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Upload, Teagan Presley, Filth Cums First #2, and a whole lot more

Intelligent Talk About Adult DVDs

Spotlight Title: Upload: Director's Cut

In the porn world, there are nearly as many conventions that people expect to see as those they don't expect to see these days, largely due to laundry lists of so-called prohibited sex acts that are dumbed down so even the simplest mind can understand them. Just as one does not expect to see pissing unless it is called "squirting" on the cover, you don't expect to see a feature with gonzo style sex using fisting in it, especially one with BDSM as a major component. Well, it being that time of year again, Director Eli Cross turns the industry on its collective head with a new classic for Sex Z Pictures by Porn Faktory called Upload: Director's Cut ; a four disc set that is probably the hottest ticket in town at the moment. The movie is a futuristic tale of intrigue that involves a cyberpunk theme using Eva Angelina as a federal agent that answers to no one in her quest for personal pleasure as she hunts down a threat to the world. As one of the top cops in a secretive branch of the Department for Homeland Security called the DSA (which differs from the police in that they are above "the rules"), she stumbles upon a plot that involves goes far beyond her usual area of expertise, barely staving off a breakdown as she routinely succumbs to her sexual addictions. This being a case where the best man for the job is a woman, a very special woman at that, Eva finds herself embroiled in a plot so large that it will take everything she can give to save the day. It is best described as one part X-Files, 3 parts Minority Report, 2 parts Blade Runner, some cyberpunk mentality, and some of the nastiest sex you will find available anywhere all crafted together with tremendous amounts of inspiration & perspiration to make a movie that would have otherwise flopped. The sheer heat of the various sex scenes would have boosted this one to the top of the ladder given the multitude of hardcore antics but the addition of so many superb extras, a cast arguably perfect for this kind of production, and a story that blended the sex into the plot nearly seamlessly made  Upload: Director's Cut not only an Xcritic Pick but the movie to beat for all the pretenders to the throne this year. If you're squeamish about all the extreme sex acts, you can get the edited version to tone it down a few notches but do yourselves a favor and see the real deal as I did. In short, Upload had cutting edge visuals, incredibly hot performances, and proved that porn doesn't have to be disposable. See why the movie is being called "The best of the year" by fans and critics alike by reading our comprehensive Review; complete with pictures.

Sneak Peeks: Filthy Cums First #2 and My First Porn 9
With the news that lovely Teagan Presley is turning in her contract for the chance at building her own empire, we then turn our gaze to a couple of titles that will be coming out later this month from Digital Playground in the form of Filth Cums First #2 and My First Porn #9 since they both star the hot beauty in two of her most smoking roles to date. Robby D. has long been established as the dominant director over at Digital Playground; knocking out hits regularly while his coworkers occasionally find the time to make a movie themselves (usually putting Robby in charge of most aspects of production anyway). In order to keep it fresh, Robby tries new things on a regular basis rather than doing the same old stuff every time, this being the case with Filth Cums First 2: 2 Disc Special Edition; the sequel to the well liked Filth Cums First 1 that I reviewed not long ago. Having looked at the cast list ahead of time, I knew that Teagan, Brianna, and Alexis were going to provide an excellent experience with the others noted as providing good scenes as well. The six lengthy scenes all had their own theme to them and your mileage may vary as a result but there was something for almost everyone here, Robby really cranking it up to provide the better part of four hours in the movie. It was a wild ride of scenes that will likely cater to the needs of specific groups rather than the general porn public as a whole. The first disc was terrific and the second disc ended on a high not so combined with the solid technical values, the levels of strokability and fuck for the buck, and the lengthy BTS, I figured this was worth a rating of Highly Recommended.

