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XCritic Interview With Misti Dawn At Exxxotica NJ 2010

Misti Dawn Discusses Her Career And Being An Alt Girl In The Industry

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XCritic Interview With Misti Dawn At Exxxotica NJ 2010

Misti Dawn Discusses Her Career And Being An Alt Girl In The Industry

Exxxotica, certainly brings many exciting stars to the event and makes a great setting for interviews. One star, I was not going to miss out on interviewing while I was there, was the very pretty and exciting, Misti Dawn. During the time we talked, I was in a total trance with her cute face and a smile that just lights you up.

Misti, has had a strong career as an adult entertainer and has shot with some of the major players in the business. In watching many of her exhilarating scenes or visiting her web site it is easy to see why she is everyones Alt Girl Sweetheart. Her performances in both her sexual and non sexual segments are strong, professional, exciting and down right hot.

I appreciated Misti’s, openness as we discussed what it is like being a adult actress in the porn industry as a Alt Girl. Her openness to this discussion allows you to get a good look at some of the changes Alt Girls have, but in the same time you will see how strong willed performers continue to be successful even with some of the obstacles they face.

Misti, is one young lady who knows what it takes, gets it done and makes it happen. More importantly, Misti, has a great love for life and a stronger love for her many fans. Take some time and enjoy this very lovely young lady as Misti Dawn visits with XCritic.

Misti, tell us how long you have been in the industry and how you got started.

I’ve been in the business since I was eighteen, so that would be six years now. I started modeling first for Suicide Girls and several other alt companies. About three years ago, I got into hard core and started shooting for Burning Angel first. In addition to Burning Angel, I have now also shot for Evil Angel, Belladonna Entertainment, Venom and Nightingale Pictures.

What made you decide to get into the industry?

There was a guy who I saw in some Burning Angel scenes that was hot and I already shots pictures for Burning Angel so I said hey, can I bang that guy. They said you have to do three scenes and I said OK.

So who was this guy you wanted to bang so bad?

It was, Brian Street Team.

What are some of the titles you have been in and which one is your favorite?

Hells Bells with Belladona, Glory Holes for Evil Angel, Tits & Tats 3 for Venom, Orgy for X’s for Nightingale. Hells Bells is my favorite, cause I got to bang Belladonna.

Where there any big surprises for you when you started shooting scenes?

Basically, the inner workings. AIM and how to take care of yourself for a scene. I also realized that there is a professional way and a recreation way to prepare your body to have sex.

When you are not working, is there any special hobbies or interest that you enjoy?

I play a lot of video games, kinda my thing. I did drop out of college with my move to California from Kentucky four months ago. Someday I intend to getting back in college and would like to work in gaming industry.

What were you like growing up?

I grew up on a farm, was an only child, played lots of video games, spent lots of time on the computer and played in corn fields.

If you could create your own dream scene, what would it be and who would be in it with you?

I actually kinda just did it. It worked out perfectly and was everything I always wanted to do. I had always wanted to work with Keni Styles and I always wanted to do a double penetration scene. Michael is actually my boyfriend and Keni’s roommate, so it worked out very well. What better way to do your first DP than with your boyfriend and his good friend. I did it as a scene for my web-site.

So what are you like sexually off camera?

I’m actually very similar, except I over think in my real life, I’m more into making love than just a fuck. I like making out, can do it for hours, can’t do that on camera. My favorite position is old fashion missionary. It’s more romantic and if you date a guy in porn who has a pretty big penis, it’s most comfortable and doesn’t hurt.

Tell me what it’s like being a Alt Girl in the porn industry?

It’s very frustration and can be insulting. In porn we get treated like second class citizens sometimes, we don’t get the same respect, people always haggle us on our prices and when I refer companies to my agent they get pretty rude about even hiring me. An example is, someone was trying to shoot me this weekend and trying to shoot me below the standard boy girl rate, but my rate is higher. I have a lot of movies out, I have worked with a lot of established companies and they have to realize, your paying me for my performance and not because I have never done it before.

Most agents I’ve had, never got me any work. Everything all I got was by myself. I would tell them if I could get Belladona to book me on my own you should have an easier time with all your contacts in the industry.

We a kinda like misfits, cause we are some of the few ladies in porn who will stand up for themselves. Personally, I would rather keep my integrity than have their money. I miss out on some scenes that way, but I feel better about myself at night. I absolutely love my job, I just don’t like that part of the way Alt Girls are treated.

I have found through interviews, reviews and time I spend on Twitter, that Alt Girls in the industry are some of the friendliest and nicest one out there. Why do you think that is so?

I think its cause we don’t judge people by the way the look. We’re so use to being judged upon the way we look that it people, who they are and their appearances doesn’t matter. I appreciate anyone who follows me cause it is so much more difficult for us. When you get a loyal fan you wanna appreciate that fan and I do.

You have some great tattoos, would you mind telling me about some of them?

I have, Elvis for my grandma cause she loves him. I got my Mom, my Grandma’s name, and vegetables cause I’m a vegetarian. I have the most non offensive tattoos out there. I have cats and flowers. Oh and my personal motto “As I Breath, I Hope”, it was my first one,

Tell me a little about your web-site?

My site www.meowmistidawn.com is the first alt girl solo site on the Burning Angel network, other than Joanna’s. I’m kind of the guinea pig of sorts. It is an honor to be the first alt girl to be on BA network. My site has 24 hour web cams. You can see my bedroom at any time, I do weekly cam chats that usually involves sex, sometimes somebody with me and sometimes just by myself. Many of my members sometimes just like having regular chats with me. My site is like, video game based in a way. That’s the way I wanted it designed, since I love video games so much.

Do you have any advise for new girls coming into the business?

Yes, learn proper hygiene for yourself after a scene, cause it is a little it different than having normal everyday sex. Be aware of your body and whats going on with it. Don’t do anything you don’t feel comfortable with, no matter how much someone pays you. If it sounds to good to be true it is.

Anything you want to promote or say to your fans as we wrap up?

My site www.meowmistidawn.com and I am on Twitter @meowmistidawn and I’ll be signing at AVN in January in Vegas. To my fans, Thank you I appreciate everyone of you. And you really do mean the world to me.

Misti, I want to personally thank you for taking time to visit with XCritic and wish you continued success as you grow in your career. You are a sweetheart and we all love you.

Interview By: Bill The Hobbyist

Twitter - @BillTheHobbyist

Email - [email protected]

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