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Savanna Samson: Renaissance Woman

A Beautiful Contract Star Interviewed

Savanna at home by her doll and award collection

Savanna Samson is not the typical porn star that everyone thinks she is. As a Vivid girl whose work is produced and marketed by Vivid Entertainment, Savanna Samson is a porn celebrity with a very huge following .She is the star of 25 Adult films, a two-time winner of the Adult Video News Award for best actress for her role in Looking In. , and her work with Jenna Jameson in The New Devil in Miss Jones, a remake of a classic, won last year's award for the best all-girl sex scene.

Savanna Samson who is so unlike others is very passionate about everything she does and it shows with everything she touches. She's very sexy , very beautiful and  educate in  so many  areas which peak her  natural born curiosity . She's also a highly trained ballet dancer, an opera fan who rarely misses a performance at the Met, a lover of New York City's museums and restaurants, and a writer who does magazine articles on subjects as diverse as fine wines and kissing. She is one of the most passionate dancers ever to perform at the world famous Scores Gentlemen's Club in Manhattan and above all, a very down to Earth person who has a lot to offer and a lot still accomplish in her life. I had the pleasure of meeting with her  for lunch  a few  weeks  ago here in New York City.

She is featured in the Timothy Greenfield-Sanders book XXX-30 Porn-Star Portraits and is co-author of How to Have a XXX Sex Life: The Ultimate Vivid Guide published by the Regan Books imprint of Harper Collins. In 2005 Savanna launched her very own wine business with the inaugural Sogno Uno, an Italian red, which was one of the most talked about wines of 2006, receiving a rating of 91 from renowned wine critic, Robert Parker. In June of 2006, Savanna released her second wine  a white, Sogno Due and  already  working on a  third with  new vintages  already in development for the  remaining year of  2007 and beyond.

She is definitely a different type of porn star than the industry has ever seen before.  Her wine business has taken off and her first single " Kiss Me All Over"  from her recording contract with Koch Records will be released before the end of the year and the full album should be out hopefully  by  February of 2008. To look at her one  would wonder  where  does  she  fit everything  she does  daily and still manage to make  6 adult movies a  year for  Vivid Entertainment  and including 1 for her own  production company Savanna Samson Productions.
During  my conversation with  Savanna  at her home here in NYC  I asked her a few  question about her life in the industry and about  her  wine business. My first question to her was of course why NYC and not California to  which  she  replied " She  couldn't  see herself  leaving  New York for  California." Savanna displays her AVN awards proudly amongst her  collection of  Designer Barbie Collection in a  glass  display cabinet. She  knows and  admits that she has a  huge  fan base  and states that  she  will never forget her  audience and loves what  she  doing with her  career  and the  pleasure she  gives  so many  as they  watch  a Savanna  Samson DVD.   Through out the  afternoon I  asked her  several  questions in  regards to  her  life in the  industry, her wines and  of  course her  recording contract. Savanna  was and  is a pleasure to  speak with and  I wish her  the  very  best with her  wines, her  career as a  adult performer and of  course her leap into the  music  world.
Have you ever thought about directing?

Everything in my life I translate it into how it would be like in a porno. Directing is definitely down the line. Vivid wants to keep my name alive even after I am finished being in front of the camera. Steven Hirsch is always asking me about directing and  working with the girls.

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Out of  all the  male performers you have  worked with, is there one man  that you  can  do the scene  with and  click  right off the  bat?

Manuel Ferrera, He is amazing! He looks at me and we have a connection. I know that he is not going to go to the bathroom to shoot it up or take pills. I know I  shouldn't  be  jealous of that kind of thing  but I can help but  think "  He  could have  given me a chance. With Manuel its very real. There is such a great connection and chemistry. Manuel is in very high demand right now. Also there is  Derrick Pierce, he is  so cute and fun to work  with and  I  also have a  good  connection with him as well.

Now  what  about the ladies..Who is your favorite to work with?
My favorite all time female to work with is Sunrise Adams. We both liked each other and we both wanted to be incredible. The combination of the two passionate energies worked very well on camera. In addition, there is Brianna Banks who I enjoy working with.

Do you find it more challenging to work with men or women?

I think it's more challenging with females. I am not the aggressive type, so with a guy its much easier to mesh together to do all those things on screen. With a girl, you have to be more creative. Then there is the thing with the toys. Glass toys  look great but  don't  feel as  soft.  Sometimes on set you have a new girl complaining on set about the g/g scene and   she  would say  outright  " That  she is not into girls" and  I would  reply " You  did not  just  say that".

With the industry ever changing, what changes have you seen since you first started?