We then moved on to find Teagan in My First Porn #9:  Robby D. has been on something of a roll over the last several years, finding a lot of acclaim in his "Jack" universe over at Digital Playground. One of the funnier series in the universe being the My First Porn series where the down and out Jack, in between scamming gals for music videos or beauty contests, tries his hands at making porn. The humor comes in as Jack faces all the dilemma's that occur in the real world; from crazy women to location problems to irate porn reviewers to flakes, all of these being standard in the industry. The sex itself is usually first rate gonzo as well without all the circus act tricks some directors employ, the pairings tending to be pretty heated all the same. Volume 9 in the series stars Teagan with her husband but also a lot more worth your time; the comedy adding a lot of replay value to the show. As with many of our recent reviews, we have added a number of pictures to give you a better idea of what took place but fans of Teagan will definitely want to get both of these titles as she chases her dream of independence.

Highlights of The Week

As usual, our crack reviewing team found a lot to like this week and while none of the other movies might be as vast in scope as Upload, this was far from a slow week in terms of spotlight flicks, gonzo headliners, and compilations designed to stir your blood. Take Brianna Love: Her Sexy Fine Self: 3 Disc Set for example; The movie was more of a day in the life of type of affair with Brianna a barfly that enjoys sex a lot, the gal under the protection of a mysterious older man played by John himself. While she usually gives happy endings, when she ran afoul of a band of thugs, she ended up their worst nightmare but I'm not going to spoil the fun for you in this review. In all, Brianna was in five of the six scenes, doing a decent job under the direction of a craftsman like John; the man eschewing his usual style in favor of an updated video offering. It certainly had a lot of Brianna to appreciate and but for her other works that she has starred in more recently, this would have been a top dog affair but some of the performances were not consistent and the secondary players got in the way as often as not. The extras package and technical values were pretty high though so I found myself trying to figure out the best rating, erring on the side of caution for all be her most devoted fans (that should consider this a "must have") and rated it as Recommended. In short, Brianna Love: Her Fine Sexy Self: 3 Disc Set was a good effort by all involved.

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Lanny Barby is one of our favorite contract gals working at Vivid Entertainment these days, even if her days under contract are reportedly numbered. The Canadian stripper turned porn performer has beautiful eyes, a seductive face, and a curvy body so there was a lot that director O. Brian could do in her latest outing called Foreplay. The movie was a series of five vignettes that emphasized Lanny as the focal point in three of them; the general idea being related to musical themes though not too heavily. The cover said it like this: "Five vignettes, each with its own story. Revolving around music, bands, backstage, and foreplay. Kissing, touching and eating pussy...everything that comes before sex, and the sex is all the more incredible for it. Featuring red hot Lanny, little Latin superstar Daisy, awesome newcomer Presley Maddox and magazine covergirl Audrey Bitoni. It's O. Brian at his rockin' best, proving once again just why he's adult's hot new director." It was not the best I have seen from the company but given my appreciation for Lanny, I ended up giving it a light Recommended. The amount of fuck for the buck in the movie was matched by that of the extras, though the unique extras were few and far between. In short, Foreplay was strokable and had some decent replay value with the usually fair technical matters, making it worth your time if you are into Lanny as much as I am.

Vince Vouyer has been involved with making porn for a long time by industry standards and his efforts at Vouyer Media are largely reported to be as close to what he likes as possible. His most recent release to make it my way is Bomb Shell Bottoms #3, the sequel to Bomb Shell Bottoms 2 where a number of amply endowed ladies strut their stuff with tease before having gonzo sex in the living room. While that sounds kind of tame, considering that he had gals like Alexis Texas, Paulina James, and Jenny Hendrix on hand for the festivities, I had a lot of hope that this would be among the best of the series; accepting that anal was not a requirement of the gals even though ass play seemed common. It was a lot of fun to watch even if somewhat inconsistent in terms of heat, chemistry, and energy of the performers. I got the impression that some of the pairings were not to the liking of the ladies even if they put on those fake "porn smiles" we all know about but the sum total of the technical matters, the extras, and the elements of the scenes were worth a rating of Recommended. Seeing cover gal Alexis Texas strut her plentiful stuff was alone worth the price of admission so give this one a look if you're into gonzo style porn.

