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Amy Fisher interview

Amy Fisher Interview
When anyone sees Amy Fisher, it is surprising that it is already 2010. Since this ageless beauty gets more gorgeous than ever, it is fortunate for us that her new career is in porn. However, people should not dismiss Ms. Fisher as only having sex appeal.  Her recent deal with Dreamzone Entertainment should place the industry on notice that she is also a shrewd businesswoman. Amy knows what she wants and usually gets it. Now, her first major adult feature titled Deep Inside Amy Fisher Volume 1 will have her amongst the most successful and talented adult stars in the business. In a short amount of time, Ms. Fisher is able to gather up high quality talent and meet a deadline. It has proven to the industry that she means business. Who'd ever knew that this Long Island girl could become a highly successful porn mogul? It can only happen in the U.S.A. 

Hi Amy, congratulations on your new distribution deal with Dreamzone Entertainment. It's great that this partnership will allow you to further your adult career in a more credible fashion. With top stars like Lisa Ann, Evan Stone, Tommy Gunn, and Marcus London appearing in your much anticipated film and giving their solid support, there is no doubt that your past controversial image is slowly fading and a credible adult entertainer is blossoming in front of our eyes. What do you think about all of this recognition?

Thank you. I have never thought much of recognition. I just live my life. I am thrilled to have partnered with Dreamzone.

Your husband Lou Bellera has been an important supporter and partner in your career and life. He deserves a lot of credit. How did you meet him and were there romantic sparks immediately between yourselves?

My husband is my biggest fan. People ask me all the time if he gets jealous that I have sex with other men. I correct them by explaining that adult film stars are actors, I am acting in my films, not having an affair; though when you see one it will certainly lead you to wonder...yes, I am that good of an actor.

How difficult of a decision was it to enter the adult industry? Why did you decide to be a part of it?

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It was a difficult decision to enter into adult film making because our society is so brainwashed by the media telling them adult movies are deviant. I worried about the social ramifications. Ultimately I realized I am already a controversial figure so whoever doesn't like what I do doesn't have to come to my house for Sunday dinner; and that is that.

In your production Amy Fisher: Totally Nude & Exposed, fans got a very good taste of your hot sexual energy. Are there any particular memories that pop into your mind when you think about the filming of that film? Were you very nervous, excited, both? How did you get the adult talent for that shoot?

I made a softcore PPV simply to test the waters to see how many people would watch me naked before I made the leap to hardcore films. My PPV was an enormous success which lead me to enter the world of hardcore films.

From that film, your Boy/Girl and Girl/Girl scenes were so good that to the viewer, one could not tell that it was your first official adult production not considering the previous sex tape with your ex-husband. I really like the chemistry that you have with women. I can tell that you really love the ladies. What traits of a woman do you admire most? What makes a woman sexy? In addition, what traits of a man do you admire most? What makes a man sexy?

My husband is not an "ex", lol. As far as chemistry, it's great if it is there but if it isn't that's where the acting comes in. At the end of the day it's about giving the consumer a top shelf product that they enjoy. What makes a woman sexy to me? Well, I am sure people will see a pattern emerge as I start to work with more female stars. I handpick who I devour which is a rarity in adult. Usually a director pairs stars together. I get to actually chose the women I'm with. So far I've filmed with Lisa Ann and Shyla Styles who are both very sexy.

Deep Inside Amy Fisher

In your current film, the first sex scene that you shot was with Dale DaBone? How did you feel the night before and the moments before that scene?

All of my costars were hand picked by me; ahh, it's good to be the boss. So every sexy star was a wonderful experience for me. I am an artistic person and to me passionate sex is art.

By having full control of the kinds of films that you want to make and selecting the talent, you will definitely be taking risks, but then, the rewards could be very grand. Could you tell us what is your vision as you create your adult films and continue to progress in this industry? What are your professional and personal dreams?

Right now I am making pure sexual films. I am exploring both my acting ability and my sexuality. I am not a dreamer. If I want to do something, I do it. I never talk about what I am doing until I am actually doing it.

Even though it is difficult to consider you as a MILF since many people see you as forever young, what are your thoughts of the Milf genre and having people think of you as a cougar?

I like forever young. I look way younger than I am. Technically I was a MILF in my early 20's

What has been the biggest surprise for you about the adult industry?

It takes a lot to surprise me, I have yet to be shocked

Are there any industry people (actors, actresses, directors, etc.)
who you have not had the opportunity to work with yet and want to very
badly and why? What would be your dream scene?

Yes, there are a few, all contract stars with studios. I have already had my dream scene and no I won't elaborate. Watch my movies and see if you can guess.

What's your favorite thing about having worked in the adult industry?

Creating a product that will entertain and bring pleasure to others.

Are there any web sites or future projects that you would like to

What are you currently working on film wise?I just filmed 3 movies.  Deep Inside Amy Fisher,Vol.1 will be released on September 30. My personal web site is www.Amyfisher.com
and my Twitter page is

You can purchase my movie Deep Inside Amy Fisher, Vol. 1 on AEBN http://bit.ly/bnh2zr

Interview by Apache Warrior

My email account: [email protected]
My Twitter account: https://twitter.com/ApacheWarrior

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