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Karissa Shannon interview

XCritic Talks to The Star of Vivid's Latest Celebrity Sex Tape

Karissa Shannon Interview
It seems that in our current state of celebrity, sex tapes have become more prevalent. Some have been used for self-promotion while others, as in the case of Karissa Shannon, were pulled into one's situation by unforeseen circumstances. Already hitting it big with her top-rated television show The Girls Next Door and beginning to branch out into feature films, this talented lady was progressing with her career nicely. She also found true love with her actor boyfriend Sam Jones III. Suddenly, theft and betrayal entered their lives which made them make difficult decisions. With the release of their highly anticipated tape Karissa Shannon Superstar, people need to realize that those on the tape are people too. They have feelings and family like the rest of us. So, as you watch and enjoy it, just remember that Karissa and Sam are good people who tried to make the best out of an unexpected turn of events. Their fans should not place them in the same category of those others who have their own sex tapes out in the marketplace.

Hi Karissa, 2010 has definitely been a very huge transitional year for you in both your professional and personal life. Not only have you moved out of the Playboy Mansion, but you are in a very kinky sex tape with your boyfriend distributed by Vivid-Celeb, and your very much-anticipated and critically acclaimed film "SOMEWHERE" directed by Sofia Coppola will be out later in the year. As to your much talked-about and viewed sex tape, you must have been embarrassed and angry when it was made public? Who do you suspect of stealing it and wanting to profit from it?

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I am very upset and embarrassed that the intimate footage of me and my boyfriend Sam Jones III is now public. My family is not talking to me and Hef is very upset. Not only was it stolen by Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, but it was shopped around to multiple porn companies. I'm not sure how many people have seen the footage before Vivid CEO Steve Hirsch. Heidi was one of my best friends and she betrayed me. I'm so hurt over the situation. I don't understand why Spencer and Heidi wouldn't just do a Montana movie if they are so desperate for money and fame! Spencer must be ashamed of his manly-hood! It is unfair and so evil.

How and why did you come into contact with Vivid Entertainment?

I saw an interview on X17 online in which Vivid CEO Steven Hirsch said "I've seen the footage and it's one of the kinkiest sex tapes I've ever seen and Karissa is by far the hottest woman on the planet. Sam, Karissa, if you are watching, I would like you to come in and talk." As soon as we saw that, we had to go in and talk because we knew this thing was going to get out. We wanted to do the best we could with the situation we were in.

Karissa Shannon Superstar

With all of the instant success that this tape has garnered in a very short amount of time, how surprised are you about it's positive reception with the public and your fans especially since some of the scenes are kinky and extreme in nature? Vivid founder and co-chairman Steven Hirsch even called it "the most extreme celebrity tape ever brought to us."

This is definitely something I did not want my friends, family, and fans to see. And it hasn't really made any difference in my career. But, I am not surprised by the statement Steve made because Sam and I are really close, have great chemistry, and have very Kinky wild sex that most people will never even know exists. Our sex isn't porn; it's making love.

On a more personal note, how did you first meet your boyfriend Sam Jones III? It is very evident that he makes you light up. There is very good chemistry between the both of you.

I met Sam while I was still living at the Playboy Mansion. He came with Too Short to the New Year's party. He asked me for my phone number and then we started dating a couple of weeks later, but it was hard keeping it from Hef so eventually Sam asked me to move in with him and I did!!

Now, about your film "SOMEWHERE," it must have been so exciting to work with an established cast with the likes of top-notch actors Stephen Dorff, Elle Fanning, and Michelle Monaghan. And, of course, your sister Kristina is in the movie too. How was your experience on the set and working with this talented cast? What did you learn about your experience on this film?

I had so much fun! Originally, I was going to play Bambi, but my sister begged me to play Cindy because she had a crush on Stephen, and Bambi and Johnny had some pretty hot scenes together! Sophia's movies don't have that much of a script. It's more pretty scenes with music. So it made it easy on my sister and I as far as it being our first movie.

How did you first become associated with Playboy? How was life like living in the Mansion with Hef?

I had just turned 18 and I sent pictures of my sister and I into Playboy's Chicago office and heard back 2 days later!! They flew us to Miami to do a test shoot and then flew us to California to shoot our centerfold at the Mansion and than we met Hef and he asked us to move in. He loved our energy we brought to the mansion and so did the Girls Next Door producers!!

What would you like to see happen in your career?

I am working on my auto bio right now which includes a tell all chapter of my Mansion days. I also am recording an album with Sam which will be done by the end of November! And Sam and I are in the works of a TV show following our life together!!

Interview by Apache Warrior

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