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Top 10 Porn Parodies of 2010

Big Lebowski XXX, Not The Bradys 2 and Sex Files 2 Snag Top Honors

2010 was the year of the Porn Parody. These films were the gas in the tank of the industry and it kept porn buzzing during one of its toughest years. Last year we named a single film as Porn Parody of the year. This year the category has grown so much that we felt it deserved its own full top list:

The Big Lebowski XXX

The Big Lebowski: While some fans demand absolute accuracy in their favorite parodies, the very best of the genre tend to modify ever so slightly, not for budgetary or casting reasons but to accommodate the sexual elements of the movie. The Big Lebowski did that and more, using a superior cast led by Tom Byron and the directorial prowess of Director of the Year Lee Roy Myers to come up with what can only be termenod a “winner”. Out of scores of parodies this year, it beat out some tough competition from all corners of the market, the quirky comedy offering up a lot of great sex, entertaining scenarios, and proved to be the breakthrough movie needed to elevate the status of the director. With all elements in place and balanced just right, the movie worked on several levels to pay homage to the original while not merely copying it, serving up as the best of all worlds for porn parody fans.

Not Married With Children 2

Not Married with Children XXX 2: If ever a situation comedy warranted the pornification treatment, it would be the Fox Network’s favored son for all those years, the most dysfunctional family in search of hooters, hunks, and “the babes” ever to slip past the censors. In some ways an upgrade to the original volume of the series, this sitcum parody had fans and critics alike rolling in the aisles as a truly superior homage to the original show, the kind of effort only parody king Will Ryder could accurately craft. The sex stood out as not only perfect for the movie but fitting in nicely with each character, again the kind of skillful treatment most parodies never see due to budgets or heavy handed direction. Each of the cast appeared to work well together in the roles too, the kind of ensemble movie that could work for a string of additional releases.

The Sex Files 2

The Sex Files 2: Director Sam Hain does not release a lot of movies each year but when he does, watch out! His yearly homage to a popular science fiction/government agent show again took us by surprise, the resulting upgrade meriting additional nods to leads Kimberly Kane and Anthony Rosano but also all the smaller roles that helped make the superior plot and acting elements work as strongly as the sexual trysts our team found especially heated. Like other superior genre efforts, the emphasis on balancing out the sex with the story elements helped achieve the upgrade, significant attention paid to both sides of the scale something you just don’t see in the many cheap knockoffs available. We here at Xcritic look forward to more of this parody franchise in the future, especially if the role of Performer of the Year Kimberly Kane is expanded, her presence elevating the both volumes of the movie more than a little.

Batman XXX

Batman XXX: In what is to be the first of a series of superhero parodies by talented director Axel Braun for Vivid Entertainment, he tackled not the dark knight version but the campy 1960’s comedy, doing it so well that it was an early favorite to win the top spot on many a porn list this year. Starring Dale DaBone as the wooden actor and Randy Spears as a demented but lovable Joker, the director went all out to imitate his childhood idols and showed such a knack for his handling that his upcoming Superman XXX is already the talk of the town. The movie wisely played up some of the stereotypes from the series as well, giving Tori Black her best role of the year as slinky Catwoman, Lexi Belle as a sexy little Batgirl, and James Deen as Robin but the attention and care given to all aspects of the movie again elevated it above the pack of contenders, doing so in a fun manner that will be drawing in audiences for years.  

Jersey Shore Parody

Official Jersey Shore Parody: Unlike the majority of parodies that seem to pay tribute to their original shows, the directorial team of Mike Quasar, Brian Bangs, and Spock Buckton went all out in trashing the annoying characters of the Jersey Shore show, paying particular attention to bitchy Snookums (Kristina Rose doing an admirable job in the role). The cast did a great job compared to a wannabe parody released around the same time, this superior effort such that there was no comparison in terms of entertainment value (check out the ending!), sexual heat in the five scenes, and amount of effort to do it right before turning the show on its head so perfectly. It seemed that any movie touched by the Pop Porn duo went gold, continuing a trend we observed in 2009 when we sang their praises for their first two hits.

Not The Cosbys 2

Not the Cosbys XXX 2: It isn’t often that a parody franchise lives up to the first volume in a series but this interracial romp managed to do just that, proving Director Will Ryder as correct when he suggested that his show helped mainstream interracial sex for the masses. Once again, mainstream comic Thomas Ward was on hand to play the popular patriarch with Tyler “Theo” Knight as his right hand man to make it work. The ladies included lovely Misty Stone, Monica Foster, and Cassidy Clay to make the sexual elements work as well as they did, the team at X-Play Media pulling out all stops to make this one of their very best movies of the year. If the original helped bring blacks into living rooms all across America, this pornified version has helped do its part to bring interracial sex into our collective bedrooms.

Home Improvement XXX

Home Improvement XXX: The Xcritic review team has said it for years now that Director David Lord is one of the most talented men behind a camera but little did they know he was planning to step into the parody genre and make it his own. Taking the popular Tim Allen show and pornifying it could have been a disaster but careful casting, a good script, and a great deal of attention to detail by the crew made this one leap out of nowhere to catch our attention. Critic Don Houston, one of the toughest sells for genre efforts, summed it up when he stated that “Lord has long been one of the best behind the scenes people to make the best movies possible, the guy driving everyone around him nuts but the end result well worth the pain inflicted.” If this movie and his A-Team XXX are any indication of what he will come up with in the future, put the parody princes on notice that they need to up their game yet again to compete.


BatFXXX: Also coming out of nowhere was a darker look at the dark knight, Director Nicholas Steele combining various elements from the Batman movies to achieve a very distinctive style, giving plenty of room for producer Paul Chapin to steal every scene he is in as a Heath Ledger inspired Joker. Nick Manning made a suitably dark Batman too, Madelyn Marie a definite highlight as Katwoman, and the plethora of orgies offering something for every taste under the sun. Beyond the stunning visual appeal and sexual depravity, most of which was well blended into the actual movie elements, some special effects worthy of the genre were deployed too, helping make the show stand out from the great many “one day wonders” populating the parody market. For many, this movie put Blue Bird Films on the proverbial map and it is favored by some to win other awards but ultimately, it deserved all the attention it received and more. 

This Ain't Cops

This Ain’t Cops XXX: While one might not associate Hustler with many good parodies except the ones they distribute, they do surprise us from time to time with a gem such as this one. Taking the original show and shooting an episode in Chatsworth, California, Director Axel Braun again managed to do more with less to provide not only a number of sexually satisfying scenes but also some belly laughs at the antics of the boys in blue as they manage to solve domestic disturbances the old fashioned way, put the squeeze on hookers, interrupt a porn shoot only to join in, and catch speeding bad boys endangering neighborhoods. There was just enough give and take to make this one work on all levels, the sexual antics strokable, the entertainment value high, and the balance between the two keeping it real.

How To Be A Ladies Man

How To Be A Ladies Man: While not a strict parody of a specific show so much as a parody of those ever-annoying infomercials we see late night on cable television, this one reinforced our belief that the trio of directors could do no wrong, coming up with some great zingers and equally bad ass sexual trysts that our team enjoyed very much. It offered a bunch of amusing vignettes that you should refrain from copying unless you have a solid backup plan, the originality alone surpassing that of anything the big boys have been releasing, even likely to encroach on the popularity of the best sitcum producers for any who wisely take the time to pick up a copy. The casting of Spock in the leading role was the best way to balance out the heated sex, the man bringing his unique talents out to entertain us all over and over again.

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