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Chatting with Chyna

XCritic Interviews Vivid's WWE Superstar-Pornstar Chyna

Chyna Interview

Seven years ago Chyna left the spotlight of the WWE and wrestling to take some down time to heal old wounds and pick herself up both spiritually and physically. It wasn’t easy for her to do with all the obstacles that stood in her way. She proved to herself that there wasn’t anything should couldn’t do and would show the world that she is a fighter and would out shadow all the bad and the downward spiral that she was caught up in. With the help of Steve Hirsh and Vivid Entertainment, Chyna took the world by storm once again with the release of Back Door to Chyna which has been a huge hit getting good reviews and opened a brand new world for her.

Working with  two of the biggest male adult stars in the industry Evan Stone and Lee Stone, they  showed  Chyna more than just the  ropes  and explored her sexuality in her scene with Dylan Ryder.

There is more to the Ninth Wonder than meets the eye! Chyna is a very intellectual individual who   graduated from  college with a 3.9 grade point average and speaks fluent Spanish, French and German.She served in both the ROTC and Peace Corps and had  hopes to work for the FBI.  She appears on magazine covers as diverse as Playboy and People and is going full steam ahead with her life!

Chyna (born Joan Marie Laurer December 27, 1970) is a former WWE professional wrestler, actress, and former bodybuilder. She is best known for her career with the  (WWE) from 1997 to 2001, where she was billed as "Chyna: 'The Ninth Wonder of the World'” She began her WWE career as Paul "Triple H" Levesque's on-screen bodyguard, and the duo also dated in real-life, she  goes on to state that  Levesque's affair with Stephanie McMahon, daughter of WWE owner Vince McMahon, was a factor in her departure.

In my interview with Chyna, we touch base on many different topics including how she overcame a lot of difficulties in her life after leaving the WWE .Some may come to think that she is unapproachable because of being a former WWE Champion which is  totally incorrect. Chyna is very sweet and friendly, easy to talk too. She has a lot to say about her life and the new chapter in her life with Vivid Entertainment and how much she is going to enjoy the wild ride with them.

1- How hard was it to say goodbye to the WWE and your huge fan base?

 I feel I never got a proper good bye to my fans. Vince McMahon took back so many people over the years and for some reason did me wrong and completely disregarded me. I never lost my fans though and I know that even though I'm not wrestling right now, my fan base is strong if not stronger. It's the fact that I continue on and I will prevail, with the support of all my fans that have followed my career, and now I have added new fans in the porn world.

 2-Do you feel that after all the ups and downs that have gone on in your life, can you say that you finally have total control of your life and that it’s getting back on track the way you want it to be?

 WOW, far from it!!! I have dealt with much trauma in my life, so much so that I really know I am a survivor. It's going to take a while for me to stop and realize that I am doing great right now and that I am actually enjoying life!! I have great support both personally; in business....I am definitely back on track and not letting people keep me down anymore.

 3-Which of all of your accomplishments do you feel stands out the most?

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 Right now!!! Right now is the moment of truth when it all comes together!!! I am standing on my own two feet!!! I am CHYNA and everything I have accomplished up to now has been amazing. I feel that to be where I am right now takes a very strong, loyal determined person!!!! I could not even describe the last 10 years to you.

 4- Society still see porn as degrading to women, from your pov how do you see it?

 Well, I feel like VIVID is the beautiful porn!! Like the Playboy of Magazines, VIVID is visual art and movie glamour and that's how I feel about it. It's sexy and soft and I feel like a beautiful movie star and I think that's a beautiful thing!!! I was a monster in wrestling!!! Torn apart in abusive relationships! To me, this is safe, sexy, and beautiful, I get treated well and in control of the whole process!! It's been liberating, empowering, and it really gave me my sexy back after all the mistreatment and abuse!!! I really believe this saved my life!!!

 5-From what I have read online, you have faced many hurdles and obstacles in your life, do you feel that you can become a motivational speaker to both men and women who have and are suffering from physical and mental abuse as well as substance abuse?

 I believe that substance abuse, in most cases, is due to underlying problems. I believe addiction is a different case, but some who use substances to help with whatever is going on..well, there are other problems there. I would love to do Q&A type of thing. I feel like Forrest Gump in the sense that if people knew all I had survived they'd want to get the rope, you know? But, it's true and I know it's true. I think many people relate to me on many different issues! Oppression, extortion, abuse, family issues..all in the public eye!!! I've been through it all and come out the other side.

 6-As a former WWE Diva and Hall of Famer was it hard to maintain your self esteem and respect after your ex released your first sex tape without your consent?

