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Capri Anderson interview

Just when you thought that the concept of a contract girl was on it's way out, Capri Anderson comes along and revitalizes it. Thus far, her selection into the famed Vivid Girl club has shown sparkle with her highly recommended initial Vivid film project My Little Black Book. Now, with her current role as the iconic heroine Mary Jane of Spider-Man fame, Capri gets to broaden her appeal to a whole new audience. This busy lady also stars in a B. Skow directed film titled Runaway that will be released in September. 

Hi Capri, congratulations on becoming a much heralded Vivid Girl. What does it mean to you that you are suddenly part of this prestigious sorority of legendary women?

It's very exciting. As everyone knows, Vivid is the best. I'm so thankful to Steven for granting me this opportunity as it came in a most trying time in my life. Vivid has given me the opportunity to get back to my sense of self and after almost five years in the industry, it feels good to be on top and sometimes bottom. LOL. No pun intended.

As a matter of fact, in a Vivid press release, Steven Hirsch, Vivid Entertainment founder/co-chairman, described your addition to his company as follows: "Actually, we had cut back on our contract actresses program recently, but Capri is so exciting that we decided to reopen it just for her." That is very high praise. How did you receive the word that this number one studio wanted you as their Vivid Girl? Were you blown away when you first received the news?

I first received the news from my manager and PR Gina Rodriguez (DD Entertainment) in the midst of a lot of stress and controversy. So it was much like a light on my horizon and a very high praise indeed. It's most exciting to feel as though I paved the way into reopening the program for not just me, but future starlets such as Allie Haze. So many young broads would kill for the opportunity to be a part of Vivid and I'm honored to feel as though I have contributed to the possibility that they may one day become a Vivid girl as well.

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There has been so much buzz about Spider-Man XXX. What are your thoughts about your experience on filming this iconic story? The behind the scenes activity must have been a lot of fun and easy-going, right? It also must have been very cool being the love interest of a super hero.

The experience was one that I'll never forget. It was my first parody, my first time working alongside Axel Braun (as we all know he is the best), and playing the part of Mary Jane (epic!). I was flattered when I learned that they chose me for the role and although I was intimidated to say the least, I was honored. The days were long, but to be on set with the likes of Xander Corvus and Ash Hollywood was always a blast!

Were you a Spider-Man fan as a kid? I still remember when I was in junior high that I would watch those Spiderman cartoons after school.

I have always been a fan of Marvel in general. I loved Spiderman as a kid as well as all the superheroes!

If you could have any super hero ability, then what would it be and why?

Telepathy so that I could always stay one step ahead.

Axel Braun is an amazing director to work for in a movie. What are your thoughts about working for him?

I have two words: LONG HOURS! In essence, that's for sure, but you catch my drift lol. It was an honor to say the least.

How did you get into the adult industry?

It was very "Zack & Miri" so to speak. I'm sure that you can imagine. Only instead of being middle-aged, I was eighteen with two years worth of college expenses, working two jobs in Miami, Florida, and looking to make an honest dollar. I was always a very logical kind of gal and after weighing my options, it seemed as though this would be best in an effort to start gaining some real capital. I was in a relationship with a young man who was willing. So, we searched the Internet until we came across an ad and that's how it all began.

What have been your most pleasurable moments so far in the industry? What have been your least pleasurable?

Becoming a Vivid girl has definitely been my most pleasurable, and my first time trying an anal scene has been my least pleasurable. Relaxation is key in such a circumstance so I'm sure you can imagine. It was with Ashlyn Rae. A gorgeous gal with a strap on, but I still think it came out alright, but I think from now on I'll save that for my personal endeavors as it's wonderful in the right situation.

I truly love your Girl-Girl scenes. They are quite sensual. I totally loved your work in the highly recommended My Little Black Book. In your opinion, what makes a woman sexy? What makes a man sexy? What traits of a woman do you admire? What traits of a man do you admire?

It's all about chemistry. There are many beautiful people in this world, but one has nothing without the ability to connect and see another or their peers for more than just their physical appearance although it is key in this industry. I most admire confidence and cleanliness lol.

How were you as a kid?

ADHD, lively, laughing, curious, rebellious, an Aries to the fullest, opinionated, and head-strong.

What are your interests and hobbies?

Horses! I love to ride English, western, boys, and gals lol. I'm very interested in street art and the pop surrealist movement. Traveling is always a fave. I got on a surfboard for the first time in Costa Frica (as I like to refer to it) this past Valentine's Day and I'm sure I will keep this hobby the rest of my life. It's by far one of the most exhilarating feelings. I was born a thrillseeker.

Are there any industry people (actors, actresses, directors, even studios) that you would like to work with in the future? What would be your dream scene?

I like the surprise of meeting new people and talent so I honestly have not put thought into it, but I definitely would have a few repeats such as Georgia Jones, Sunny Leone, and Ashlyn Rae. My dream scene would be all mega hotties in an exotic location abroad, beachside, and sensuality/ chemistry!

What is your favorite thing about being an adult performer?

The freedom to express my sexuality without hesitation amongst so many others such as myself, and what gal doesn't love doing photoshoots?

Trailer for My Little Black Book

Trailer for Spider-Man XXX A Porn Parody

Interview by Apache Warrior

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