Digital Sin has been in the porn business for years providing quality material for fans to inspire themselves with so it makes sense that they have finally gotten around to releases compilations as other companies have been doing for so very long. Their most popular titles these days seem to be the I Love...Series that use a spotlight on a particular performer or genre but they also make a number of specialty compilations as well. The latest of this is Jenna Goes Solo: Special Collector's Edition; a series of twelve scenes that show a wide variety of ladies masturbating in front of the camera as taken from scenes made over the years. Having watched a lot of female masturbation titles of late, I noticed that many of these were actually quite good; the value of the package worth exploring for those into gals doing themselves without the assistance of some mope squad members. This was a nice series of twelve scenes for fans of lonely ladies having fun. I rated it as a mid tier Recommended for fans of female masturbation action that do not have many of the previous releases making up this set but your mileage will vary depending on how much you like this kind of thing. In short, Jenna Goes Solo: Special Collector's Edition will help a lot of viewers out there make their own solo work more enjoyable so give this one a look.

Then Penthouse offered up some spooky fun of it's own with The House on Lovers Lane: Stop by Our House anytime...We're dying To See You. The house on Lovers Lane has seen a lot of action in the past 200 years. Come inside and peek. Every room tells a story, and every story is a naughty bedtime tale. Stranger  things have  happen at The House on Lovers Lane where the  Butler  Frank Buckyard takes  us on  a  tour of  the  haunted home of  his employers. Every room has a different story tell of sexual desires fulfilled supernaturally. Filled  with  extras this  DVD even has a vampire  story   from  " Vamps" with  Faith  Leon and  Tony De Sergio thrown in the mix for  your viewing pleasure. The  photo  gallery  shows  off the ladies at their  best and  the BTS has them giving  a brief interview  with  Voodoo who  does   double  duty as  camera man and performer. The House on Lovers Lane is a couple's title that has a very interesting story to tell. The   costumes used in each scene depicted the time ranging from present day to early Victorian. Each of the couples enjoyed working together and it showed with the eye contact and how will they worked with the other. The butler's  smart repartee  was  very  enjoyable and add a nice touch to the title.  There is   something for  everyone  including  an anal  scene with   Aurora  Snow and Steven St. Croix.  If ghostly haunting and  steamy sex is what you are looking for then  look no further.

Manuel Ferrara has really been working on providing even better movies now that his company is distributed by Evil Angel. They have been longer, edgier, and offered up more extras than ever before and I think he has helped fuel the "more is better" competition over there that benefits the company as a whole as well as the consumers that appreciate his style of gonzo fun. The ladies like working for him and he truly likes the ladies, which is not always the case in modern porn so I generally find his multi-disc titles to be a lot of fun and worthy of praise. His latest title is Slutty & Sluttier 4: Special Extended Set, the sequel to Slutty & Sluttier 3 where Manuel and friends jet set all over the world to find the kind of slutty women without limits that appeals to fans of the series. For the most part, he gets the curvy gals that offer all three holes up to the men rather than the shy types that still have a lengthy list of things they won't do. It had some solid extras and decent production values that made it a good value; earning a rating of Recommended from me. The biggest weakness for me was the inconsistent performances that were good performances but sometimes lacked the chemistry and enthusiasm that I like to see. Part of me wants to say this was at least in part due to the fact that Manuel did not participate as much in the scenes but it might have just been related to the other circumstances of the scenes too.

New Sensations is the company responsible for the I Love...Series, proving to be able to give fans what they want in great quantity in recent years. Their latest release in the series is I Love Young Girls: Collector's Edition, a double disc set of hotties bouncing on throbbing rods and slurping on the juicy meat poles in a variety of different ways. The theme this time was on young women, most of the ladies in the cast appearing to be in their late teens or early twenties on first glance; many of them award winning starlets from the last few years. While I might have picked a different set of scenes based on my tastes, this was a pretty solid set in large part, catering to the stated market niche fairly well. It provided almost 5 hours of frantic fucking for a very reasonable rate. None of the scenes appeared to be edited from their original release and while I would have appreciated more of Julia Bond in the show (she was on the cover after all), I have to admit that this volume of the I Love...Series was worthy of being Recommended. If you like your female performers young, you could far worse than I Love Young Girls: Collector's Edition with my only minor peeve being that some scenes were shown in an altered format (the letterboxing) and the lack of extras.

