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Janet Mason interview

Janet Mason Interview

It is very evident that once Janet Mason's naked body appears on screen that she is one of the most fittest adult stars in the business. Even though she is a self-confessed "gym rat", this woman still maintains her sexiness to a high degree. Top studios always know that she will provide solid sexual performances in a reliable basis. Moreover, Janet places that same type of professionalism to her well respected website and to her diverse on-screen sexual partners. Taking a quote from her husband, I am proud to say that I have been "Mason-ized." She also recently won the May Vitrix Model Search Contest.

Hi Janet, I think that you are one of the most amazing performers on screen and on the web. Your past work with Girlfriends Films and especially in the highly regarded series Lesbian Legal has been memorable gems. How was your experience in filming those scenes for it and working for that top-notch studio?

Well thank you, Apache Warrior! I'm sincerely flattered & honored to know that you look so fondly upon my work and me.
Girlfriends Films (GFF) was the very first pro studio I ever shot for, in late 2007, after 9 years of my own amateur web site with my husband, Steve. Girlfriends Films is such a great company that I was "spoiled" right off the bat! Over the years the folks at GFF have become like family and it is always a pleasure working with them. Though I have cut way back on pro work since late 2009, and focus mainly on my own amateur site again, I always make it a priority to shoot with GFF when I am asked to, and I just shot three scenes for them in April.

You are also known to have a super web site? Could you tell us why your site is such a personal love for you?
I've been online since 1998 - that's 13 years and counting - and my site is a celebration of my real life sexual adventures as opposed to the scripted scenarios and acting of pro video. You'll find it at http://Janet-Exposed.com. My husband Steve and I run it as a team and the main focus is on him indulging me in my "hotwife" fantasies. I get to live out my wildest fantasies with whom I want, when I want. Nothing is scripted - it is just real life kinky sex!

How long have you been in the adult industry, what have been your most pleasurable moments? What has been your least pleasurable ones?
As I mentioned above, I have been online 13 years now. Time flies when you're having fun, right? The first 9 years were totally amateur, then I did my first shoot with Girlfriends Films, which led to more pro work offers with other companies. Then in late 2008 we moved out to L.A. to try the pro scene full time. I gave it a year…and boy what a year! I learned a LOT in that time. It was very hard to "give up control" and be told what to say how to move, when to moan, etc. after doing things my own way (natural, real sex that just happens to be being filmed) for 10 years, but that is not to say it was all bad…far from it! I had some great experiences and some bad ones and, in the end, I decided it just wasn't "me" to do it full time so I returned to my amateur roots with Steve.
As for high points of my year of pro work in L.A. go, I'd say one of big ones (no pun intended) was finally getting to meet and shoot with my "Porn Crush" Lexington Steele, who cast me in his MILF Magnet 3 title. I was like a giddy schoolgirl when I met him! The chemistry in that scene was super-intense and Lex is an amazing guy, both in & out of bed.  As for the "least" pleasurable and low points, I was talked into doing a bondage scene. It was a MISERABLE shoot and I truly hated it. So now I can truly say for sure that I'm NOT into bondage & I'll never do a scene like that again!

How did you get into the adult industry?

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It was an outgrowth of Steve and I already being in the "swinging" lifestyle. In 1996 or so, we started posting photos of me to the Usenet newsgroups. They were a huge hit and we acquired many "fans" quickly. By 1997 we were approached by a small adult site hosting company, asking us if we had ever considered starting our own site. Not quite ready to commit, we started a small free site with their help ad it took off like wild fire! We ended up with a HUGE bill for bandwidth it was soon evident that our free "hobby" site either had to go or we had to start charging. So, transformed it into a membership site. One thing snowballed into another and years later here we are!

What was the biggest surprise for you about the adult industry when you started?
Coming from a mom & pop amateur world where we would meet with the guys or gal whom we'd already been in contact with and with whom there was already an established mutual attraction, we'd break the ice, sign the model releases and get right down to the sex, with no one else around - just me, the guys or gals and Steve behind the camera, with the rare husband or wife present to watch and help Steve. But no one else in the room at all, and REAL sex based on REAL attraction, and everything was over and done within an hour or two.
In the pro world, I was surprised at how many people are involved. Make-up artists, photographers, lighting people, camera people, directors, sound guys, really LONG days on sets, shooting scene after scene.  I was amazed at how "complicated" it can be to get 1 scene!

I was also surprised at how they don't put much emphasis on pairing performers who are actually attracted to each other or who even look like a "natural" pairing at all. Sometimes the attraction is intense and the sex great between me and the guys or gals I shoot with, sometimes the attraction was null and the sex lame, but usually it is somewhere in the middle of the two. Huge difference from the stuff Steve and I shoot for my site, in which the attraction is real and you "feel" it as a viewer because the sex is not scripted.
I admire how you are able to take control of a scene and seduce your love interest with your own personal charm and sexiness. A reason why it looks so easy for you must be on account of your love for sex...sex...sex. Right?
Thank you again! I absolutely DO love sex! It's all about having fun! I guess that was another eye-opener in the pro world…the vast numbers of people in the business that don't really seem to truly like sex…it's just a "job" for them I love the thrill of finding out what gets someone's juices flowing… maybe a passionate kiss (which throws most pros off their game), a nibble on the neck, a tease of my nails on sensitive skin…or jumping on and riding all out in full control. I've actually had pro guys push me off so they can hold back! My husband, Steve, says, "They've been Janet Mason-ized".

