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XCritic Talks With Sparky Sin Claire

XCritic Talks With Sparky Sin Claire

After spending some time with Sparky Sin Claire on cam during an XCritic interview, several words easily come to mind. Unique, talented, adventurous and intelligent. Sparky, has certainly been adventurous in her life and also in her career in the adult industry. She has shot scenes that many others haven’t even thought of or would consider shooting. The thing that impressed me more than anything is that this young lady has a impressive head on her shoulders, yes she is damn smart, stands for what she believes in and has a plan for her future, that I strongly believe she will archive. The time we spent together on cam was en-lighting as we talked about everything from her career to American History. She has a great love for life and a unbelievable love for others, no matter who they are or what background they come from. In the adult industry, she has delivered some great material and when she shared with me, some of what will becoming, one can’t help but get excited in what we well all certainly enjoy. She was very open during the time we spent together, giving her fans a good feel of who she is and what she enjoys. Come spend some time with me, with a fantastic young lady, Sparky Sin Claire

How did you get into the adult industry?

It all started when I was invited by a man and his two bi-sexual girlfriends to move to Montreal to be in a relationship with them and work for their company teaching couples how to pick up threesomes and men how to pick up women. I was there about a month and realized they were crazy and it was more of a cult, so I got out of it. I still wanted to stay in Montreal & dancing at a strip club offered me two opportunities. A way to make decent money & support myself while living illegally & being unable to speak French. It also offered me the opportunity to become the sexual fantasy I had always envied in other women. I was always the fat one, never viewed myself as sexual. I wanted to explore & master my sexuality. I had applied to Burning Angel to model and they were going to be shooting in Montreal. I happened to be the only girl in the area, and they contacted me to ask if I wanted to shoot. Fifteen minutes later, I rode my bike to the house where Zero Tolerance directors Mike Quasar and Nate Liquor, and adult male talent Mick Blue and James Deen were staying. I did my first scene a week later.

What is it like being a Burning Angel, what do you enjoy and why did you become one?

I love the community and I’ve met a lot of incredible people as a result of being part of Joanna Angel’s website. Joanna, herself is an incredible woman. I’ve made a lot of awesome connections and friendships. Joanna treats her girls really well and with respect. She also, for the most part, pays industry rates instead of exploiting the fact that some girls would do it for a lot less because they think it’s “cool” to be a Burning Angel. It was like a really nice stepping stone into the adult industry.

I’ve noticed that some of the most enjoyable girls to follow on Twitter are Burning Angel Girls. Why do you think that is so?

I think it’s because a lot of us come from “real life” where things other then porn happen. I’m guessing that a lot of Burning Angel Girls never expected to get into porn by shooting for the site. There are a handful of girls who shot for Burning Angel and said, “Hey I like doing porn! I want to work for other companies too”. Many of us don’t come from a, “I’m going to be a porn star” mentality. It just ends up happening. I think the girls who are more porn star oriented are more marketing than to getting to know them and their fans on twitter. A lot of them also have very little to say outside the porn world because their identity relies on it, rather then being passionate about their job and love what they do, but participate in other interesting aspects of life. We’re funny, we’re sassy, we’re hot, and a lot of us have brains too.

Give us a little overview of all what you have done in the adult industry.

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For Burning Angel, I’ve shot 3 scenes, an anal scene with the legendary Steve Holmes (who says I’m a great ass eater), a boy/girl/girl with Mr. Marcus & Kylee Kross and my very first scene being a boy/girl/girl with Joanna Angel & James Deen. I did a scene for Combat Zone, “Huge Cock Junkies 2“ with Shorty Mac. I’ve did a scene with Derrick Pierce for Bluebird Films, Zero Tolerance, “Amateur Swinger Party” and Diabolic, a scene with Ethan Hawk in “First Time Amateurs”. I shot “Delinquents” which was a Popporn and Zero Tolerance production. I did my first double penetration, on or off camera for Loaded Digital which will be in an upcoming release called “Scurvy Girls 3‘, that should hopefully be out soon. I also did my first scene with a transsexual! The scene was awesome and actually a pretty life-changing & positive experience. It was for Mandy Mitchell’s web-site and she is just incredibly intelligent. We had a connection that wasn’t just like hey we’re doing a scene, we had more like a kindred spirits and she is really beautiful. At first I was a bit nervous, not knowing the lingo. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to say hey fuck me with your tranny dick or if I should stray away from pointing out the obvious dick because Mandy identifies (and is in my eyes) a woman. But, it turned out to be a really great scene and we also went on to Oregon to shoot a ton of content. There is me tied to a tractor getting tickle tortured by Hollie Stevens and Mandy, then face fucked by Mandy. We filmed a threesome in a mini orchard, took a photoset of Mandy & I swimming naked in a freezing ass beaver dam. We filmed a BDSM scene where I was just about fully suspended in bondage in the door frame of a woodshed, whipped, & forced to orgasm with a Hitachi. We also shot a DP with Hollie wearing a strap on & Mandy in my ass as well as a home invasion clown tranny scene where I was tied up in a ball on the couch drooling all over the apple in my mouth. It only makes me excited for the weird porn possibilities to come!

