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Draven Star Interview

One of the things I enjoy doing with XCritic is having the opportunity to meet and interview some of the lovely and exciting ladies in the industry and nothing is more exciting than meeting Draven Star. Recently, I sat down with Draven at the "Gentelmens Gold Club" in Baltimore, Maryland. A very up scale club with lots of beautiful and sexy ladies, but none pretty or sexier than Draven. My timing was perfect as I entered the club, looked up to the stage and there was Draven dancing and totally nude. What a fantastic sight and way to start a great interview.

As we sat down and talked, I must admit, I was in a shear trance the entire time. Draven has this beauty that totally mystifies you and is so easy to just get lost in her memorizing eyes. Beauty is not all Draven, has going for her. She has a great head on her shoulders, knows where she wants to go, has a plan and I belive she will very easily archive it. Her charm, wit, intelligence and her unique personality is beyond compare. Draven has had some great success in a short time in the business and no wonder when you combine her beauty, intelligence and exciting sex scenes together. Come join me and see just why everyone is "Crushing On Draven Star".

Draven At The Gentlemen's Gold Club, Baltimore, Maryland

Draven, you are a fairly new, sexy and exciting starlet to the industry, your DVD's have certainly caught some attention. How long have you been in the industry? Why did you decide to get into porn and what was the biggest surprise for you about it when you started?

Well, I have been a Burning Angel now for four years and doing videos for two. I had done some nude stuff before that, but had been modeling since I was 16. I've always tried to be pretty active on the site and with the members, and when I was at a convention, Joanna said that there had been a few requests for videos of me. So I decided to try it, and see what happened. Fast forward and Im pretty excited about my new solo DVD "Crushing On Draven" that Burning Angel put out. The biggest surprise for me was that I wasn't super nervous and that I was able to let go and kinda forget about the camera.

What is your favorite thing so far about being an adult performer and what part of have you enjoyed the most?

Meeting people! Performers and fans and everyone in between. I also like when fans talk to me, come see me dance or see me at conventions.

If you could pick several industry people who you could work with, who would they be and why? What would be your dream scene if you could pick one?

Jenna Haze, Jiz Lee, Keni Styles and one I actually just did was with Tommy Pistol. I think one of my dream scenes would be a medical setting with two girls and one or two dudes where they just totally ravage me during. I like boys and girls and it's fun to play with both at the same time ;) Since parodies are so rad right now, I'd like to throw my hat out there for Elvira, Joan Jett and Snow White. :D


What kind of kid and teenager where you growing up?

I was pretty shy and super reserved. I didn't even wear shorts in the summer, haha! I was pretty nerdy. I was in band, theater, was the co-president of a gay-straight alliance and you know, had spiky black hair and wore heavy makeup. I did a lot of climbing in and out of my window at night to go hang in cemeteries.

Would you mind sharing what some of your hobbies and interest are?

I just suspended for the first time, and I look forward to doing more of that and learning how to suspend others. I love dancing, drinking and hanging out at dirty bars. But then I also enjoy just being at home with friends and people that are rad.

On screen, you are always exciting to watch and full of energy. Everything thing from your facial expressions, sounds, to your actions give me a mega woody when I watch you. You are very hot and certainly deliver nut buster scenes. Are you the same sexually in your private life as you are in your movies?

Pretty much. Im not a quiet girl and I don't fake my orgasms on film. Why have sex if you're not going to do it right?

In all your scenes you seem to always have remarkable sexual chemistry whether male or female. What is it that turns you on about a guy? What turns you on to a female?

Im bisexual, and I think that helps. I came out when I was 16 and have never been shy about it. Ill go through phases of dating girls or dating boys, I don't try to date them both at the same time. First had sex with a girl when I was 17 and a guy at 18. I just try to have fun.

What is your favorite position and why?

Thats not an easy question! I guess doggie. I also like getting my hair pulled and being choked.

You have had some great success in a short time. You have 9 DVD's out with your two most recent releases being Rebel Girl & Crushing On Draven, by Burning Angel. Both had great reviews and not only was Crushing On Draven an XCritic Pick, it focused on you with six very hot and exciting scenes. Is there anything that you attribute this success to?

Determination and a lot of support by Burning Angel members and fans. Also, a lot of luck. I've met some amazing people and Im pretty excited to see what happens next.

I have been following your blog that you recently started called The Doom Doll. It has been very enjoyable and entertaining thus far. Do you have more plans with it or any expansion ideas into a full web-site?

Well, once Im settled (Im moving!) Ill be spending more time online and doing more things online. I like to blog and I didn't want to post to more than the other girls on Burning Angel and take over the home-page, so I started this. I can blog everyday if I want to! Im pretty new to web-sites, so I guess Ill see what happens. Doom Doll is a name a very dear friend gave me, and its what is tattooed on my knuckles.

Before we wrap up and I get a lap dance from you, are there any web sites, future projects or events that you would like to promote or people you would like to mention? What are you currently working on film wise? What is your next scheduled release? Anything you want to say to your fans or other adult industry people as we wrap up?

I'm on Twitter! http://twitter.com/draven or @draven, my little blog http://www.thedoomdoll.com/ . I'm in Burning Angel's "Joanna's Angels 3" which is coming out soon. I have a pussy mold coming out in January, which is exciting and I never thought would happen to me! Also, I'll be at Exxxotica NY/NJ in November.

I want to personally thank you for taking the time to visit with me and your fans. You are a sweetheart and I look forward to seeing many more great scenes from you and certainly hope we can visit again sometime. Oh, And I will certainly be buying your pussy mold, when it comes out in January and I can't wait to use it :)

Bill The Hobbyist, Admiring Draven's Lovely Assets Prio To His Lap Dance

Thank you for interviewing me! Im really glad you guys like what I've made so far and I hope that you enjoy what comes next! I feel so lucky to be where I am and I can't thank everyone that has supported me enough!! <3

Just a final comment. Had a very exciting and hot lap dance from Draven before I left and it was a mega woody for me. If you are ever nearby where she dances, make sure you stop in, meet her and get a lap dance of a lifetime. Thanks, Draven! It was fantastic!

Interview By: Bill The Hobbyist

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