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Adelyn Ames Interview

Adelyn Ames Interview

I have had the chance over my 30 years around the adult industry to meet some great newcomers. But, meeting a newcomer as sweet and charming as 20 year old Adelyn Ames was a very special treat. Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with Adelyn at Taboo's Adult Boutique in Richmond, Virginia to interview her and look on as she met with fans. Sometimes, when you see a newcomer in some of their first dvd's and then you get a chance to meet them, you find two different people. This is certainly not the case with Adelyn. She is the same charming lady you see on screen and in person. Well, I guess, the only exception to this is as you will see in her interview, she is a bit kinkier in her private life than what we have seen so far in her movies. During her interview and when she was talking with fans, I saw a true, from the heart young lady who loves her fans and her work. The only challenge I had during the interview with her sitting across from me was staying focused. I found it difficult and would often catch myself not always looking at her pretty face, but my eyes would often wander along her sexy body enjoying her other assets too. 

Bottom Center: Adelyn Ames, Back Left To Right: Taboo Girls, Michelle & Jody, Taboo Owner, Alison Barber

Before we move on to the interview. I want to personally thank Alison Barber the owner of Taboo and all the Taboo Girls for hosting Adelyn and myself for this interview. Taboo is a premier Adult Boutique & Adult Store in Richmond, Virginia and one of the top on the east coast. Alison, has done a fantastic job in building her store and offers products, clothing and movies to meet everyones needs in a very comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. In 2009 Taboo won Best Independent Adult Retailer at the StoreErotica Awards and just recently was nominated for Outstanding Boutique at the 2010 AVN "O" Awards. Doing Adelyn's interview at Taboo was certainly an honor and a treat to be surrounded by such a pretty and sexy group of young ladies. Thanks Alison, Jodi and Michelle, you all are fantastic. You can visit Taboo in Richmond, Virgina or at http://www.taboolicious.com/  Taboo's Twitter handle is @TabooRVA

I know you will enjoy this interview as much as I did when conducting it. So lets meet the sexy and exciting Adelyn Ames.

Adelyn you are a brand new, sexy and exciting starlet to the industry, your first two DVD's have certainly caught you some attention. How long have you been in the industry? Why did you decide to get into porn and what was the biggest surprise for you about it when you started?

I have been doing porn just under a year. I am with Type 9 Models, I started shooting scenes in Florida and am now moving on to shoots in LA. How I got into the business, well I was actually taking nude pictures of myself for an "alt site" called godsgirls.com, then moved to some girl/girl on camera for burningangel.com. I realized that if I wanted to grow in this business, I couldn't limit myself to girl/girl so I started shooting boy/girl scenes. One of the biggest surprises for me was finding out how long it actually takes to shoot a scene. There's a lot more involved than just having sex.

What is your favorite thing so far about being an adult performer and what part of have you enjoyed the most?

My favorite thing has been meeting so many new people, actors, actresses, directors and of course the great fans. I have really enjoyed seeing all the great artistic talent in the industry. One thing I have really enjoyed is that I have been able to explore more of my sexual/kinky side through shoots. I want to try a whole bunch of kinky new things and it's one of the reasons I would like to do work for kink.com.

Bill The Hobbyist with Adelyn Ames

If you could pick several industry people who you could work with, who would they be and why? What would be your dream scene if you could pick one?

I would love to shoot for director Eon McKai, I think his work is just pretty interesting. As far as other performers go I would love to work with, Sasha Grey, she's insanely smart, Belladonna because she turns me on and because she is so aggressive, at least thats what I get from her movies, and Andy San Dimas because she is smoking hot and we both have a crush on Bug Hall. They are all amazing and brilliant performers and to work with them would be intense. My dream scene right now, would probably have to be something bondage, or with all three aforementioned girls.

What kind of kid and teenager were you growing up?

When I was a kid I actually was pretty much a tom boy and always outside and going on adventures. I was pretty young when I started kissing girls, but then at 13 when I started getting boobs I got bored with the tomboy stuff and I became boy crazy, which led to me loosing my virginity. After that one time fling with the boy at 13 I got bored and didn't have sex again until I turned 15. So yeah I started young and was a pretty sexual teenager.