Another quality that I love about you is your enjoyment for kinky, taboo sex. Could you discuss more about why this topic turns you on so much and could you give some examples of what types of sex are involved?
Ahh, "taboo"…that would definitely describe my "kinks"! This could be the topic of an entire separate interview! So I'll just touch on the bare minimums.
An obvious one is interracial sex. I love the color contrast and, being a true "Size Queen" I really get to indulge in some of the biggest cocks I've ever seen.
Bukkakes are another one. I love cum, so to be surrounded by a group of men and have one after another spurt a huge load on me is a total turn on. To me, taking a man's ejaculate is like a sacrament and I feel like a "goddess" when I am covered in male seed.
Young Guys. As I mature and peak sexually, I find my appetite for cute, fit young guys (by which I mean early to mid twenties) grows. For one thing, they tend to be trimmer and in better shape than most guys my age so the "eye candy" factor is the same for me as it is for guys ogling young ladies. Secondly, fit guys that age are like energizer bunnies and can "keep up the pace" with me! I have a LOT of sexual stamina and most men simply can't last long enough for me. Plus, as a bonus, young guys cum copious amounts and multiple times…and that’s hot!
Gangbangs.  I truly love groups of 3 or more men at once! Again, I feel I'm being worshipped and it unleashes a very wild side in me - and did I mention I like cum? Plus I've found that 3 men working together usually have the combined stamina of little ol' me alone.

I also respect you a whole lot because you are color blind when it comes to who you perform with. You enjoy working with a diverse group of people. On a fun note, those big monster cocks must be a huge treat for you? I have seen your eyeballs just about pop right out of your head when one of those playthings is in front of your face.
As I mentioned above, I am a self-professed Size Queen. Every time I'm treated to one I get giddy like a schoolgirl and that's when I go into "cock worship" mode! I never, ever get tired of or feel blasé toward huge cocks. It's just a huge part of who I am, no pun intended.

There is no doubt that when people see you in person or on film that your stunning appearance are stunning to one's eyes. You are that hot. In your opinion, what makes a man sexy? What makes a woman sexy? What traits of a man do you admire? What traits of a woman do you admire?
Aww, you are so sweet. Thank you. I think being a nice person is the ultimate in sexy! Sure there are the aesthetics, but even the most handsome guy or unbelievably gorgeous woman can be a real "ugly" person if they aren't nice, decent people!

Are there any industry people (actors, actresses, directors, etc. ) who you have not had the opportunity to work with yet and want to very badly and why? What would be your dream scene?
Oh boy, I've met so many! As for directors - I haven't had the pleasure of working for Jules Jordan yet. I'd love to shoot for him one day. He shoots some pretty "intense" sex and if there's one thing I love in sex it's intensity.
My "dream scene"? Lexington Steele, Shane Diesel,  & Richard Mann all taking me to the outer limits at once. I've met, shot with and played off-camera with them all individually, but all of them at once would be a mind-blower!

What are your interests and hobbies?
I'm a "gym rat", as is hubby. I work out a lot & enjoy staying fit. It makes me feel more confident and sexy! I love to read & recently got a Kindle, which is a GREAT invention! Hubby and I have a huge music collection and listen to a wide variety of music as well as go to a lot of concerts together. I'm a big movie movie buff, too. We also like to hike and get out in nature. If I could live at the beach 24/7 and never leave, life would be perfect!

How were you as a kid?
I was a very SHY kid! I was really involved in school but I never did (and still don't) "fit in" with a single clique or "normal" society. I always had an independent streak that drove my family and teachers crazy at times. I was never into "partying" at all. I was friends with jocks, nerds, stoners, rich kids, kids from the projects, white, black, green, you name it. I figure if you are a nice person it doesn't matter what your "title", economic status or skin color is. We're all just people and there is good in everyone. I tend to be romantic about people that way. Who is to judge?

Are there any projects that you would like to promote?
We always like to share my site, http://Janet-Exposed.com, where we've been sharing our lifestyle with like-minded people for over 13 years now! It has been quite an evolution & we continue to explore new kinks!
We are also in the process re-launching my old foot fetish site, http://Foot-Tease.com, with all of my classic archived foot fetish content from 1998-2005 plus lots of hot, brand new stuff!
Finally, here is a link to my IPod and iPhone movies http://t.co/iz3fnXZ
Thanks again for having me, Apache! It is always a pleasure chatting with you!


Interview by Apache Warrior

My email account: [email protected]
My Twitter account: https://twitter.com/ApacheWarrior

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