubt that you always come across as a sexy siren who meserizes the audience by your beauty in your sex scenes. This quality is particularly true in the movies Black Mommas 2, Bossy Milfs 2, and MILF Next Door 3. What traits of a woman do you admire most?

I like strong minded women that exude confidence. Unfortunately, I have not had sex with many on film for whatever reason. I've wanted to fuck Lisa Ann for quite some time along with many others on her site, but that just has not materialized.

What makes a woman sexy?

Women who pay attention to details like nails, hair, who don't talk down to me, who are willing to make sensual passes at me are sexy.

What traits of a man do you admire most?

Some of the same things. I like confidence in a man, but not someone who is a show off. I like guys to be gentlemen and well grounded. It's nice when a guy listens to what you have to say. I like guys that can make me laugh once in while.

What makes a man sexy?

He has to smell good, but not like he covered himself in cheap cologne. I like a man who wears nice clothes and treats a lady like a lady. Guys that remember how to open a door for a lady, who are cordial by nature get high marks on my sexy list.

Exotica 3000 is your new production company. It has been receiving very positive feedback. Also, Cougar on the Prowl is your first studio production. Why did you decide to branch out and enter the realm of producing your own film projects?

Well I realized after doing this for a couple of years that I wanted to be involved in multiple aspects of the business, not just the talent aspect. I'm not the type who likes to sit around and wait for the phone to ring. I really feel like I have a lot to prove to others and to myself as well and I don't think that my contributions to the adult film industry will be realized unless I let some of these creative energies out. I also feel like this gives me an avenue to eventually stay connected to the ones I have grown to love and appreciate in the adult business. I must tell you, the people I have met in the adult business so far are some of the most cordial and sincere fun loving people I have met anywhere.

Are there any particular industry people (actors, actresses, directors) who you want to work very badly with and why?

Actually the list is way too long. I think maybe in reality I have only scratched the paint. I pretty much want to work with every guy on LATM and LA Direct...and many of the ladies I want to work with even more badly.

What would be your dream scene?

Well I have a lot of those! One I'd like to do is a line of guys coming to my hotel room, one after the other, each with only five minutes to ravage me and cum. Nothing posed. Just animalistic, even sensual, self centered sex on his part. Maybe I'm a little twisted, but I really enjoy being used and pleasing men. Perhaps with another woman in the mix as well just to make sure that at the end of it we make one another cum.

What has been the biggest surprise for you about the adult industry?

Well firstly that there are so many lovely people out there just trying to do their best. I was surprised by some of the challenges the industry has with regards to freedom of speech, zoning ordinances, piracy, community standards, and things of that nature. I was very surprised how talented and overlooked so many are in this industry. But I think the biggest surprise was how men and women with so much sexual energy and experience took me to completely different levels.

How were you as a kid growing up?

I actually was a pretty happy girl. I played baseball, played the clarinet, dated young in high school, had my first sexual experience at 15 years old. Pretty much a normal happy childhood with ordinary challenges. I did have sex with my boyfriend's dad however at 15 years old. He was the first one to make me cum, so I thank him for that. Before I was 18, I had sex on a pool table in a pizza parlor in front of bay windows overlooking a busy street. Actually that was my first anal experience with a very thick and very handsome Jamaican man...who happened to be my boss.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I actually like going fishing, boating and camping. I love to read, put together jigsaw puzzles and just get out and walk random trails. I like swinging with the right people on occasion. Still looking for the long term swinging lovers though.

What is your favorite thing about being an adult performer?

I like the attention I get. I like when guys notice me in the store, or ask me for an autograph. I like all the stuff about it that bores others to tears or that others get tired of.

Are there any web sites or future projects that you would like to promote?

Actually would love to have you join me on my xPeeps fan site which is www.xpeeps.com/anjanette . I can also be reached at http://www.vangardtalent.com/

What are you currently working on film wise?

I'm working on a new title for my new movie which will have a couple of extreme surprises. I intend to put taboo back into porn with this one.

Interview by Apache Warrior

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