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Jayden Jaymes' Elegant Gangbang

Interview by Rob Perez
Jayden Jaymes is one of porn’s hardest working performers. Succesfully transitioning from Internet babe to porn phenom, Jayden has graced a number of DVD boxcovers, making her one of porn’s most bankable and stunning looking girls. While she’s made money for the studios that have consistently hired this very in-demand performer, Jayden also remains one of adult’s under-appreciated performers. Perhaps because Jayden refuses to play into the politics of the industry, she remains her own person who plays by her own rules, her way.
On August 30, Elegant Angel released Gangbanged 2 starring Jayden Jaymes (which she graces the boxcover once again). In Jayden’s first gangbang she goes all out, performing her first ever double vag, first double penetration, and first double anal, featuring 7 guys. Directed by one of porn’s elite directors, Mason, Gangbanged 2 will show everyone the remarkable talents of this unbelievable performer. Jayden Jayme’s time to be ranked as one of the best of the best in porn has come and needs to be recognized as one of porn’s elite performers. Her star will only continue to shine brighter in the coming years and continues to excel in scene after scene.
How was this project presented to you? Did Elegant Angel approach you?
I had mentioned my personal gangbang fantasies to Mason in the past, and we had chatted a little about the idea. So when Elegant Angel decided to do the second volume of the series, Mason simply asked me if I still had the same fantasies. I think my exact response was "Hell yeah!"
Was Mason the one who convinced you to do the gangbang?
Mason didn't have to convince me. I wanted to do it. She was definitely the one to set it up, but it was my decision.
If the scene had been directed by a guy would you have still done the gangbang?
I don't think I would have done it with any other company, but I wouldn't have minded if any of the male directors from Elegant Angel directed it.
What was working with Mason on Gangbang 2 like? Did you two have any deep discussion on what you both wanted out of it, what you’d be willing to do, etc.?

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Mason is always a pleasure to work with. We get along very well. We're both extremely sexual women so we're able to bond over that. When we started discussing the movie, she told me how the other scene went for the first volume and then asked me what I wanted to do. I told her I just wanted to go for it, sort of see what my body and my mind could do. Basically, just let myself go. Everything that I did in that scene was natural to me.
Did you get to choose the guys to perform with in this DVD? Was there any sort of criteria for the guys you picked?
I did get to choose the guys. Mason asked me who I like, and I gave her a list. I tend to be very particular about who I work with, so I wanted to make sure I was comfortable with everyone. There was one guy that I didn't personally choose, and Mason asked me if I was okay with him. I was, based on the fact that he met my personal standards for male talent.

Did the guys have to follow any rules the day of the gangbang?
I had a little chat with the boys prior to the scene, but being that we were all friends, I really didn't have to give them 'rules'. I think the only thing I really stressed to them was to make sure they used lots of lube or spit!
Were you nervous, scared, or excited? What kind of mental preparation did you do if any before the gangbang?
I was extremely calm that entire day, and even the night before. It wasn't until I was out of makeup that I got an overwhelming feeling of anxiety, but it was a good anxiety. I was so excited! Because of that, I really didn't need any sort of mental preparation. It was a good day and it went so smoothly. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.
Any funny stories from the shoot you can share?
I don't know if this is considered 'funny' but something interesting did happen. One of the guys, Erik Everhard, to me, has one of the biggest/fattest penises in the business. I was nervous to take him anally because of his size. I honestly didn't think it would happen. And, as the scene went, he actually ended up being in my ass more than any other guy. He was the most comfortable. And we all got a good laugh at that afterwards. I was so scared, and it turned out that I loved it!

Did everything go smoothly? How long did it take to shoot it?
The shoot went perfectly. Once we all got to set, we were wrapped and out of there within about ninety minutes. I appreciate Elegant Angel for that matter. They're professional and they shoot quickly. They don't give too much direction and they don't interrupt the performers, they just let it happen, which makes everything go very quickly and smoothly.
How did it feel to be double penetrated? Did you enjoy it?
I have never been double penetrated before, and I was really looking forward to it. I had fantasized about it for a while, and I was really into the idea of it, but I was honestly nervous about whether or not I'd be able to do it. When we first started, I was in a position that was not too comfortable with it, but we adjusted to a position that was comfortable to me and it felt great! I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Is this film a career turning point for you? Will we see you in harder, more extreme stuff?
Everyone keeps asking me that. I do what I want, when I want. I did that scene because that's what I wanted to do at that time. I'm not going to start booking anal/DP scenes just for a paycheck. When I feel like doing it, I'll do it. 
How do you feel the fans will react to it? Had the fans been requesting to see you in a gangbang?
The fans have wanted to see a gangbang or a DP for a long time. I think they're going to be shocked to see it happen in one scene. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did.
What’s your next big project for Elegant Angel and other studios?
I don't have any big projects planned at this moment, but Mason did mention 'Jayden Jaymes Unleashed 2' in passing… That'd be an honor! But, it wasn't a serious conversation, so I'm not thinking too much of it. 
Virtually every film you’re in you make the boxcover, but you don’t normally receive the same type of attention as other girls in the business do. Do you feel the industry has given you enough praise for your performances?
I think that's mainly due to the fact that I'm dubbed an Internet girl. I came into the business when Internet porn was exploding with popularity and I shot mainly for the big Internet companies. And, as most know, there is so much Internet porn out there and very limited DVD content out now, so the Internet girls get lost in the shuffle and don't get the same attention as the DVD girls do. I'm happy Elegant Angel saw something in me. They've done so much for me and my career and I'm so grateful.
Any final words you want to say to everyone reading this in XCritic?
Thanks so much for all of the support. I'd be nothing without the fans, and I really appreciate it.
All images courtesy of Elegant Angel
For more on Jayden Jaymes, please visit jaydenjaymesxxx.com, and follow Jayden Jaymes on Twitter @XXXJaydenJaymes.
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