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Erica Lynne interview

Erica Lynne

Erica Lynne is someone who is not going to fade in the distance. With her drive and fun-loving demeanor, she has a very good idea of what she wants in life and for her career. From having watched her Vivid film Erica Lynne is Badd, this lady sizzles on screen and when she delivers a blow job, the viewer will be at attention. She is a woman who when she enters a room, everyone turns their heads to look at her. Both guys and gals will want to be with her. I hope that Erica gets to be in more films in the future be it sexual in nature or not. 

Hi Erica, 2010 was a life changing year for you. With the airing of season five of The Bad Girls Club (Miami), the nation was introduced to you. How do you feel about your portrayal on the show? Were you satisfied about it? Did you like your nickname "The Trashing Talk Cheerleader?"

In reality TV, it's all about editing, so it doesn't really matter if you like how you were portrayed or not because at the end of the day you have no control over it. Oxygen made me out to be the girl who slept and fucked all day! I DO have a lot of sex, but don't sleep as much as they made it seem. My nickname "The Trash Talking Cheerleader" was fine with me because I felt it fit me really well!

How were your experiences living in a mansion and with six women with different personalities? I saw those shows and they were quite entertaining.

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One could get used to living like that you know? LOL. The house was amazing. We lived in South Beach Miami off North Bay Road. If anyone knows South Beach, they know the houses off N. Bay Rd. are really nice. We lived right on the bay with an amazing pool and jacuzzi and a room for your every need. Living with all those crazy broads was stressful and one big mind fuck! But out of the original 7 and total of 10 Bad Girls, only 2 originals and 1 replacement made it to the end. Myself being one of them. I was proud that I had learned enough patience to deal with all the petty drama my immature roommates would constantly fight about.

I love your pin-up girl physique. Do you exercise in order to keep your body looking so amazing?
I don't really work out much, just lots of sex with my man Adrian!

As to your celebrity sex tape titled Erica Lynne is Badd, how and why did you come into contact with Vivid Entertainment?

Well my boyfriend Adrian and I were initially in a long distance relationship and we often would make "tapes" to satisfy that long distance kind of love. I think we may have hinted toward it on Twitter at one point, and once that happened the offers started rolling in. We settled with Vivid because they are the most well-known, and offered the most money. They also are helping Adrian and I get our Adult Film production Company off the ground called "VBG-Very Bad Girls" in which I will get Bad Girls from The BGC and other hot reality shows to release their tapes or do films with our production company.

Vivid founder and co-chairman Steven Hirsch has said "... she makes her sex scenes jump off the screen." Are you a sexual person? What traits of a woman do you admire most? What makes a woman sexy? What traits of a man do you admire most? What makes a man sexy?

I am a very sexual person, it's on my mind ALL THE TIME. I love to see a woman with nice perky tits, wide hips, and a nice booty on her...kinda like me! LOL The things I look for in a man are nice teeth, good hygiene, they have to know how to dress well, and treat me well. Oh ya and they need to own their car, have a good credit score, and NOT BE LIVING AT HOME! I like men who are good with children and close with their families as well.

I love your playful manner especially your seductive and flirty behavior. Will we some of those awesome personality traits of yours in this sex tape?

Oh yes definitely, I am full of one liners all day! I am a very sarcastic, witty young woman!

On a more personal note, how did you first meet your boyfriend Adrian? It is very evident that he makes you light up. There is very good chemistry between the both of you. What are his best qualities that make you adore him so much?

Adrian and I met in Negril, Jamaica at the Hedonism II resort last April and have been together ever since. We pretty much had chemistry and connected on a level neither one of us had ever before experienced from the very beginning. Adrian's best qualities are that he's a good family man, and is great with children, he knows how to dress very well, takes good care of me AND himself, as well as the fact that he's drop dead GORGEOUS! LOL. Oh ya and it helps that OUR SEX LIFE IS ON POINT!
What would you like to see happen in your career?

I would like to eventually build a brand for myself and open up a restaurant, start a lingerie line, as well as a sex toy line. Once we get this production company off the ground, I will have more time to concentrate on other things!

Interview by Apache Warrior

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