 Well, I actually am not a Hall Of Famer!!! I know!! It's true!!! The sex tape my ex released was one of the most degrading, violating, disgusting things that EVER HAPPENED TO ME!!! To think someone could do that to me physically and emotionally and then profit off me after destroying everything I had!! Cars, clothes, money, my body!!! You name it!!! And the fact that it happened!!! I mean who does that!! Who thinks that guy is a hero????? He'll get his one day. I have to believe in Karma!!!

 7-On a personal level.. Do you normally watch a lot of porn.. If so what is your favorite to watch?

I never watched porn ever!!! I actually now don't want to watch because I want my movies to be authentic and real with every new experience.

 8-Would you consider doing inter-racial porn?

 Yes, I intend to explore my sexuality in a safe sexy environment!

 9-Do you have any second thoughts or reservations about doing porn?

With VIVID...No, didn't even think twice. It's an honor to work with them and When you are on top and working hard and all of this is happening, I get sad when it goes so fast because I think..To be where I am, you know!!! This is my moment and it's such a big thing!!! I was a top worldwide wrestler!! On the cover of the top selling Playboy issue, bestselling author...Now is my time with VIVID and it's incredible!!! It's almost surreal!!!

10- A lil birdie told me that you start shooting in two weeks; does this mean that fans will be seeing more of Chyna from Vivid?

 I definitely noticed a huge shift in the fans during my media tour in NY. Fans get the wrestling. They know my struggle and they are really happy about this success!!! I have been telling all the fans that if I'm benched with WWE and TNA, we can still do a great wrestling themed movie with VIVID studios. Steven Hirsch came up with this idea and I am having a great time with all of this!!

11-Do you see yourself now stronger both mentally and physically?

Absolutely. I look back and realize how strong I've always been, I just get it now!!!

12- Have you finally closed that door shut to the demons that haunted you in the past?

I wouldn't say I really had demons. Family friends, fame..They affect people and I really should be ten feet under now!! But I survived and I can look back on my life and know I'm a good person and did great things with great people!

13- Where might the next chapter in your life lead you?

It's hard to say. I never expected to be here right now. I have definitely lead a "unique" life. I don't know..I'm just going with this right now and allowing myself to feel happy!!!

14- You went from holding the WWE title in both the Men’s and Women’s division,Bodybuilding, stripper, belly dancer and actress to becoming an adult performer.. How did all that transition come about?

I don’t know if I would call it a transition, when I first started in wrestling, you know I love the ring, the outfits, the media and all the interviews and televisions shows. It was like that the first time we did that. It started with 50 chairs in the High School Cafeteria and suddenly there were 10,000 people then 15,000. After doing all these things, movies and Playboy for me you know.. It’s a Job!

15-Out of all the ladies within the industry to work with.. What stood out about Dylan Ryder?

With Dylan it was a connection that we made and became  good friends talking on the phone and having dinner. Dylan treated me with kid gloves  showing me the ropes.

 16- How nervous where you the first day on set?

 Yes I was, but they made me feel very much at ease.

 17-In your girl/girl scene with Dylan Ryder, she stated that the director literally had to yell “Cut” because you both got very intense and into the other..What happened that you both kept going?

It was just comfort.. We were doing our thing and I don’t know. It was my first experience with another woman and I think they knew that and wanted to make my first time something that I would never forget and special for me.

18-In Back door to Chyna, Evan Stone popped your “anal cherry”, was doing anal something that you had given a lot of thought too?

Well I wanted to experience more of  my sexuality in a safe and controlled environment and I wanted to see and try it not as a  violation  but as a new sexual experience.

19- You appeared at your first porn convention the weekend of Nov4-6, 2011 at the EXXXOTICA in Edison NJ, how did it feel to interact with the fans and the media?

It was amazingly overwhelming; the line for me was long like back in the day. It was very emotional for me. The media was asking me tough questions, overcoming obstacles. It’s kind of like Wow. I didn’t think anyone would be there for me. I didn’t expect to be welcomed as I was.

20-Do you have anything that you want to say to both your porn fans and you’re wrestling fans?

My fans have followed me for all of my professional life!! You build a relationship with people who follow you for decades.. I have done so many things on my own, so the fans to me have been my family. It's not just that they liked my wrestling. It has gone far beyond that, and that's when you know you have made fans for life. I am and always will be grateful for my fans.

 I want to thank Vivid Entertainment and Chyna for giving XCritic the opportunity to interview her and hope that her future movies with Vivid are as big of a hit as Back Door with Chyna was! To see more of Chyna visit www.Vivid.com  and you can follow her on Twitter.com/ChynaChyna9

Ravyn C

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