If you could make your own dream scene, what would it be?

A have couple of scenes that would be really awesome. I would love to get double penetrated by two trannies with either Bailey Jay or Kimberly Kills and Mandy Mitchell. I would also love to work with Xander Corvus who’s with Big Love Talent.

Sparky Sin Clair with Mandy Mitchell

Another is one I have actually done, but not out yet. It was the DP scene for loaded digital directed by Rob Rotten and Jim Powers. It was epic, it was my first DP that I have ever done, it was mind blowing and such a positive experience. Certainly one of the reasons I wanted to get into the porn industry. It was a sexual awaking and something I thought I would never do or be too scared to go through with. It was incredible and the scene was filthy and we got to do what ever we wanted. There were no limits like “no choking” or “no talking dirty” or “stop, that’s too rough”, we all went to town, the chemistry was really great, and I believe the director’s words were, “EPIC”.

How old were you when you had you first bi experience?

I was 14 and it was with a girl who I’m still best friends with to this day. We were best friends at the time in high school and got drunk off of screwdrivers. I had this disposable camera and still have the pictures from that night. We totally fucked each other and woke up the next morning, acted as nothing ever happened and it was totally normal. We still joke around about it till this day. I just recently convinced her to quit her job at Starbucks & be a cam slut!

Is anal something you experienced the first time on camera or is it something you had done in your private life?

I had a little anal experience before I did my first scene but it had only been with three guys. They all had relatively small to average size penis, so it wasn’t as challenged knowing it would just go in. The first time I did it on camera was with Steve Holmes and he is huge. It was an amazing experience and he was a great person to perform with.

Tell us about some of the fantastic tattoos you have.

We the people on my chest is for my love of early American history and constitutional law (what I am going to college for so I can eventually teach it in college). A portrait of Yoda on my leg, cause I’m a big star wars fan. My moms name, “Jewell” tattooed on my arm. One is from my dad who suggested I get “When in doubt call home”. One is of my favorite books, Dharma Bum cause I always considered myself a “Dharma Bum”: a bum searching for the truth. The one on my arm is a book with a wing and the only thing I had to do to get it was to let him eat my pussy. I was suppose to suck his dick, but he had done too much blow & it wouldn’t get hard, so we compromised. “Love is the only truth”, is on my stomach. My Hands, “Free Bird” not because of the song, but I got that from escaping the sex cult I was in and it reminds me that I can always make my own decisions, be who I want to be, & never let someone else control me (except in the bedroom.

Sparky, showing the tattoo she got for letting the guy eat her pussy

What were you like growing up?

I was a really good kid. I was happy & bright. I didn’t like to get in trouble. I was a HUGE book worm. In 7th grade, I won an award because I read more books (25) then any other student in my grade, one of which was Moby Dick. What kind of an 11 year old reads Moby Dick?! First year in high school I was in band and played the tuba (had been playing it for 3 years previous). I considered myself a crusty punk rocker, went to shows but never really partied and I didn’t get drunk. My twin sister led the crazy life and went to all the crazy parties, but I would escape the parties and go up to my bedroom. When I was fifteen I started smoking pot. I would just smoke pot and read in my room all night long. I would read during lunch, during recess and even when I was walking home from school. I learned how to swing dance from my algebra teacher and fix pinball machines from my business teacher. I started a business with my English teacher too. I was the lead in the school play, and Chair of the Youth Commission for City Council two years in a row. I was an over achiever really, but I smoked pot, so that was my little vice in high school.

What are some of your interest and hobbies outside of your work?

I like early American history and watch the history channel a lot. I enjoy stuff about our founding fathers and their connection to the secret masons. That is why I have “We the People” tattooed on my chest. I am incredibly fascinated with early American history and the American Revolution. To me it was like, a group of disadvantaged people that prevailed because of such a strong will for truth and something they believed in. It means to me that we don’t have to lead lives of quiet desperation and that our lives are ours to do with whatever we want.

Sparky, Showing Her Vast Collection Of Books She Has Read

I love to write. I am writing a book and have written about forty pages or so. Memoir type stuff. A lot about how it was to be in a cult for almost 2 years. How I got into dancing, escorting, porn, etc. I also write a lot about having Borderline Personality Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Panic Disorder, all things I’ve been diagnosed with & living with for years. I enjoy creative projects with friends and horror movies. I don’t really like to go into clubs or bars, really I’m not much into that. I was taking piano lessons for awhile but now that I’m in school, I really don’t have the time, but piano is something really wanna learn.

