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XCritic Pops Newcomer, Ava Love's Interview Cherry

XCritic & Bill The Hobbyist Pops Newcomer, Ava Love's Interview Cherry

Interview & Story By: Bill The Hobbyist

Picture from Bratty Foot Girls shoot.

From her very first tweet and the video clip of her on her Twitter profile, Ava Love immediately caught my attention and umm well, OK gave me an instant woody too. I was not only impressed with her as a newcomer, but also that innocent “Girl Next Door” look and personality along with her blue eyes that can melt you all on their own. All of this made it hard to resist in wanting to find out more about this exciting newcomer.

Like so many young ladies who enter the business they find out that there are people out there who are not legit and easily try to take advantage of or miss lead a newcomer on what this business can do for them. Ava, like many others discovered this very quickly and with her strong resilience, she came back stronger and has now launched on her own, a successful, exciting and rewarding career, that I truly belive is headed for the top. Yes, Ava Love is certainly one to keep your eye on and stay on top of all what she has and will have going on.

Ava Love, from her recent shoot with Footongues Productions

For over thirty years now, I have seen many newcomers enter this business, some climb to the top and others fall by the way side. In addition, I have been very fortunate to meet many young ladies over the years, but it has been a long time since I have met a newcomer like Ava Love, who is so beautiful along with being so committed and unique it is almost impossible to describe.

On a recent trip to the east coast, I had the honor and pleasure to spend several days with her as she prepared for her shoots. Being around Ava Love for several days, not only allowed me to sit down and interview her, but see her in everyday life from meeting fans to a trip to an adult store. This time with her allowed me, to not only ask questions, but now also allows me to share with you what I saw in everyday life of her and in telling her story. You will see that she is certainly that “Girl Next Door” we all dream of and you will also see how much those who have already worked with her, adore her.

Ava Love, from her shoot with Philly Butt Sluts

You, can really tell a lot of a person during the first moments you meet them. When, I met Ava Love at the airport I was totally amazed. As she walked toward me, I couldn’t help in getting an instant woody, as hell this girl was beautiful and hot in every imaginable way. But, what really impressed me was the smile and excitement she had in every step she took as she got closer. Then, when I got that true, sincere hug from the heart, I knew right then, that Ava, was also a beautiful person inside and very unique in herself.

Come spend some time with me and meet one of the cutest, sweetest, “Girl Next Door” that has both a very exciting innocent side and just as exciting naughty side too, Ava Love.

The first stop after her long flight was to get her something to eat. Having never been to the southeast before, I took her to a southeast tradition, “Waffle House”. As we spent time at the restaurant, I thought it would be a great chance to ask her a few questions in getting our visit started.

Bill The Hobbyist: Ava, how would you best describe yourself to others?

Ava Love: Not only would people see me as sweet, innocent and a bit naughty, but they would also see me as a little goofy, silly and a bit of a childish side.

Bill The Hobbyist: When you are not working, what are some of your hobbies and interest that you have?

Ava Love: I love coloring and working on puzzles. I am picky on the puzzles I build and only get ones done by Josephine Wall and Christian Lassen. They are so artistic and creative that their puzzles are suitable for framing. I also enjoy, hiking, mountain climbing, camping, fishing and I love to go four wheeling for hours.

Bill The Hobbyist: What were you like growing up and did you like school?

Ava Love: I believe I was a little nerd growing up, and no I did not like school and tried getting out of going every day when I was younger.

Bill The Hobbyist: What is a typical non work day like for Ava Love?

Ava Love: I generally get up between 8am and 9am. The the usual, cigarette, shower and coffee. Around 11am I eat lunch which is usually a Hot & Spicy Bowl. I just love them. Then I get my Monster Craving and have to make that a must for my day. This may sound a bit nerdy, but then I spend two to three hours playing “League of Legends”. By that time, it’s usually 3pm and I watch Dr. Phil. Once that is over, I have one close friend that I hangout with usually for the rest of the day.

Bill The Hobbyist: Before making the move to porn, you had done a lot of cam work. Would you mind sharing with us, something funny that happened during one of your cam shows?

Ava Love: One time when I was camming, I just gotten out of a private session and my phone rang and had forgotten after 30 seconds it goes back to guest chat and not being aware of this I was talking to my mother on the phone for every one in the room to hear.

Bill The Hobbyist: Who were your first few shoots with and what were they like?

