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XCritic Visits With Ivy Winters - Porns "Dirty Little Cum Slut"

 XCritic Visits With Ivy Winters - Porns “Dirty Little Cum Slut”

Interview & Story By: Bill The Hobbyist

From her very first scene, Ivy Winters caught my attention with not only in giving me an immediate erection from her performance, but also with that sweet girl next door look and her beautiful memorizing eyes that that will bust your nut all on their own. Of course, I must be honest that her beauty and eyes isn’t all I fell in love with in the very first scene I watched of her's awhile back. She has sweet boobies, perfect suckable nipples, the cutest little outie pussy butterfly lips in the industry, a sexy booty and a fantastic personality.

Recently, Ivy took a short break from the business and when I found out she was back and coming east I immediately contacted her for an interview. She was so excited about this opportunity, that she invited me to come on set during her shoots with Feet of Philly and East Coast Cuties. Taking advantage of the opportunity, I was not only able to see Ivy perform, but watch her behind the scenes and then sit down to talk with her afterwards. OK, and hell I got a Mega Woody watching her perform live.

I thought, wouldn’t it be great to talk with her and be on set, but also visit with her away from work and around her fans. Ivy, was awesome in letting me become a part of her life for a few days and from what I saw and I realized, all of this could not be shared in an interview format to the readers but more of a story with interview questions tied in. This interview and story is a whole new concept I will be doing with exciting newcomers and starlets over the months to come and I thank Ivy Winters for taking the time in doing the first one of these with me. So, come join me through the eyes of companies, performers, fans and mine, in meeting a very exciting and powerful “Starlet" that this industry is falling in love with, Ivy Winters (AKA - Porn’s Dirty Little Cum Slut).

As I proceed in sharing my visit with Ivy, one challenge I had, was sometimes the English language does not provide us the words needed to truly describe the real beauty of a person and at times while writing this, I have struggled with finding those words to share in what I saw of this beautiful, captivating and down right sexy young lady who has one hell of a dirty side. But I will do my best.

I first joined Ivy on set in Baltimore, while she was shooting with Feet Of Philly and East Coast Cuties. Afterwards I took some time to visit not only with Ivy, But John and James too.


Ivy Winters, onset with Feet of Philly & East Coast Cuties

Bill The Hobbyist: Ivy, so how does it feel shooting again?

Ivy Winters: OMG, it is amazing and I had so much fun doing it. The shoots were such a natural sex high for me and kept me in such a horny mood the entire time. It was my first ass worship scene and I not only loved it, but it was a big turn on (Very Big Smile).

The foot session with Feet of Philly, was awesome and having John cum on my feet, well being the cum slut I am, I loved the way his cum felt covering my feet and toes.

BTS Shot, during foot session shoot with John of Feet of Philly

I had such a great time with East Coast Cuties shoot too. It was a real stimulating and sensual :). Had to be one of the hottest cream pies I have ever done and I love having cum just ooze and drip out of my pussy.

Cream Pie Shot with East Coast Cuties

After visiting with Ivy, I took a few minutes to visit with both John and James on the shoots and their thoughts of Ivy too. 

Bill The Hobbyist: John, now that have just finished a foot shoot with Ivy and being a foot expert yourself, could you tell me what you think makes Ivy's feet so great for foot worship?

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Feet Of Philly: Ivy, has such extremely soft feet, very nice soft soles and well-pedicured toes. You can tell she gets pedicures often. The tops of her feet were very tan. I'd say Ivy has mastered the footjob technique (Smiling). Perfect motion, not too rough, not too fast or slow, just right!

Bill The Hobbyist: You also did a ass worship shoot with Ivy for your Philly Butt Sluts site, wanna share with us how that went and a little about her ass?

Feet Of Philly: Well it wasn't an anal scene, but hopefully soon. Her ass was perfect. Nice and round but not too round. Great soft tan skin, supple ass cheeks and the kind of ass, you just bury your tongue in all day. So....when's her first anal scene going to be booked with me????

Bill The Hobbyist: James, now that have finished some shoots with Ivy, could you tell me how the shoots went, what she was like to work with?

East Coast Cuties: One of the things about Ivy that I quickly learned is that she is so amazing in front of the camera. She knows she is shooting for her fans and she really wants to give them all she can and that comes through in her scenes. Nothing is fake or phoney about her at all and that's evident when you see the work she did for Eastcoast Cuties. She is just so good at being 'in the moment'. I did two great shoots with her, one is an amazing cream-pie and the second was one of hottest, slowest, wettest blowjob performances I have ever filmed.

Bill The Hobbyist: James, I understand not only did you have the opportunity to shoot Ivy, but had a chance to spend some time off set. Could you share what Ivy is like as a person off set to you?