Justin Slayer is one of the few male directors in porn that can successfully provide good porn to people from all backgrounds, his works distributed by Evil Angel these days. As a black stud, many of the ladies working with him are happy with the size of his rod but as a director, manyhttp://www.xcritic.com/images/covers/thumbnails/de1361146.jpg of them are also pleased with his laid back manner that lets their inner freak out to really shine when things get rolling. Well, over the years, he has learned that his works were best suited for Evil Angel but has yet to completely convert his back catalog over to the "new" label so he has focused his efforts on gathering his best material to be released in a series of value packed compilations, the latest being Unleashed VS Freshly Slayed 3: Special Extended Set. Taking scenes from his Unleashed and Freshly Slayed series, Justin hand picked the scenes in the double disc set to appeal to a wide range of interracial sex lovers; the man himself doing all the manly deeds of the day with some of the world class ass he lined up when they were in their prime. It had some world class ass doing what they do best and a lot of raw energy to appreciate. The extras were well above average for a compilation and the technical values were not all that bad in many cases so I rated it as Recommended. In short,  Unleashed VS Freshly Slayed 3: Special Extended Set was a lot like Unleashed VS Freshly Slayed 2in that newcomers to the fanbase of Justin's work will get a kick out of his attention to the ladies to the point where they might want to look for full copies of the older titles to get the full package. Otherwise, the tease and heated action should suffice until his next new project comes out.

Shawn the MILF Hunter returns in MILF Hunter 4, a three-hour-plus collection of six scenes in which the easygoing horndog beds seven women. "MILF" here is a term connoting age and hotness more than maternal status: the ladies, in their 20s and 30s, never mention having to get back to a child waiting at home, and their big round boobs are filled with something other than mother's milk. But hot they are, although at least two of them are familiar porn veterans. Shawn is a likable, energetic performer (especially for a chubby), but he laughs at the wrong moments and is super straight sexually  - he doesn't lick nearly as much pussy as he should and he doesn't even think about doing anything with the female anus. It is a good, lengthy collection of scenes, though it continues to obscure what exactly constitutes a MILF - apparently, the distance between barely legal and MILF is extremely short. The great-looking ladies seem deeply into the sex, especially Bliss, Leesa and Adrianna, and while the sex itself is pretty unadventurous, it has good turn-on value. This movie shows what happens when four guys off the street are given just that opportunity. The video opens with a tediously-long (two and a half minute!) shot of someone doing graffiti on a wall -- hopefully at the studio and not random vandalism.  It has no bearing on the subject; it's just a self-ingratiating depiction of the director's logo (which is already plastered all over the box cover).  Perhaps the overly-proud painter is the director, "400 LB Guerilla" (sic). I found it somewhat amusing that at the end of each scene, each of the four "ambushed" guys expressed an interest in being porn stars, themselves.  I suppose they imagined this exposure could launch them on that path.  Indeed, in at least one case we heard the cameraman asking for the guy's contact information and suggesting he might be getting more work. The girls are attractive (at times, gorgeous), sexy, natural, and for the most part, fun to watch.  The producers have made an entertaining video which is, at worst, intermittently slow, and at best, pretty different and pretty arousing, especially for viewers who get hot at the thought of sex in (sometimes) public places or with strangers.  It is that element, plus the awareness that both actress and ambushee are living out a fantasy, which makes this exciting.

