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What to Get Her For The Holidays

When it comes to buying something naughty for that certain someone special this holiday season you simply can't afford to buy a toy or movie that isn't spectacular. It's one thing to buy something for yourself that is ok, but when you give a gift it's important to pick the best of the best.

To help you out we've assembled this gift guide that features the creme de la creme of adult products. We'd buy each and every one of these products for the special people in our lives and we've seen how they can simply rock a woman's world.

The Eroscillator

The Erocillator

When compiling this list there was absolutely not question what the #1 item on the list would be The Eroscillator is simply that Corvette of sex toys. Our staff has tried hundreds of sex toys and nothing comes close to the sheer power and finesse of The Eroscillator. You'd think that buying a vibrator might send the wrong message to your partner, but it doesn't. Buying an Eroscillator says that you care about a woman's orgasm and that you've bought the very best tool to give her the orgasms of her life. Rather than vibrate, the Eroscillator moves back and forth at lightning fast speed. This means that she won't get buzzed out or num from too much vibration. What it does mean is that she will have mild blowing orgasms again and again.

The best part of The Eroscillator is that it is VERY easy to use during sex. It's unobtrusive and extremely effective. The Eroscillator isn't cheap, at just over $125 it is an investment. But it's an investment that pays more dividends than any toy we've seen. If we were to buy 1 gift this holiday season for the women in our lives, it would be The Eroscillator!

Human Touch Acuvibe Mini

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Accuvibe MiniA lot of people go out and buy a Hitachi Magic Wand, but that's the same sex toy your mom probably used!!! Do you REALLY want to give the woman in your life your MOM's vibrator. We think not. The truth of the matter is that while the Hitachi Magic Wand gives a lot of power, it's not very focused. Human Touch Acuvibe Mini has updated the magic wand concept into a much sleeker and much more effective device. Don't let the fact that it has mini in the name fool you, this fucker has a ton of power. Also it's re-chargeable which means you won't have to deal with a pesky cord.

While the Human Touch Acuvibe Mini isn't as easy to use during sex as the Eroscillator, you'll enjoy using it to deliver Syban like orgasms, which in its own right is a ton of fun.


The  JohnnySometimes it's fun to have something in bed that doesn't vibrate (or that can work in conjunction with something that does). From our perspective there isn't a better dildo on the market than Vixen Creation's Johnny. It's stiff enough to get the job done but not so rigid that it doesn't emulate the real deal. Johnny is fun to use in conjunction with oral sex or to simulate double penetration.

Made from high grade scilcone The Johnny is an extremely well crafted sex toy that is worth every single penny of it's purchase price. If a dildo is on your holiday shopping list, it should be this one. The Johnny comes in a variety of colors. The Johnny measures out at 7-1/2" with a full 2" girth.

The Sqweel

If there's one thing we've learned from running XCritic (and of course all the sex well all have) is that WOMEN LOVE ORAL SEX. While there are many toys out there that simulate fucking, there are prescious few which even aproximate anything close to good cunnalingus.

The Sqweel is the closest thing we've seen to an oral sex tou for women. With it's cascading wheel of tongues the Sqweel WILL make your mate squeel in pleasure. Use a lot of lube fore a nice wet and sloopy experience, she'll thank you and when we say thank you we mean fuck your brains out.

Je Joue G-Ki  

G-KiWhen it comes to a great couple friendly sex toy, sometimes you don't want anything that looks like a giant cock or other body part. Here's where Je Joue's G-Ki coems it. It's simple, effectively designed and expertly made. Oh did we mention it'll blow her mind.

Je Joue makes stellar products and the G-Ki is one of our favorites. For G spot stimulation there's almost nothing better.

The Liberator

Part of great sex is being in the right position. You'd be surprised at just The Liberatorhow much a difference it makes when everyone is in the right position and everything is angled just right. For some women orgasm through vaginal intercourse is down right impossible but with The Liberator it really does become something that is well within reach

The Liberator sells a wide range of ramps and wedges and other sex furniture, but we found that the Wedge Ramp Combo is the best bet. They can both be used in enough combinations and variations to make every penny you spend on it worth while.

The Liberator simply rocks and we don't know anyone who has sex who wouldn't enjoy a little more support in the bedroom. 

These are just a few of our suggestions for great naughty holiday gifts and we really encourage you to take the leap this year and give someone you love, like (or want to have sex with) a great adult gift. You'll thank us for the suggestion and you'll make someone really happy.

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