East Coast Cuties: Ivy is a real sweetheart and she is really also very knowledgeable about the business. If I have to sum her up in one word, it would be "genuine".

Before the shooting wrapped up, there was no way in hell, I was going to let a “Bill The Hobbyist Boobie Picture”, slip by. Besides, she was already naked, so the opportunity was perfect.

"Bill The Hobbist Boobie Pic" with Ivy Winters - "I have waited so long for this one. I guess dreams do come true"

Now that I had Ivy’s boobie in my hand, I thought I would take advantage of the situation and see if I still had my old high school charm and wit.

Bill The Hobbyist: So Ivy, in many of your reviews, I always mention to the readers that you have these very suckable nipples. I wouldn’t feel I was doing justice to my readers if I didn’t actually confirm it.

Ivy Winters: Bill, I would think nothing of the less, so go for it :)

Umm, I guess I still have the touch. Actually I think she was going to do it anyway!

The next the morning, I picked Ivy up and went to breakfast, we had a chance to visit on an array of topics then and also throughout the entire day. We spent time during the day talking about everything from scenes to her feelings on gift wish list. So, join me and come have breakfast with Ivy.

Bill The Hobbyist: Ivy, lets start with the typical question everyone gets asked. Can you briefly tell me how you got into porn and and what made you decide to get into it?

Ivy Winters: During a winter break from school, I decided to take a look at modeling and had no idea what to even expect. As I got into it, I realized it would be great for me. It was a change though in being with so many different guys, cause before porn I only had one relationships. 

Bill The Hobbyist: Ivy, you now have out over thirty dvds and a countless number of Internet scenes. What is one of your favorite scenes?

Ivy Winters: One of my favorite scenes I did was in, “Mommy & Me 2“ with Francesca Le. I admit I was nervous in doing a scene with her, because she is so strong, but it went fantastic and was very intense, naughty and honor to work with her.

Bill The Hobbyist: One of your movies I reviewed of your was “My Oldest Fuck 2”. In this scene, you had the opportunity to work with the Legendary Ron Jeremy. Did you know before hand that you were going to be doing the scene with him? What was your thoughts when you found out and what was it like to work with a industry icon such as Ron?

Ivy Winters: OMG, Ron Jeremy. I had heard I might be working with him and was very excited about it. He has always been one of my favorite male performers. The scene was exciting, hot and he was so fun to work with.

Bill The Hobbyist: Fans, always love to to know what a girl likes best. Which one of following do you enjoy most? Fucking, Sucking Cock or Having A Guy Go Down On You?

Ivy Winters: I love it all. I do love giving blow jobs and getting lots of cum in my mouth, I can never just seem to get enough cum. I guess I am “A Dirty Little Cum Slut”, when it comes to that. When sucking cock, I am told guys love it when I look up at them with my eyes and it is awesome to watch their response. I think gang bangs are awesome too. I had one, that was with eight guys, but I would love to some day go after the world record.

After Ivy got done answering some questions. Well, I had to go to the mens room and umm, well, umm, you know. Once I was able to return to the table, I was able to resume asking questions.

Bill The Hobbyist: Ivy, if you could create and direct your own scene, what would it be about and who would you have in it with you?

Ivy Winters: It would be a "Porn Star Punishment" scene, where I was totally submissive and I would cast James Deen and Audrey Bitoni to be in it with me.

Bill The Hobbyist: Do you watch your scenes and read your reviews?

Ivy Winters: In the beginning, I never wanted to watch them, even though I watch porn, I just felt awkward in watching myself. I do watch them now and read all my reviews. I think it is good to watch them and see your performance and how you can improve. Reading reviews is the same way, I always read all my reviews, including yours Bill as they all help me to see how others see me and professionally comment on my work. I think both is important to do for any girl in the business.

Bill The Hobbyist: Well, since I know now that you read reviews. Who is your favorite reviewer?

Ivy Winters: Bill The Hobbyist of course :)

Bill The Hobbyist: Right answer, so I guess we will go ahead and continue with our day together :)

Once we were finished with breakfast and my woody went down enough, so I could get up and walk out of the diner, we went over to South Street in Philadelphia. Watching people and their expressions as we walked past them was interesting. You could see some look at us thinking, holy fuck look at that lucky old guy with the fucking hot awesome babe. Then in others faces you could see in their minds they were saying, awe that poor sweet young lady, how the hell did she get stuck with that old fuck. But, no matter what they were thinking, I knew I was enjoying time with one of the hottest, cutest, dirtiest and most exciting “Starlets” in porn. So ha, ha to all of them.

