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Burning Angel Miss Genocide Interview

 Burning Angel Miss Genocide Interview


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Recently, I had the honor to do a review on Burning Angel's web-site that snag a strong "XCritic Pick" rating from me. After finishing the review, I thought an interview with one of the Burning Angel girls would be great way to follow up. There are so many great girls on the site, who all deserve there own interviews, but knowing I couldn't interview each one of the over 200 girls on the site, I needed to focus on one. Having, been following Miss Genocide on Twitter, I had seen a lot about her and her diversification not only in the adult industry, but outside it too. Miss Genocide, is a fairly newcomer to the adult business and with her exciting and sexy appearance, great body and all around cutie atl girl looks, one cannot help but to quickly fall in love with her. Miss Genocide, is a very impressive young lady and very active in many different things. She is creative, unique in her ways and is down right fucking hot. She is one lady you will want to keep an eye on as she grows within the industry. Come meet this hot and sexy Burning Angel, Miss Genocide.

How did you get into the adult industry and what was the biggest surprise for you?

I didn't take the normal route into the Adult industry as most girls would. Many of them start out as a dancer and later figure out they might be comfortable taking it further and venturing into porn. This is a good way to find out if you're comfortable with yourself, your sexuality, and your body before taking a step into film. I, however, started shooting way before I even thought I'd ever become a dancer! I decided to dabble in the adult industry, or attempt to, when my husband and I had a discussion about the both of us possibly making our own films and web-site. Realizing we both had no idea how to go about this, or knew anything at all about the industry, I decided to see if I could get a foot in with a company and soak up any experience I could. I applied to many sites, and Burning Angel was the first to reply, and accept me...The next day, on my birthday, a year ago on August 9th, I became a Burning Angel girl.

Give us a little overview of of all what you do in the adult industry and what you enjoy the most?

I began dancing as sort of a quick way for money, as most girls do. After I arrived back home from shooting in New York for Burning Angel, I needed a job again and bar tending was what I loved to do and was good at it. Unfortunately, jobs were scarce in the small town I resided in at the time, but the local hole-in-the-wall strip club always needed girls. Little did I know, I wound up putting my heart and soul into this job and dancing immediately became a new passion of mine, when I never knew I could dance at all! This was early February of 2010 and now I have girls who approach me to ask how many YEARS I have been dancing! I love the area of this job that allows me to both express, and exercise on a daily basis.

Working for Burning Angel is also a dream job. Though it's never full time, the company does it's best to make it a "vacation" atmosphere when a girl is called to shoot; hence the reason we all call it a "porno vacation". There is no pressure on us at all the crew is amazing, and at times, silly. Shooting scenes are very smooth and go-with-the-flow, which is contrary to what some other companies' methods, so the sex you see is real, not scripted.

Camming is a fun way to meet new fans and make a little revenue on the side in my spare time. I am currently working with MyFreeCams! I enjoy the environment on this particular site, and the members are very nice and interactive.

What is it like being a Burning Angel, what do your enjoy and why did you become one?

I think in one of my ramblings I might have covered this, but I'll reiterate! Being a Burning Angel is still, at times, a bit surreal to me. People in bars, on the street, at concerts, tattoo shops and porn stores recognize me and often ask for pictures! It's flattering knowing that people enjoy, and appreciate, what I do. I became a Burning Angel girl for the opportunity to travel, have fun in front of the camera, attend bad ass parties, and hopefully someday make a name for myself and put my husband's and my music career on the map.

How did you pick the name you work under?

That's a FUN questions, haha! I try to give a different explanation ever time I'm asked that, but really it started out as a stupid MySpace name many years ago. Since I lived in a small town, lots of people started to identify me by that name, and for some reason, it stuck. I never thought of making another name when I applied for Burning Angel. I was just more concerned whether I'd make the cut or not, which I was very surprised to. I certainly get a lot of hack for the name because some people don't understand it, so I just say, "I'm Jewish, the name is ironic, if you don't like it, fuck off!". My name when I began dancing was simply, Genocide. However, when I began dancing out of town, that name was not widely appreciated, so if you visit me in Austin, or I happen to be in your local strip joint, you can find me under the name Lucy Diamond.

Tell us about some of the fantastic tattoos you have.

To avoid getting to detailed and become boring, I can simply tell you that my sleeve on my left arm, and hip tattoos, are a tribute to 50's hot rods and the "Kustom Kulture" created by Ed Roth and Von Dutch, and my love for the Misfits. The idea for my chest piece came from my appreciation for an artist named Vince Ray. My knuckle tattoos, "restless", sort of define me, and I got it because I love the song "Up the Cuts" by Against Me! I also have a red and green Light Saber on the inside of my index fingers, and Darth Vader on both of my feet, yes, I love Star Wars. I've also got a Burning Angel tattoo on the side of my right foot, which pays homage to the one scene that Mitch Fontaine directed! Not a lot of people know this, but I have a zombie martini glass behind my right ear, because I love bar tending and am very fascinated by wines and spirits. Finally, my newest piece which many of you haven't seen, is my "Brooklyn" script on the right side of my ribs. I was born in Brooklyn, New York, but never really appreciated it until Burning Angel sent me there to shoot. I felt at home, a feeling I've never acquired anywhere else, so I thought it necessary to have it tattooed on me.