Ava Love: My first few shoots was with Philly Butt Sluts & Exploited Teens. I was of course very nervous on my first shoot with Exploited Teens. From being so nervous, it had me laughing and talking a lot. But as it got underway, they made me so relaxed during it and it ending up being a lot of fun. My second shoot was with John of Philly Butt Sluts, It was fabulous working with him. John gave great direction, walked me though the shoot before hand and he is so nice and easy to work with.

John Campbell - Philly Butt Sluts, in his scene with Ava Love.

I asked, John Campbell with Philly Butt Sluts, how the shoot went and what it was like working with Ava Love.

John Campbell: Ava Love, is one of the nicest, most respectful girls I have ever met ever, much let alone the industry. What makes her even hotter, is the fact that she looks so damn innocent and not the girl who takes it in the ass on camera for the first time. She also has a great gaping asshole and never knew it, lol. She was just so clean cut, it was a joy to work with her. She always said please and thank you and you can tell she really wants to be there and give the performance of a lifetime. I have nothing but the highest of praise for this young hottie! I fully recommend anyone to book her NOW!

Bill The Hobbyist: Ava, since getting in the business, you have done a handful of fetish shoots. Is this something you expected to do and do you enjoy doing them?


Ava Love with Miss Leslee in a fetish shoot for Milk & Busted.

Ava Love: I honestly never expecting it in the beginning until I had some offers to shoot a few. I like doing them, they are something different and everyone so far has been fun and easy to work with.

Bill The Hobbyist: You recently shot some fetish work with Footongues Productions in Las Vegas, NV. Any comment of those shoots and working with Footongues Productions you would like to make?

Ava Love, from her recent shoot with Footongues Productions

Ava Love: Working with Pierre was amazing! He really knows how to take care of his models. He is sooo fun to work with and is amazing with his photography! :)

Following Ava’s shoot with Footongues Productions, I asked them what it was like working with an exciting newcomer in the business.

Ava Love, from her recent shoot with Footongues Productions

Footongues Productions: Working with Ava Love, was a great experience. She’s a very nice, friendly person and very easy to work with. She’s truthful, frank and eager to better herself at every shoot. She has high potential of talent, ability and listens to all advice you give her to perfect herself and then takes the knowledge and practices. She’s pleasant to work with and also brings her own ideas. She communicates well, is on time and always in a good mood. It was a great experience for me to work with this talented model.

One of the outings I was able to go with Ava on was a visit and some shopping she needed to do at Taboo in Richmond, VA. Taboo, is not only the leading adult store in the Richmond, VA area, but one of the top on the east coast. What I enjoyed was watching her meet Alison Barber the owner of Taboo, as once again I saw the same sincere person who met me at the airport. Taboo, is a great place and they have every adult item you can imagine plus over 6,000 dvds is stock. While there, I watched Ava Love as if she was a kid in a candy store and saw this sweet “Girl Next Door’s”, naughty side come out as she shopped around.

Ava Love, checking out the Taboo Car.

I caught Ava, looking at items on the bottom shelf at Taboo & couldn't resist taking this picture of her cute little butt.

After our visit to Taboo, I asked Alison Barber what it was like to meet Ava Love.

Alison Barber owner of Taboo with Ava Love.

Alison Barber, Taboo: Ava Love, burst into Taboo like a sexy ray of sunshine! She is a true "Girl Next Door," full of energy, enthusiasm, and sweetness. Smart, sexy, and down to earth, I have no doubt she'll go far in this industry that she is so perfectly suited for!

Before we left Taboo, I explain to Ava that I modeled for this dildo. But, as you can see, she wasn't buying into it.

Following our visit to Taboo, we grabbed some lunch, so it was another great opportunity, to ask some more questions.

Bill The Hobbyist: What type of porn do you enjoy watching most?

Ava Love: I really like Anime Porn (cartoon porn). It is so much more detailed.

Bill The Hobbyist: You have gotten very active on Twitter, tweeting with your fans and posting pictures, including #TittyTuesday and #ThongThursday. Do you like tweeting somewhat naughty pictures and tweeting with your fans or is it something you just go through the motions in doing?

An Ava Love #TittyTuesday tweet on Twitter

Ava Love: I absolutely love tweeting semi naughty pictures and I love tweeting to my fans.

An Ava Love, #ThongThursday tweet she posted on Twitter

Bill The Hobbyist: By the way, Ava told me that she doesn’t just wear a thong for her #ThongThursday pics. She wears one everyday and loves them.