New reviewer Wind Tunnel reviewed our next two titles with Ass Parade 13 by the Bang Brothers. This was an extremely enjoyable DVD from top to bottom. The action was very lighthearted and playful - often reminding me of a Seymore Butts film. If you're a fan of the home video feel you'll definitely want to pick this title up. If you're just a little curious you might want to make it a rental first, but either way I definitely think you'll enjoy it. The picture was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color. I can honestly say that I like what I've been seeing from BangBros lately. Their newer releases all have technical quality on par with the higher end studios. Ass Parade 13 was shot using a hand held digital camera, so the colors are sometimes a bit washed, and the lighting does have some issues. Normally this would be a sign of bad production values, but this is exactly what the directors intended; a home video feeling. I didn't notice a single flaw on the actual print; this shows that Bang Bus actually spent some time on this release. If you like big butts, there was a lot of cheeky fun this time, all brought to you in the manner of the internet super stars, The Bang Brothers. Once again hotties like Brianna Love and Alexis Texas are front and center with their rears in gear to provide inspiration for the masses that love asses; and his look at a Naughty America offering in Naughty Office #9. With each scene clocking in around 15 to 20 minutes each, Naughty Office 9 will appeal to lovers of the series (professionally dressed girls ready for some desk-bound action), and features girls who are just right for the job.  The performances are even throughout, and even the build-up to sex isn't entirely as cringe-worthy as in previous Naughty America releases.  I actually believe that each of these girls' performances were up to the small task of falling into character, even if they were too brief (Roxy) or too long at times (Felony).  You won't be disappointed!

Next up we look at a plethora of pussy by famed reviewer Rob Randell, starting with Rack It Up by Diabolic Video and Gregg Alan. It is a busty oriented feature with a large lineup of big breasted women. The girls are all stunning and look great in the buff. If you like big breasted girls then this DVD will be worth looking into. While I enjoyed the girls and seeing them in action very much, there were still a couple things I would have liked to see. First more teasing action and focus on the girl's big tits. There's a lot of potential here. Second longer opening oral bits and perhaps some titty sex. Anyways, I was still pretty happy with this release. Nikki Benz and Austin Kincaid are two girls that you must see; Whatabooty 3 comes from Red Light District Video and is directed by Mr. Pete. The series offers viewers a chance to see girls with big booties. They use their round asses to tease in the opening and then engage in sex. The action in this installment is pretty hot. There were some exceptional scenes that I think are worth seeing. Also something I really liked about this release is how well the teases were done with a lot of focus on asses. There was also a good continued effort to focus on their butts during the sex. Anyways I think this one will not be a disappointment.

Fuck Dolls 8 is the latest from a Red Light District Video series that in its first few installments offered sex a little nastier than the rest. Since its inception, Fuck Dolls has been scaled back in its roughness and nastiness factor. What you've got with #8 is a pretty common gonzo release from Red Light. That's not a bad thing as this release has some pretty steamy sex. The girls were all attractive and the sex had the right level of excitement to keep my interest. The only thing I think could have been improved would be to include opening oral segments or longer ones if there was one. Still the sex itself was pretty hot and girls like Lana Croft and Jackie Brown are worth seeing in action;  Cum Shitters 2  is intended for a specific bunch of people. This DVD is directed by performer Manuel Ferrara and has 6 babes in 5 scenes who behind over and take it in the butt. The action concludes with the cum shot going in the girl's butts. Then they "shit" it out. I found it a little too gross and you can even hear them fart as they push it out. It is not for everyone and I am clearly everyone. However while I did not care much for the way the scenes ended I thought the sex was pretty hot; and Alone in the Dark #5 is the latest installment which is directed by Juan Cuba. The first 4 volumes were released on the Candy Shop label. If you aren't familiar with this series it is interracial gangbang. Each installment has 3 different girls and several black dudes. For what it is, Alone in the Dark #5 is an exciting release. While there are only 3 scenes and 3 girls the content offers 2.5 hours of steamy sex. They begin with good length oral only sessions and continue with lots of sex. The action was pretty hot and all 3 girls are worth seeing in action if you like gangbangs.

Upcoming Notable DVDs

We'd love to read your comments and feedback on this column, Send us your thoughts on other things you'd like to see in the space, or even random thoughts about the world of porn. In fact, we're still looking for reviewers, writers, and a host of others to contribute to the website to make it even better so drop us a line at [email protected].

The major contributors to The Blue Room this week were: Don Houston and Chris Thorne.

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