I understand you have a passion for cupcakes how did this come about?

That's actually something my husband is very passionate about, and I mean VERY. I'm more into actually cooking than baking, but he for some reason felt this to be his calling. We had always talked about it, but never really had the funds or time to practice, then recently, a large order fell into our laps, so we kind of dove into it! We decided to combine both of our businesses together, my jewelry store, and his cupcake bakery, as one company theamed around tattoos, the Spanish culture, and wild baked goods and called it Calavera Bake Shop and Hardware. You can find us at www.etsy.com/shop/calavera138 We have not yet put any baked goods for sale yet, as we haven't figured out how to safely package and ship them, but as SOON as we do, there are a few very important people that should be expecting some sweets in the mail! (Bill!)

What were you like growing up?

I thought I was a pretty decent child and I never really got into a lot of trouble. I was always into music, many people I went to high school with STILL remember me as "the girl with the guitar", because I carried one everywhere. Band also consumed a lot of my time and attention in school. I went to a lot of local shows where I grew up, back when we HAD a scene there and it had substance and diversity. I also had sex for the first time at a very young age, which I regret. Not necessarily the sex, but who it was with. I began camming shortly after that, but not for pay sites of course. I just used the ol' net meeting program on Windows 98, haha!

You have a lot of things in addition to your work in the adult business, would you mind sharing them with us?

I had a band that recently fell apart because of another girl. This is why I hate "band girlfriends", or generally being in a band with another female. Basically the fiance of one of the other guitarists found out I was in porn the wrong way, and didn't approve so the band split up. Perfect example of porno oppression! I'm currently working on finding another upright bassist to collaborate with, and write some swingin' rockabilly tunes. I do have someone in mind and she's an adorable tattoo artist!

I've been making jewelry for years, I started out selling on Ebay, at local shows, benefits, and later found www.etsy.com! I stayed with this site for quite a while, selling to countries I can't even spell, wholesale orders to Japan and rock n' roll stores in Germany. Things started getting crazy in my life so I concentrated on work and shut down the store. Now that I'm settled in Austin, the store is now re-opened under a new name with my husband as my partner on the cupcake side of our business venture. Once again, you can find us at www.etsy.com/shop/calavera138

Sexually on screen you are very exciting and extremely hot. I got a mega hard on watching you in your Burning Angel scene. Are you the same sexually in your private life that I saw in that scene?

I like to think my sex/love life at home is a bit more passionate, while we do have our crazy fuck sessions, we also make amazing, hot, sweaty humanoid love.

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you since got into the adult business?

Well I wouldn't say that this happened to me, well I guess I would because I had to witness it. Brian Street Team danced to Lady Gaga's Pokerface on camera after our scene together while Joanna was filming it and James Deen lip sync'd it. It could have been the funniest, or scarcest thing, that's happened to me so far in the industry.

What's the kinkiest or wildest thing you have done in your private life?

My husband and I can be exhibitionist at times, he likes to slip his cock inside me when we're at various public places, like a pool, the park, behind a record store, oh and sometimes on other people's beds and not tell them about it!

Follow Up Comment. I guess now you're going to have all your friends wondering if they were one of the beds you have used.

Which one of following do you enjoy most? Fucking, Sucking Cock or Having A Guy Go Down On You?

I want to say all of the above, but I think I enjoy being fucked from behind the most, preferably while being choked or having my hair pulled! On the other hand, there's nothing like a long hard oral orgasm...

What is your favorite position?

I think it will always be the acrobat, but I don't like to do it TOO much, I like for it to be a treat, best used sparingly.

Not only are you a very pretty young lady, but you have a fantastic body and facial features. That cute face, pretty smile, lovely pussy, hot ass and sweet boobies with great nipples (You know I gotta bring up those nipples of yours I love). (Pausing to adjust the hard on in my pants). You must get a lot of complements in and outside the industry and especially when dancing. What do you get the most complements on?

I think you can guess what I get the most compliments on! Other than my nipples, many people ask me where I got my ass from, and I really don't have an answer for them. It's large and in charge, and sometimes, slaps back.

Are there any web sites or future projects that you would like to mention? What are you currently working on?

I just shot a few sets for http://www.thedangerousdolls.com/, I also plan on sending some photos to http://www.indigofiasco.com/, which is Indigo Augustine's site, you can also find her on Burning Angel. You can find me on concert fliers, and hopefully future album covers of my husband's band, Trashy and the Kid, which I'm go-go dancing for their live performances. You can find them at www.facebook.com/trashyandthekid. I am on Twitter @MissGenocideBA Aside from all that, I am currently working with a producer here in Austin on my very own site. I'm not sure at this moment what name I'm keeping for it, Miss Genocide, or Lucy Diamond...what do you all think?

Well thank's Miss Genocide and I want to personally thank you for taking the time to visit with your fans and myself. I look forward to see the great things that will be coming from you in all your endeavors inside and outside the industry. I hope we can visit again sometime and maybe I'll even catch you on cam :)

Interview By: Bill The Hobbyist

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