Bill The Hobbyist: Ava, if you could build your own scene, what would it be about.

Ava Love: OMG, it would be shot on the Jersey Shore and I would be walking along, not paying attention and end up tripping over this hot muscular guy. Laying there then face to face, I apologize and he says it’s OK, as he pulls me toward him and we start kissing, followed by a little foreplay and then full blow sex right there on the beach. I get louder and louder as every moment progress till we collapse in sheer ecstacy. Laying there, I look up and here are all these people standing around that were watching us the entire time and they all say “Welcome to New Jersey”.

Bill The Hobbyist: Where do you see yourself in your porn career in five years?

Ava Love: My goal is to not only be a producer, but have my own production company. Then, I envision myself one day, sitting out on the beach with the porn stars I will be shooting with, talking about the shoot we will be doing later that day.

Ava, kept asking me why I was always walking behind her. I quess this piture answers that question as I was checking out her cute butt and cute booties she was wearing too.

While out east, Ava had the chance to work with fetish performer, Hanna Sweet in a shoot with Tickle Cuties and I thought it would be interesting to follow with all of them, since this was Ava Love’s first tickle shoot.

Bill The Hobbyist: Ava, this is a two part question. First, what was it like to do your first tickle shoot with Tickle Cuties what was it like to work with Hanna Sweet?

Ava Love in her shoot with Tickles Cuties.

Ava Love: Working with Tickle Cuties was so much fun he tickled the hell out of my feet lol. Hanna Sweet, was amazing to wok with. She is so kind hearted, helped in giving direction and was so sweet when she massaged my foot when it went numb during the shoot.

Ava Love, with Hanna Sweet in their shoot together for Tickle Cuties

I also had a chance to follow up with both Tickle Cuties and Hanna Sweet after their shoot with Ava.

Bill The Hobbyist: Hanna Sweet, this is the first time you shot with Ava Love, what was your thoughts in working with her?

Hanna Sweet: Ava, was so professional to work with and a down right sweetheart. I am very new to this industry and she gave me a lot of helpful pointers. She has a great laugh and was so fun to tickle, we got along very well! I would highly recommend hiring her and would be more than excited to work with her again!

Bill The Hobbyist: Tickle Cuties, you shoot a lot of girls and many in their first tickle scene. So, tell me about your shoot with Ava Love.


Ava Love in her shoot for Tickle Cuties.

Tickle Cuties: Ava, was amazing to work with. She's one of the most genuinely nice people I've ever worked with, incredibly classy and professional. She follows direction well, is comfortable giving you feedback and input, and performs exceptionally well on camera. If she hadn't told me, I would have never guessed this was her first tickling work. She looked very natural, and was very comfortable with the material...I would have guessed she's done it before. Ava has all of the attributes you'd want - looks, brains, personality, professionalism, class - she really is the total package. I can't wait to work with her again!

As you all know, there is one thing I love which is “I Love Boobies”. Well, Ava’s boobies weren't going to get past this old guy in getting a “Bill The Hobbyist Bobbie Pic”. But, I felt I needed a clever way to get her to buy into it. So, I simply told her that it is a courtesy for a new girl in porn, to let a reviewer have a squeeze of their boobies. She, responded to me, “Umm, are your sure about that, Bill"? When I told her as a reviewer, I was positive, she smiled and said “OK, Bill, why not”. Honestly, I think she would have let me anyway as she had seen many boobie pics I have taken with others. Ava, has these nice 34B boobies and nipples, that will give you an instant woody and it sure did to me. Thank you Ava, for putting a smile on this old guys face and a rise in my Levis.

After, being successful in getting a boobie pic (REAL BIG SMILE), with some of the sweetest boobies in the business, I adjusted the woody in my pants and went back to some more questions.

Bill The Hobbyist: So what is your favorite position when you have sex?

Ava Love: Missionary, I think it’s more intimate looking face to face and eye to eye.

Bill The Hobbyist: In your sex life how important is cock size?

Ava Love from her BombShellBrats photo shoot.

Ava Love: Cock size it not important at all to me, its the way the man uses his cock that is important.

Bill The Hobbyist: I always like to ask this to all the girls. Let's be real, your in porn and guys buy porn scenes and view pictures, not only to enjoy your beauty, but to get excited and jerk off too. What goes through your mind knowing guys are jerking off to you?