Would you mind sharing what some of your hobbies and interest are?

I love music, I used to book shows in south west Florida starting pretty young so music has always been a part of my life, I was also in orchestra all through high school, I played the Cello. I really like making my own clothes and jewelry. I bake a lot, cookies, cupcakes and what have you. Oh, and of course play tons of video games and watch a crazy amount of movies.

Adelyn, you were exciting and very hot to watch in your first two DVD's, Diabolic Young Amateurs and Diabolic Amateurs 2 They both rated full erections with me and OK a few blisters on my hands from rubbing off too much while watching them. Are you as sexual in your private life as you are in your movies?

Adelyn Ames, Diabolic Amateurs 2

I am defiantly as sexual in my private life as you have seen in my dvd's with the exception that I am somewhat kinkier in my private life. I love being tied up and slapped, and I love to talk dirty, but it seems with some scenes when I talk dirty and the guys don't respond very well which takes the fun out of it. Also in my private life I don't have to be in crazy uncomfortable positions. If I want to just lay there I can just lay there and make my guy do all the work. (Big Smile)

As most know, I always gotta talk about anal a bit. I saw on your agencies page that you do anal. Have you done any anal scenes yet? Is anal something you do in your private life? Do you enjoy anal sex? When was the first time you had anal sex? What about Double Penetration, have you ever done it and are you planning on making it a part of your scenes?

I am available to do anal, but haven't shot any anal scenes and can't wait for my first. I was 19 the first time I did anal and Oh my god was it an experience, and not the best. When my boyfriend and I first tried it in our private life we were both really new and it was a heat of the moment thing so lets just say we had no lube or condom and I told him to just put it in...and well...he did what he was told. It kind of felt good but then his dick came out and he tried to put it back in and it hurt like crazy so I told him to just stop. Valentines day we tried again because I wanted to give him something special but it was that time of the month, so we tried again with more lube on hand. Now I love it and even have orgasms while taking it in my butt. Double penetration I think is really hot to watch, and just regular anal too. Double penetration is something I certainly want to do, but need to practice a bit before I shoot a double penetration scene. I am a firm believer in trying something in your private life first and making sure you like it before doing it on camera.

Which one of following do you enjoy most and why? Fucking, Sucking Cock or Taking It Up The Butt?

Adelyn Ames, Diabolic Young Amateurs, Doing What She Loves Best!

My favorite thing to do is suck dick. I just love it and really love getting facials. Giving a blow job is such a big turn on for me and knowing how much guys love them is makes it even better. I really like to please.

You were recently asked by Alison Barber the owner of Taboo in Richmond, VA to model at Taboo's Halloween Party Fashion Show. Of course I gotta ask, will you be doing it? Do you or would you consider doing modeling as a segment of your career?

Yes, I am certainly going to take Alison up on her offer, she is great and the Taboo Girls are so hot. It would be fun to hang out with all of them. I actually started out as a nude model before I started shooting films so modeling has always been a segment of my adult career.

Are there any web sites or future projects that you would like to promote? What are you currently working on film wise? What is your next scheduled release? Anything you want to say to your fans or other adult industry people as we wrap up?

Yes, I am on XPeeps and Twitter @AdelynAmes I am currently working on content for my own web site too. I want to certainly thank all my fans for watching me on camera and a special thanks to Violet Monroe who has been like a guide for me through this crazy world of shooting pornos.

Thank You Adelyn!

I want to personally thank you for taking the time to visit with me and your fans. You are a sweetheart and I look forward to seeing many more great scenes from you and certainly hope we can visit again sometime.

Thank you Bill, it has been a pleasure and I want to also thank Alison the owner of Taboo for hosting this and all the Taboo Girls. This store is amazing!

Adelyn Posing In Her Thank You Gift From Bill The Hobbyist

Bill The Hobbyist or @BillTheHobbyist

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