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XCritic Visits With James Bartholet

XCritic Visits With James Bartholet

Interview By: Bill The Hobbyist

For over six years now, James Bartholet has brought his unique talents to the industry in over thirty five adult titles, that has given strength and uniqueness to many adult movies and parodies. From playing the role as Klinger, in “Not Mash XXX”, Mr. Cunningham in “This Ain't Happy Days XXX”, Bosely in “Not Charlies Angels XXX”, to his most recent role as the lead detective in the “Triple-X Thriller”, “Saw: A Hardcore Parody”, he has brought true acting and many times great laughter to the industry through is talents, commitment and love for the business and his fans.

In addition to his work as a actor in this industry he has performed in over 50 mainstream projects in film, television & stage. With his experience and talents he has driven his company, Galaxy Publicity a full-service public relations company for both mainstream and adult movies to the top of the list with his work and those he represents.

Exxxotica NJ 2010, gave me so many opportunities to meet and visit with those who are making continual and strong contributions in providing us all with powerful entertainment. I was very fortunate to catch up with James, at his booth for Galaxy Publicity, meet many of the super adult stars he represents and grab a few minutes to visit with him in between meeting and talking with his fans.

Not only did I find out a lot of all what he has going on, but was able to get some great advice from him for newcomers and girls who are thinking about entering the business. Come spend some time with me as I visited with James Bartholet at Exxxotica NJ 2010

James, tells us a little about yourself and all what you have going on.

I keep pretty busy and active as a multi-facet person in and around the industry. As a publicist, producer and actor I am involved in almost every aspect including marketing and PR in adult and mainstream media with Galaxy Publicity. In addition with my own acting, I work with many others in developing themselves, including conducting acting workshops in the Los Angels area.

Tell me a little more about Galaxy Publicity.

Galaxy Publicity is a full-service public relations company specializing in image development and media placement. We offer an effective, and very affordable alternative to the high-priced companies, with a full range of services available. Our job is to get our clients' stories told, their press releases to the world, and lead them to new business opportunities. We're satisfied with our job when it exceeds our clients' expectations. A well executed PR campaign can lend tremendous credibility to your product, your business, or yourself. We represent clients in all professions: Actors Adult and Mainstream, Events, Press Conferences, Internet and Web Sites, Premieres, Producers, Directors and Red Carpet Events.

What are some of the things that you really enjoy when working in the adult media?

I enjoy so much, it’s a pretty long list. Some things that really stand out are all the great people I have worked with, including strong people like Will Ryder. He is not only great and enjoyable to work with, but truly and honor. I really enjoyed working on "Saw A Hardcore Parody", "The Rocki Whore Picture Show", and "Not Charlies Angels XXX" this past year. Every film I worked on was fun, but these three really stick out in my mind. Of course working on set and having lots of fun behind the scenes too. There are a lot of pranks and fun that goes on and things people don’t sometimes realize. I remember things like filming the dinner scene in “This Ain't Happy Days XXX” and how we all reacted to having to eat a cold dinner that was supposed to be hot and had to act as if it was.

This business is a real extended family, with many who really care about and help each other. One thing, I really enjoy and feel is very important is coming to events like this and being with the fans, it is a very important aspect. I have met so many great fans over the years and they are the ones who really make it for all of us in the business.

 James Bartholet, as the detective in "Saw A Hardcore Parody" doing undercover work on Emy Reves

In addition to your work in the adult industry, you have done and had great success and exposure in the “Mainstream” also. Would mind sharing some of this work with us?

Recent work in mainstream that I've done include; a series regular on "Co Ed Confidential Season 4" on Cinemax, "Mommy & Me" for director Jennifer James, A pilot for Mac Daddy Entertainment where they revived my "Izzie Sleaze" character, this sexy comedy is going to be a series, and is going to be picked up this year. I've also worked on such television programs like; "General Hospital", "Designing Women", "Quantum Leap", "Matlock", "Beauty & The Beast", "Head Of The Class", "WKRP In Cincinnati", and "NightCourt". Plus years of work onstage as well.

In all the different work you do, over the years you have worked with many newcomers in the business. What advice do you have for young ladies as they enter or are considering entering this business?

I think girls should not come into the industry until they are 21, or if they are under 21, at least mature enough to handle this. The industry can be very tough if you're not prepared mentally as well as physically. You also should have a good business head on you, and make clear plans on what you want to do, and what you can do. Get good representation, after you've made some movies, get good publicity to get your name out there. Always bring your "A" game, whether that's on the set, or to signings, or to public events where you're seen by fans and critics and fellow performers. If you don't enjoy sex, you shouldn't be doing this, have fun with this, it's a great industry to work in, if you're enjoying yourselves.

As we wrap up, is there anything you would like to share with your fans and readers?

I'm very thankful for my AVN and XBIZ nominations this year, I've have been working a lot, in front of the camera, and as a publicist plus as a weekly radio and television host on "Inside The Industry". The radio program can be heard on http://www.latalkradio.com/ live on Wednesday nites. I'm always going back and forth between adult and mainstream, I love working in this industry.

James, I want to thank you for you time today and wish you the best as you continue forward with a very successful career. I hope that in the future we will be able to visit again.

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Interview By: Bill The Hobbyist

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