Ava Love, from her shoot with Philly Butt Sluts

Ava Love: It’s unreal when I think about it and to think about someone buying a DVD with me in it because they find me that sexy, makes me feel honored

Bill The Hobbyist: Recently on a trip to Philly you had the opportunity to work with several companies and different genres. How did the trip go and how was it working with, BombShellBrats, Bratty Foot Girls & Milk & Busted?

Ava Love: The trip alone was amazing I met so many incredible people, working with BombShellBrats, was so awesome because it was different from all the other photo shoots I've ever done, Missy Star and Sean Abandoned  were so fun to work with. Working with Bratty Foot Girls popped my cherry doing trampling and it was a delightful. Working with Milk And Busted was very exciting because I got to work with Miss Leslie in the scene.

Bill The Hobbyist: Well it all sounds that it went great and was lots of fun too. Well Ava, I had a chance to visit with many of the people you have recently worked with and asked them what it was like to work with you.

Ava Love from her photo shoot with BombShellBrats.

Bombshell Brats: Ava, was so wonderful to work with. She was a little shy which was so adorable, but also ready and willing for everything we threw at her. Unfortunately this time around we were only able to shoot some pictures with her, but I’m very much looking forward to the next time we get the chance to work with her so we can actually shoot some video scenes as well. I must say beyond the sheer cuteness she emitted constantly, her best attribute was her willingness to perform to the highest ability and fulfill all of our expectations. We had the opportunity to spend the entire day with Ava, beyond being very professional during the shoot, she was also a pleasure just to hang out and spend the day with. She is definitely a performer that we look forward to working with again very soon.

Ava Love from her shoot with Bratty Foot Girls.

Bratty Foot Girls: Ava, was an absolute pleasure to work with. Even though she is still new to the industry, she showed great enthusiasm and professionalism. While a lot of the themes of what we shot weren't really up her alley, such as Femdom, she still pulled it off with minimal direction needed. I'm sure she will be a great success in whichever area she chooses to head down!

Ava Love, with Miss Leslee in a Milk & Busted Scene.

Milked & Busted: Ava was awesome and very easy to work with. She is so cute, sweet and very innocent. But at the same time you can tell she is very sexual in nature and enjoys what she is doing. She took direction great, and then really got into everything in her own way once we got going. I would love to work with her again.

Before I knew it, our couple of days together came to an end and it was off to the train station. As I sat with her and waited for the train, I though of a few more questions to ask here before she left.

Bill The Hobbyist: Like many girls now a days entering the business, you have decided to represent yourself and not go with an agency. What was you main reason in deciding to go this way.

Ava Love: I feel that in representing myself, I can learn better in developing my skills, rather than someone else doing it for me.

Bill The Hobbyist: Just getting started, what are some of the companies that you would like to shoot with?

Ava Love: Smash Pictures, Hustler, Money Talks and ATK are a few at the top of my list.

Ava Love, from her recent shoot with Footongues Productions

Bill The Hobbyist: Do you have any sites, social networks or ways to contact you for booking that you would like to mention?

Ava Love: Yes, my fans can find me on Twitter @AvaLovexxx and I also have a tumblr page http://avalovexxx.tumblr.com/ . My Model Mayhem page can be found at http://www.modelmayhem.com/2308711 and for bookings you can contact me by email [email protected]

Bill The Hobbyist: Is there anything you would like to say as we wrap up to your fans or others in the industry?

Ava Love: Thank you to every one that has shown me kindness and respect in this industry.

Bill The Hobbyist: Well, Ava you not only are that "Girl Next Door" we all dream of, but you are a great individual, who shows a sincere love for this business, the people you work with and your fans. We all look forward to seeing exciting work that you will have coming our way. Again, thank you for your time and interviewing you was a true honor.

Once the train arrived, that same sincere hug I got when she arrived in Richmond, I also got as she departed. When you get to spend time with a young lady in this business who is the same person on or off screen, you have a very unique individual. Ava, puts no act on, is always her fun loving self and is a very exciting newcomer, who is bound for “Porn Stardom”. For over thirty years around the adult industry, Ava Love has left an impression on me that only a elite few have done. Not only was it great to meet such a young lady, but Ava, it was an honor to spend time and interview you. Thank you and I know we will all be seeing you at the top.

Ava Love, a very sweet every day "Girl Next Door". umm OK with a naughty side too.

Ava Love, from her recent shoot with Footongues Productions - OMG I love her boobies & nipples too :)

Interview & Story By: Bill The Hobbyist

Twitter: @BillTheHobbyist

Email: [email protected]

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