I really just like learning, adventuring, and being my crazy self. I’m busy all the time whether or not I have jobs, school I fill my days up with different things every day.

What are some of the wildest things you have done?

Sparky, On Cam During Her XCritic Interview

One time I was modeling at a tattoo convention. There was this tattoo shop and was attracted to pretty much everyone who worked there. There were about seven guys or so. The owner took me under his wing, so I party with them and we went to a strip club. After the club we went back to the owners big mansion place and I had sex with all of them, like one right after the other or at the same time as well. That was pretty crazy, a seven-guy gang bang just for fun. That was probably my craziest sexual experience.

Another was, putting all my belongings in a car, leaving my boyfriend and hooking up with this guy and his two girl friends in Montreal. I put my car in a parking lot, he sent me money, paid for my passport and I flew to Canada. That’s pretty wild, for a 19 year old to fuck off everything and leave her car in a parking lot on a whim.

Which one of following do you enjoy most? Fucking, Sucking Cock or Having A Guy Go Down On You? Favorite Position?

Having a guy go down on me. It’s kind of a requirement for a serious, long-term boyfriends. I like being spooned. Most positions depends on the type of sex we are having. If it’s rough and degraded I like positions where the guy cant see my face because it helps in removing “romantic intimacy” and makes me feel like he’s just using my pussy as a fuck-hole. But if it is more intimate I like missionary and missionary feels really good.

You doing some camming. Would you like to share that with us?

Right now I’m camming on www.streamate.com. You can find my profile at, sparkysinclaire.cammodels.com! My five-star rating is testimony to the quality that most of my customers feel they got.

I first started camming with Kayden420 and I was really shy and unsure. Since then, I’ve grown a deep appreciation and love for webcamming. I get serious enjoyment doing filthy things knowing the guy is behind his computer jerking off. It totally turns me on. I love cam to cam, it helps in getting off too when the guy puts his cam on his cock because then I imagine that cock going in my pussy & I pretty much cum immediately.

Sometimes I get pretty weird things guys wanting me to watch them drink their own cum from a glass, incest role play, someone wanting me to fuck my pussy with a high heel, even guys wanting me to watch them partake in hard drugs like meth while they masturbate. It can be intense at times, but it has also taught me a lot about acceptance & non-judgment for the fantasies others have, and the sick fantasies I have.

You just recently left Big Love Alt. Any comments on this?

Without getting to deep into it. The main thing was that Big Love got all the tattoo girls off their site and made Big Love Alt. I don’t think now is the time in the industry to segregate girls with tattoos and girls without tattoos. I think that its best for a girl with tattoos to put together her own work or be with an agency that will treat her with as much respect as they do with a girl with fake tits and blonde hair. They were passing the responsibility off on me so the girls had someone to go too, because they did not have time to run both agencies, I don’t like when perpetuate, so I decided it would be in my best interest, to not do things that I don’t believe in,

Are there any web sites or future projects that you would like to promote? Anything you want to say to your fans or other adult industry people as we wrap up?

First things first, I am on Twitter @sparkysinclaire. My blog is almost ready which is wear I will be spending a lot of time writing about & documenting all the crazy ass adventures I have. Posting videos, news, memoir entries, all sorts of stuff. Keep checking periodically at www.sparkysinclaire.com. Also, you can check out my DVD’s on www.adultdvdempire.com. If you want to play with me, come visit me on cam at sparkysinclaire.cammodels.com. You can see my work on BurningAngel.com, www.burningangel.com/girls/sparkyangel/

I’m not spoiled in the least, but I do LOVE being spoiled ;). I’m like a little kid when it comes to presents. I have a lot of really cheap shit on my wishlist too, like pins, stickers, used books, etc. I send a gift package back to you! & offer a discounted 1.99 a minute cam show :): http://amzn.com/w/Y24DB91ZGU62

To my fans, I really truly appreciate all of your support, love, consideration, etc. I am really fortunate to have people that accept me as the crazy nut I am and appreciate my work, instead of judging me harshly on the decisions I make. If you guys want to continue to see me in upcoming releases, etc. then the best thing you could do is email/tweet companies that you’d like to see me booked in a certain thing. As a tattooed model, I have to fight for as much work as I can, it would really help if you let any directors/studios (even me personally!) know anything positive that you feel from my scenes, blogs, camshows, etc.

Well Sparky, I want to personally thank you for taking the time to visit with me and your fans. You are a sweetheart and I look forward to seeing many more great scenes from you and certainly hope we can visit again sometime.

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