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Tristyn Kennedy Interview

Tristyn Kennedy Interview

Where does one begin with so many young ladies entering the adult business? Everyday, I come across so many, but only few stand out with shear amazement in every way. One, that has certainly enter the industry recently and caught my eye right from the start, is the very pretty, sexy and down right adorable, Tristyn Kennedy. When I first saw her pictures and bio on OC Modeling, well to be honest I stared at the screen for hours. Once, out of my trance, I started to follow her on twitter and googled everything I could about her. As I watched her first several scenes, well for only being eighteen, I was like OMG, wish I was that age again to spend some time with this hottie. But, I did find out in my cam interview with her, much older guys is really her thing (sure hope it's with this older guy someday,Tristyn). Not only is Tristyn, a very sexy young girl, but is fun and enjoys life to it's fullest. With her drive, a good head on her shoulders and very exciting performances that brings a rise in my Levis, every time I watch her. There is no question in my mind that she will be at the top of adult stardom very fast. So, join me in a great cam interview I had and meet one of the newest, sweetest and sexy eighteen year old in the business, Tristyn Kennedy.

Tristyn, you are a fairly new and very sexy starlet to the industry and caught my eye right off the bat. How long have you been in the industry? How old were you when you did your first shoot? Why did you decide to get into porn and what was the biggest surprise for you about it when you started?

I turned 18 on January 18th of this year and started stripping that same night. My first scene I shot was in July, so I was only Eighteen and a half when I started. My biggest surprise was when coming out to LA, how common sex was. Everything is so normal, nothing like the small town I grew up in. Getting into porn for me just happened. I was dancing one night and who I thought was just a regular customer, started talking to me about porn. Was asking me, if I liked sex, girls and stuff. I was really thinking he was some kind of a creep. I then found out he wasn't and he worked in porn. After that, I Googled up some agents, signed with one and it began.

What has been your favorite thing so far about being an adult performer and what part of have you enjoyed the most?

The many different situations I get to have sex in. I like waking up knowing that I have a scene that day, but not knowing all details on what it will be or who I will be having sex with. It's exciting.

Being new, if you could pick several industry people who you could work with, who would they be? What would be your dream scene if you could pick one?

Honestly, I have never really watched allot of porn, well except for small clips on the Internet. I do like older men, that is who I like working with, 40 plus year old guys. The oldest guy I have been with was like 60. Older guys are just so exciting, so any scenes with older men is what I love and want to shoot. I also would just like to explore my sexuality a little bit more. I would love to get tied up n stuff. I have also never done a g/g scene so I really hope I get one soon.

What kind of kid and teenager where you growing up?

I was outgoing, but not much into sports. I had one best friend all the way through high school, that I was always with and still am today. Once I am up in the morning and get going, we are then together all day. I left home when I was 17 and have been on my own ever since. Lost my virginity at 15 to a guy who was older than me :) Most of the time growing up, I just did my own thing.

What are some of your hobbies and other interests?

Shopping, everyday, I live to shop, it's awful and my only hobby I have, well and eating too. I get such a high from shopping, but then I get depressed from spending the money too :(. If I get bored sometimes, I will go and dance at a local strip club =) I love getting dressed up sexy and inn high heels, then takin it off =))

Tristyn Kennedy, talking to Bill The Hobbist, about her love for shopping.

In the scenes I have seen, I love your on screen personality. Is that the real Tristyn, we are seeing or are you quite different in your private life.

Yeah, it's me for sure. I always try to have fun and a good time. Especially in LA, I have so much fun.

Sexually on screen you are very exciting and extremely hot. I always get a mega hard on watching you and then, umm, well do you know what. Are you the same sexually in your private life as you are in your scenes?

Sex, I love it. Yes, I am the same person sexually off screen that you see on screen.

You have great oral skills that I have seen (would I love to feel it directly and would I). Have you always been great in giving head?

My first time was awful. I know it was and I remember it exactly. After that, I started sucking dick allot and liked it. I had this one boyfriend, that really liked and wanted his balls sucked. I had never sucked on a guys balls and said they are not going in my mouth. But, now I love that too. Yes, I do love sucking dick :)

What is the funniest thing that has happened with you while shooting a scene so far?

I always get a little teased for my accent. But one day on set for some reason I had said "TEN", like the number ten...and the director heard me say it and just thought it was HILARIOUS =) lol So throughout the whole scene you end up hearing the number TEN said ALOT lol. It ended up being a key point in the scene i think =))

What's the kinkiest or wildest thing you have done in a scene so far? How about your private life, what is the kinkiest or wildest thing you remember doing?

Honestly, about the wildest thing I have done was having sex on a three wheeler. It was great too! I also put a hot dog in a girls cooter in Real Slut Party...lol that was kinda wild....and random. lol

Which one of following do you enjoy most? Fucking, Sucking Cock or Having A Guy Go Down On You.

Sucking, I just love it. Oh, and I love having someone go down on me, especially older guys.

What is your favorite position?

mmm from tha back =) all day. lol


This is more of a comment, than a question. Not only are you a very pretty young lady, but you have a fantastic body and facial features. That cute face, pretty smile, lovely pussy, hot ass and sweet boobies with great nipples, that I just love. (Pausing to adjust the hard on in my pants). You must get allot of complements in and outside the industry.

Note, Tristyn's, response to my comment was standing up and giving me a very nice boobie and nipple flash. I guess that meant she's happy with what she has and damn girl you should be. Very fucking hot!

Tristyn, giving Bill The Hobbyst a boobie flash durning the interview.  Sorry for the blury cam pic, but when this happened my table started shaken!

Do you watch the scenes you shoot?

I havn't really, but pretty excited about "Farm Fresh 3" coming out and will be at the store to get it the day it does.

Are there any web sites or future projects that you would like to promote? What are you currently working on film wise?

Heading back to La for some more shoots. I am on Twitter @TristynKennedy and I love my followers. No web-site yet, but hoping to have one. You can also visit my OC Modeling page.

I want to personally thank you for taking the time to visit with me and your fans. You are a sweetheart and I look forward to seeing many more great scenes from you and certainly hope we can visit again sometime. Anything you want to say to your fans or other adult industry people as we wrap up?

I want to thank all my fans and a special thank you to Sandy n Phil at OC Modeling for being so awesome and sweet!??? They are great and I Love them!!!

And we all love you too, Tristyn!

Interview By Bill The Hobbyist


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