Ivy has a lot of sexual energy and several times I had to restrain her from flashing her boobs to all of Philadelphia. South Street has a lot of shops and every type of store you can think of. One of the things I noticed very quickly was, Ivy loves to shop. She has a big shoe fetish and had to stop in every store that sold shoes and bought herself some along the way. She also love hitting the porn shops, inside she was like a little kid in a candy store. While passing a tattoo shop, she wander inside and said she was thinking about getting a tattoo for her wrist. When she said she was thinking of putting “XXX” on her wrist, I told her that would be perfect, since that is the review rating I give all her scenes. And that is what she did.

As we were out and about on the streets of Philadelphia, I saw this amazing young lady full of energy and loving every second of life that is offered to her. I will also admit, there were times I would let her get ahead of me, so I could walk behind her and watch her sweet ass move as she walked.

When we stopped for lunch, Ivy got a taste of real Philadelphia Pizza and I have never seen anyone so excited over a slice of pizza and on how huge it was. She was taking pictures of it and tweeting it to all her followers. Then she looked at me and said, there was no way with the slice being so huge, she could eat all of it. Well, she did and said “OMG I cant belive I ate the whole thing”. Basically that same look when she has a big cock in her mouth.

As we ate lunch I decided it would be a good time to ask her a few more questions.

Bill The Hobbyist: Ivy, is anal in your future at all?

Ivy Winters: Well, I have actually never done anal even in my personal life. However.. I am very curious about it and want to start experimenting with it! If it’s something I enjoy then you can definitely look forward to seeing it in the future! But being the dirty girl I am.. I couldn’t imagine not liking it ;)

Bill The Hobbyist: What advice do you have for newcomers who have recently entered or thinking about entering the adult industry?

Ivy Winters: Be very open minded and pay attention. It is important that they keep an open mind are very sexual and truly love having sex.

Bill The Hobbyist: Ivy, many girls in the industry, have gift list posted so fans can buy them things. I am not knocking them, but you stand out so different than many others when it comes to this. Instead of on Twitter, posting, please buy me something. You have a wish list, but instead of asking for gifts, you ask your fans to donate to your favorite charities . Well, young lady, not only am I impressed, but I commend you in what you are doing. How and why did you come about doing your wish list this way and so different than what most others do?

Ivy Winters: I feel that we all make enough money in porn that we don’t need fans buying things for us, as we can do that on our own. Since there are fans out there that like to do something special for us at times. All I ask them to do, is instead of buying me a gift, that they thank me for my work by donating to one of my favorite charities and I have set up a page that they can do it on Ivy Winters - Just Give.Org. I think that it is great, when those of us who are fortunate, can help those who are not and maybe help make their lives a little better.

Bill The Hobbyist: Ivy, Another, fucking powerful scene of yours that recently came out was with “Immoral Productions”, called “Slumber Party 9“. Not only was the dvd itself an “XCritic Pick”, but your particular scene with Chastity Lynn, Vicki Chase and Rylie Richman was a “XCritic Spotlight Scene”. So, I decided to touch base with Porno Dan and ask him what he thinks of Ivy Winters and here is what he had to say.

Ivy Winters: OMG, I Love Porno Dan

Bill The Hobbyist: Porno Dan, you have personally worked with Ivy on set, not only once, but several times and she has delivered strong performances for you like in "Slumber Party 9". Since your shoots are so unique, with no script. What is Ivy like shooting with & what is it that has you bringing her back for more shoots?

Porno Dan: Ivy Winters, is a rare breed, she is probably the sluttiest girl I have ever met in my life and I mean that in the nicest way possible. If it was up to her she would be on her back getting gang banged day and night. This hyper-sexual sex drive is very evident in her scenes as she truly never wants them to end, while she gets off gets over and over again. This fits in perfectly with our style of shooting where we want performers that really love what they do.

I also decided to visit with “Naughty Mid-West” and the owner Matt. He has not only shot Ivy in the beginning of her career, but as she started back up again.

Bill The Hobbyist: Matt, you have had the opportunity to shoot Ivy not only in the beginning of her career, but throughout it. What was it like in shooting some of her very first scenes and how have you seen her grow as a performer over the last year.

Naughty Mid-West: I first shot with Ivy when she had only been in the biz for a little while. I was impressed how down to earth she was. She is Intensely proud of being from the Midwest. How has she changed or grown in the year I have shot with her? Very simple, she has not changed a lot! And that is a very good thing! She is still the adorable Ivy , who absolutely loves to give her fans raging hardons.

Bill The Hobbyist: Matt, you have also had opportunity to spend time with Ivy off set. What is she like when she is not in front of the camera?

Naughty Mid-West: First, if you met her on the street or in a store, you would never guess that she does porn. Although she still looks hot when she goes out in public, she comes across as just sort of a quiet very pretty girl. She loves to just spend time with her family and her dogs. She is a totally unselfish person as she loves to help others. Ivy Winters is the real thing and what you see on screen is very real.