The biggest change is the sales of DVD and the internet. As for talent wise there are so many gorgeous looking men coming into the industry all of a sudden. There are so many choices as far as men are concerned. For instance the ex-Marine Charles Dera. I wouldn't  want to  date him  but  who  wouldn't  want to  walk  down the  street with a  guy like that and not have  them  look at you. Another beautiful man is Jean Val Jean who reminds me of a model in a Bodachelli painting.

How do you feel about condom use?

I love the  idea about  safe  sex but  I don't like the  way it  feels  and looks on  camera. Vivid  is a  condom optional  company which now  opens the door  for  other  male  performers that weren't  able to  work for  Vivid  because of condom use. I do all my testing 3 days to a week before working with another performer.

What is your opinion on the new girls that are now coming into the industry and what advice do you have to offer them?

I don't  see as  much  respect as I used too. The new girls  are  coming in with  attitudes and thinking that they are  going to  be the next  big thing.  I rarely  find  anyone  with as  much passion and  love for what they  do.  It's  important to  stay  away from the  drugs, pay  your  taxes, protect yourself and   do your  scenes with a lot of  passion.

Do you feel there should be more mandatory testing?

Yes, because there are so many other things to test for now even bacterial. I don't want to go into a scene and thinking that the cock or pussy is diseased. As performers we all have to protect ourselves. I go in and get the whole panel of test done before I work.

Belladonna recently had a big scare; on a professional level what do you think about her as a performer?

I admire Belladonna; she is great as a performer and is very sweet. We worked together on The Devil in Miss Jones: Lost Paradise, this time I played the Devil. Before  shooting  She  broke out with  a  huge  rash on her  ass and  Vivid still wanted to shoot the  scene and  they   didn't know  how they  were  going to cover it. She came up to me before  the  scene  and  asked me if  I  had  ever  been exposed  before. Belladonna was very upfront and honest about everything. She is a wonderful person and down to earth.

In Debbie Does Dallas Again why weren't you on the cover with the rest of the ladies?

It wasn't my movie. I had a cameo role.
What about Stood Up?

I loved it! The three way with Evan Stone and   Kimberly Kane was great. We had so much fun. There was no liquor on the set so we all worked on a natural high having a wonderful time all around.12- How was it working with Evan Stone?
 I like working with Evan but not at first. His cock was too big for me in the beginning. Now it doesn't hurt at all. I love that he let  go  of himself in  front of the  camera and  not  worry about what  people  think or  say.
Can you tell us a bit  about you new recording contract with Koch Records?
My first song "Kiss Me All Over" should be out soon. The entire album won't be out till Feb of 2008.
What inspired you to go into the wine  business?
Traveling for the past  nine  years  between Italy and  France, it  started with a  dream  of wanting to have my  own  vineyard.  I came from a family that made  wine in the  basement. I have  always  had  very  fond memories of my  family making  wine.
In the  New Devil and  Miss Jones, you got  to work  with  Jenna Jameson how was it to work with her?
I've worked with Jenna now a total of three times. My first time was in Where the Boys Aren't  18 and  we  both played flight attendants . We had the big poofy hair and  we were in the  bathroom  for a  girl/girl shoot. After a  few minutes  I wasn't  nervous but in the  beginning I was.  In NDIMJ, Jenna played the Devil and I played the dorky chic with the geeky clothes.

What  one  movie do you think  stands out  the most in your  career?
The movie that I am most proud of is  The New Devil and Miss Jones. I got the  script and  I was  petrified . Now that  I  have  been studying with the  Playgroup Theatre Genesis, I was  able to lose myself in the role and in front of the camera and  reach  down to  find that  emotion embracing  who  she is. Another highlight that I can think of is "Flasher" which got lost in the  shuffle. "Flasher has  great acting , good location shot in  Santa Monica with a lot of public  display of  flashing. I'm on a motorcycle driving waiting to get arrested. Manuel Ferrera plays my boyfriend in this one as well.

In closing after speaking in length with Savanna her final thoughts are that if one is to work in porn, one must give of themselves more and pull from within for a greater performance. Not just give half but 100% into what you are doing. She believes in strict testing and being passionate about everything in life and what you want to achieve for yourself.  I want to  thank Savanna  for a wonderful  afternoon and the  pleasure of her  company which I  enjoyed  very much!

Website: http://www.savannasamson.com
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/therealsavannasamson
Wines:  http://www.savannawines.com
Company: Vivid Entertainment
Film Credits:
2006 - AVN - Best Actress - Film: New Devil In Miss Jones, The
2006 - AVN - Best All-Girl Sex Scene - Film: New Devil In Miss Jones, The
2005 - AVN - Best All-Girl Sex Scene - Film: Masseuse, The
2004 - AVN - Best Actress - Film: Looking In
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