Ivy Winters & Her Best Friend Bella

That evening, we attended an event at Feet of Philly, it was their weekly foot worship party and owner John, invited Ivy and I to come by the party. Feet of Philly holds some great foot worship parties and if you are ever in Philadelphia, be sure to check one out. At the foot party, I had a great time just watching Ivy with many of her fans. She is amazing around her fans and you can easily see the true person she really is. She is so energetic and when she gives her fans a hug, you can see how it just comes from her heart. Yes, the Ivy we all see on screen is the same exciting young lady on the streets of Philadelphia and with her fans at events too.

Ivy, getting ready for the Feet of Philly, foot party. It was "School Girl" theme nite.

I took a moment to actually visit with one of the fans at the party, who goes by “Ken Plays Guitar” on Twitter. He met Ivy for the first time and I thought it would be interesting to get his thoughts.

Bill The Hobbyist: Ken, when you first met Ivy tonight, what was your first impression of her as a "Adult Starlet" and as a person too?

Ken Plays Guitar: When I first met Ivy at the foot party, my impression of her as an adult starlet is that she really enjoys what she does. I've met a number of adult stars, and you can always sense hesitation about the career choice, self-confidence, etc. - and you can instantly tell that Ivy genuinely loves the business and what she does. As a person, she is one of the most approachable and down to earth adult starlets I've met - a really sweet and great person, who loves to show her stuff in social situations. She was naturally friendly, well-spoken, and professional. She also has a fantastic sense of humor.

Bill The Hobbyist: Ken, I noticed you had a foot session with her. So I gotta ask, what did you think and I sure hope you had fun.

Ken Plays Guitar: My session with Ivy was fantastic - she takes great care of her feet, and they are quite sensitive and responsive to touch. She made everything very comfortable, and was one of the best starlets to come to the foot party in some time. Her personality made it that much more fun - again, the sense of humor and genuine enjoyment in what she does came through right away.

Following the foot party, I volunteered to drive Ivy back to Baltimore that evening to catch her morning flight home. She was pretty exhausted from the last few days, so she slept during most of the ride. However, I was able to slip in a few more questions before she fell asleep. Oh, a little side note, the entire time she slept the sounds she made was like if she was having sex, so I guess we all know what she was dreaming about. Always a dirty little girl, even when she sleeps :)

Bill The Hobbyist: So Ivy, what did you think of your first foot worship party and is it something you would like to do again?

Ivy Winters: OMG, it was amazing! I had never been to anything like this, so I didn’t know what to expect, but when it started I had so much fun with my fans and their foot fetishes. John of Feet of Philly throws a great party and is an awesome host. I can’t wait to get back to another one.

Ivy with John of Feet Of Philly at the party

Bill The Hobbyist: Are there any social networks, web sites or future projects and events that you would like mention to your fans?

Ivy Winters: OMG, yes. You can follow me on Twitter @IvyWintersXXX where I not only love tweeting lots of naughty pictures, but love tweeting back and forth with my fans. I have a blog where you can find out what I have going on and can ask me questions. To do that just go to www.IvyWintersWonderland.com. I am very excited on two web sites that I will be launching in the very near future www.DirtyLittleCumSlut.com and www.IvyWintersWonderLand.com. I am sure by the names of each, you can just imaging all the nasty and dirty things you will be able to see of me on them. So be sure to stay tuned.

I would like to also mention that my agency is LA Direct that I am so excited to be part of. This fall I am looking at doing signings at Adult Stores as I travel and have one tentatively schedule with Taboo, in Richmond, Virginia. I can’t wait to meet Alison and all the hot Taboo Girls that work there, they all look so HOT!. I will also be at Exxxotica, NJ in November, after the great time at had at Exxxotica, Chicago recently and meeting so many awesome fans, I can’t wait for the next one. So, be sure to come and see me.

Bill The Hobbyist: Ivy, is there anything you want to say to your fans or other adult industry people as we wrap up are time together and before you fall asleep on me LOL?

Ivy Winters: I just want to make sure my fans know how much they really mean to me! I appreciate their support and taking the time to follow my career as I continue on my journey in the industry. I also want to thank the people in the industry (performers, directors, etc) for supporting me and making the industry so enjoyable! I'm so happy I can be a part of such an awesome industry and I can't wait to continue being a dirty little girl for everyone to enjoy!! I truly love this business and have big plans this time around, so stay tuned!! ;)

After dropping Ivy off at her hotel and getting a hug that will last a lifetime. As I drove back home, I thought back on my time over the past several days with such an exciting young lady who has this love for the business beyond compare. In trying to summerize up who she really is, once again the English langue failed in giving me the words to describe her true beauty, so I put it best by saying: “There are Porn Stars, Starlets and Newcomers and then there is “Ivy Winters”.

Interview & Story By: Bill The Hobbyist

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